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Found 12 results

  1. Due to being on a low private pension I was entitled to quite a lot of Council Tax Reduction. I have an asset other than my house worth £6800 which I declared to the Council two years ago when applying for Council tax benefit. The Council reduced my Council tax benefit by £6 per month because my other asset was valued over £6000. I was able to pay the Council tax despite having a small reduction in the benefit. Now under the new rules I loose all Council Tax reduction due to having an asset worth over £6000. I now have to pay the full amount despite being on a s
  2. Investigation leads to shutdown of ‘asset recovery’ company that recovered no assets READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/investigation-leads-to-shutdown-of-asset-recovery-company-that-recovered-no-assets
  3. Hello, I owe roughly 15k, on credit cards and a catalogue. I've missed no payments so far and am managing to make all minimum payments with a little on top. The problem I'm about to have is that my financial situation will change in 8 months. I have a disabled daughter who will be turning 20, and the extra money we get at present will stop. I had hoped to get it all paid off before then, but that's not going to be possible. I'll still get carers allowance for her, but income support & housing benefit will be drastically reduced. I'm a single mother, so no partner
  4. Good Afternoon I've had a very sketchy past involving a lot of borrowing and struggling to repay, was also suffering from depression at the time but have since overcome all of that and now the debt is catching up on me and I am starting to panic! I am currently unemployed as my recent employer has decided to sell his business! There are approx 7 - 8 debtors chasing me for debts between £170 - £950. One of those being at about £2500 (118118 money) that one is currently marked on my credit file as CCJ. I have had a visit from Fidelite Debt Collections so far, as
  5. I normally manage to avoid the store exit reps, those who are selling double glazing, conservatories etc, However, yesterday whilst I was at the Range, I got caught by a lady working for a law firm offering an hour's free advice on how to avoid assets being gobbled up by Care Home Fees and Inheritance Tax. I have already written a will, as has hubby, with the help of our own solicitor - we are tenants in common on a mortgage free property and have both nominated our son to inherit our share of the property and assets in the event one of us dies before the other. The chances o
  6. Where are these silly rumours coming from. He can't do anything on his own, he would be the leader of a party and anything done would be by consent of parliament. The things being said make his role seem dictatorial, he will be the sole ruler.
  7. Does not affect me, but just wondered what it means to people if the government sell off the mortgage assets they bought from Northern Rock. Does this mean that some with a NR mortgage will at some point be asked to pay a different company ? If they are in arrears, could they be faced with a new company who take a much stronger position on dealing with the arrears ? I think the government have sold off mortgage assets previously. Were there any problems the last time this happened ?
  8. Hi all....AS title says is it possible for solicitors to find out what assets you have,do searches in your name etc prior to charging order,OFS etc...cheers Madasfish
  9. If assetts are sold eg car to pay Court and insolvency service fees will OR regard this as trying to pay less to creditors and kick off?
  10. Does my childs mother have any right to see my bank details and payslips? specifically any savings or investments i might have. she seems to think that she is entitled to 15% of any savings i have as well as 15% of my monthly pay. we have a private arrangement for maintenance. She had told me she is going to contact the CSA if she does not get to see this information and refuse to let me see my son. i have asked her where she got this information and what law she is quoting but all she says is she has got it from "a friend". we were never married or in a relationship and i pay
  11. Hi looking for some advice,got a ccj judgement against me 2 years ago,i was on the dole so a was oredered to pay £10 a month,and a second charge put on my property for the debt. .Last week i had to attend court again because there had filed a disclosure of assets against me...no big deal im on the dole anyway...but i did have to pay £50 on there behalf,and use my own time to fill it in...whats the earliest time there could apply for me to go back and fill anyother disclosure of assets form in...could there have me in there every month...every year...anyone know??? thanks
  12. Like many others we (a professional couple in our 50s) have fled our debts in the UK. Background: We had a house with a $180,000 mortgage, and a personal loan of $14,000 both with NatWest. We each had 2 credit cards -NatWest and MBNA. When both of us lost our jobs in February and March 2008 we tried to go self-employed, tried renting our house, tried pretty much everything. To cut the story short, it was a disaster. We could not generate enough income; the property management company were useless. we ended up financing the mortgage and loan using credit cards and it all spiralle
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