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  1. Just as an update to this. Finally after 3 months of arguments, they agreed to refund me in full for the Silentnight bed on the grounds that it was unfit for purpose and I was not happy to accept a replacement as I no longer had any confidence in Silentnight products I do have a new thread now though as I'm having a hard time ordering a replacement bed through Fashion World. It's like they are deliberately making it hard for me to re-order a replacement. Thanks for your help DX
  2. Wow, I just re-read through that now that I've calmed down, and it sure is a lot of rambling. I guess I just don't like being lied to and told that an order is all confirmed and a delivery date set only to find that it hadn't been ordered at all. Twice! The main question for me really is, can I ask for the money back I've paid in interest over the last 12 months? The bed was not fit for purpose and has been refunded in full, but only into my credit account - I've paid roughly £130 in the last 12 months on the bed in interest at 34.1%, so should I get that back as well, and if so, paid i
  3. Hello there, and thanks for reading Back in December 2012, I complained to Fashion World that a Silentnight bed I had bought from them in March 2012 was completely useless. After 3 months, they have finally agreed to refund me my money and allow me to order a replacement. Great! Or so I thought... I rang through on Monday 4th March and placed an order without problem, put in a 10% off voucher code, the chap I spoke to (didn't get his name) adjusted the order to reflect the 10% off, and said that he would also adjust it so I wouldn't have to pay the £55 delivery fee. On the Thur
  4. Thanks DX, Unfortunately, I paid via credit account with Fashion World. It's a mail order catalogue with a credit agreement. Basically, I'm still paying for it, and will be for the next 12 months or so...
  5. Okay, I've been trying to dig through the wealth of information on the direct.gov site for consumer rights etc. It would appear that as we have had the bed over 6 months, it is up to us to prove that we have not mistreated the bed and the fault is not down to wear and tear, not sure if I got that right though? As I'm in my 40's, my days of jumping up and down on beds has long gone, and the bed rarely sees any other action, if you know what I mean lol I'm medium build and weigh 12 stone, my partner while much younger is of similar build and only weighs 10 stone, so a combined weight of 2
  6. Hi, Around 10 months ago, I bought a bed from Fashion World online catalogue. We desperately needed a new bed, and didn't have the money at the time which is why we chose Fashion World as I have an account with them. A couple of months ago, it became apparent that the bed was falling apart, it creaks every time you so much as move a muscle and the springs are sticking up through the mattress - it is extremely uncomfortable. We've taken to sleeping on a spare duvet and blankets to make it bearable. Around a month ago, I contacted FW and explained the situation and said that the
  7. My mistake, it was not when I first started the cover, it was after I changed my car. Same basic principle though, they unlawfully took £20 from my account when I was told they would not. This was back earlier in the year. Can I claim interest at all, or is it not worth it? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I used to be with Budget for my Car Insurance. When I first started the cover, I was 'fined' £20 for not returning a form I was never sent. Eventually and after costly phone calls, I got the form, sent it back, but never received the £20 back I was told I would. I recently sent them a letter stating that I wanted £20 plus the cost of calls to them for their mistake. The total was £25.37. I was phoned by someone in their complaints department who promised me the money within a few days. 2 months on, I'm still waiting. I want to send them one more letter before I take this to the
  9. Thanks Ell-enn and brassnecked. So, I'll draft up a covering letter for them. Would it be worth putting something along the lines that I'll be complaining to the OFT/ other governing body and that I do not give them permission to turn up at the property again? Not sure on the ways around this seeing as BIL is actually living there. As for the warrant for arrest, are they legally allowed to do that? I thought it was only a police officer that can make a full arrest. I'm guessing though that if this did happen, BIL would be held in court holding cells and would be put up in front of
  10. Lovely, thanks Ell-enn, I'll pass that on to MIL. Should the covering letter by from my BIL since it's his problem, or would it be best to address it from my MIL? @ brassnecked, thanks. I'm guessing that if BIL is seen driving any car by the bailiffs, they would assume it was his? Shoot first, ask questions after type of thing. I'll warn him to park away from the flats either way. Regarding the debt itself, and as the bailiff hung up on BIL, how would my BIL go about making arrangements to pay? Should he contact the court and ask for a means hearing? Thanks again for all your he
  11. Brilliant, thanks Ell-enn Probably a daft question, but what does my MIL do with the letter once it's been notarised? Also, is there any steps that can be taken to complain about the bailiff? He got into the block of flats on false pretences and was quite happy to tell anyone that would listen all about the debt etc, surely, they have rules they have to adhere to? Thanks
  12. Hi hallowitch, thanks for the reply. I don't have the paperwork at hand, I'll try and get FIL to scan it and send me a copy. Yes, it was a magistrates court that imposed the fine. BIL was aware of it. I'm not sure of the ins and outs, but reading between the lines, I would say that BIL to a large part ignored the warnings etc. BIL has been in and out of work and has never really been in a position to pay back large fines. Trouble is, I don't think he realised it would catch up with him. BIL was living at the same address at the time, then moved out for a while before moving back in la
  13. Hi, I was over at my Mum-In-Laws place yesterday with the kids, when a bailiff arrived making threats to gain entry. Long story short... MIL lives in a flat with a central buzzer system (not a camera system) used to open the main door to the block, her buzzer went off and the delightful chap said something about an arrest warrant. MIL thinking that it was the police pressed the button to let him into the block. MIL met him at her front door to find that he was actually a bailiff who said, "I have an arrest warrant for name." BIL was not there at the time, and the bail
  14. Anyone? Could really use some info... Thanks
  15. Yeah, sorry, I didn't get any notifications... until I checked my emails, and there it was
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