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  1. Are they serious? Just got my renewal letter from the AA. This year up from £160 to a whopping £349 ! ! ! Yes £349, not a typo. I rang them up and they gave a £60 discount. WOW. A huge increase and they didn't even pay for my breakdown repair to my turbo or even when cooler pipe blew. I think they are trying to get rid of cars older than 10 years old. I would not recommend the AA at all. Even the CEO of the AA is not interested. Total waste of space.
  2. I’ve been a member of the AA now for some years. It’s only this year that I’m disappointed with the service I have received. In January my car blew its intercooler pipe and they refused to pay for the repair stating it was due to a blockage. We are still currently arguing about this one. In fact I have made a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service and we are awaiting the response. My car has since then broke down again. The day before the bank holiday (17th April) we left our home towing a caravan for a six day holiday to the forest of dean. We didn’t get very far. Just 45min down the road before the clutch went, or so we thought. When the service man came, he diagnosed the fault as a turbo issue. First we dropped off the caravan to our house and then the car to our local garage. On the way to the garage I gave my mechanic a quick heads up we’re coming. He said that the turbo if ordered today wouldn’t get delivered until the following Tuesday / Wednesday and we were hoping to try and get away again that Wednesday. The campsite that we had booked with let us move our booking to that Wednesday. The mechanic said that we could drop off the old turbo and pick up a new one if we went ourself to collect. he removed the old turbo that night and then Friday morning I went and exchanged the turbo. I was curious, so while I was there I asked, “Why it had failed?” The man said the fan thing inside the turbo had come loose. I dropped the new / exchanged turbo to the mechanic Friday morning and by the Tuesday we had our car back. Then on the Wednesday night we went Holiday. It was that Tuesday when the problems started. I had just got the car back and so I got the receipts for the new turbo and mechanic bill. I rang my mechanic and gave him the telephone for claims and my details. The next second my mechanic rang me back saying that the AA wouldn't take his word that the turbo is faulty and wanted to see it. Which was impossible as it was exchanged for a new one. And so when I rang them up they said they wouldn't pay as they haven't seen the turbo. It seems to me that the AA are making anything as an excuse not to pay. The reason given for wanting to see the old turbo was they wanted to check for wear and tear. My mechanic said "Everything is wear and tear". As soon as you drive a new car off the forecourt you will have some degree of wear and tear. What is the point of having insurance when every time I go to claim, the AA refuses to pay out? Anyone would think that they are trying to get me to cancel my insurance because my car is getting old. They are quite eager to take my money but very reluctant to pay out. Am I right to be asking to cover this cost. What do you think?
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