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  1. Just a final update to say that the real final decision has been given and that the company Eversure/Plex/Bastion have agreed to pay £300 compensation.
  2. Sorry to sound petty but I don't think you read my post.
  3. As I mentioned, it is due for delivery on Friday 27th November (as per screenshot). I paid by PayPal.
  4. After the last week, it is with no surprise that I find that Currys has its own section here. I ordered a large item from Currys eBay outlet almost two weeks ago. Before I ordered, the listing said delivery by Saturday 21st November but as soon as I paid, this changed to Monday 23rd or Tuesday 24th November. However, last week, I got an e-mail saying that it would be delivered on Friday 27th November. I was pretty unhappy about that so I decided to cancel the order and explained that I felt that their misleading delivery information had influenced me to buy from them deceptively and ordered a similar yet somewhat more expensive model elsewhere which even given the compressed timeframe will be delivered tomorrow. I didn't get a response from Currys so I sent another message, then I was sent 'reply' to my cancellation request with a tracking number but no information on how to track the order as the link just said despatched. I eventually found from searching online that Currys has its own tracking system and when I entered my details, it said (and still says at time of writing) 'order in progress' and it can be seen from the attached screenshot that there are two subsequent stages before it could be actually considered at 'dispatched', i.e. 'ready for dispatch' and 'on its way'. I think I have sent them six or seven messages via eBay and tried to phone five times. When I phoned on Friday, it rang for two minutes then went dead. On Saturday, I got a message saying that they were closed. Today, twice, it rang fro two minutes then went dead and I got another number which was a maze of options which would not allow me to actually speak to anybody. Encouragingly, I got a reply from an individual at Currys yesterday which seemed to acknowledge the cancellation and said that it would be processed but since then I have had further 'replies' which just tell me that it has been dispatched. I spoke to somebody at eBay who said that as Currys had marked it as despatched, there was nothing I could do to cancel the order now. They suggested that I raise a not received complaint on Wednesday, the day after the listing delivery schedule, and refuse delivery on Friday when it actually shows up. This feels like my only option being unable to prevent Currys from making an unnecessary delivery but what else can I do. I don't usually have any problems getting a refund when using eBay but this feels unusually messy and there is a few hundred quid at stake. I feel that Currys is playing dirty on eBay. Firstly by giving misleading delivery timescales (practically a week late) and secondly, impeding buyers by marking an item as despatched when it has been clearly sitting in a warehouse fro several days. Did I also mention that it is impossible to contact them. What is infuriating is that they seem to have found themselves with a near monopoly on large consumer items - many of the places which I bought from when I last moved ten years ago, don't seem to sell large appliances anymore. I just need to make a bit more effort avoiding Currys in future.
  5. I have often had spates of unknown calls on my landline which I know are spoof numbers and there is little point in blocking them because without shelling out, there is a 30 number block limit on my phone contract and they never use the same number twice. But recently, I started getting 'two ring' calls from mobile numbers in Germany. I actually have a small number of contacts in Germany but it wasn't them and when they were briefly visiting me, there were a few calls whilst they were here and because they could call German mobile numbers without paying for the call, they called all the numbers that I had had from German mobiles; without fail, they all rang twice then the line went dead. I haven't had a call from Germany for maybe six weeks and then a few days ago, I started getting calls from different numbers in Cuba, of all places. I don't know anybody in Cuba and Google did not have anything on the numbers. Before anybody feels the need to warn me that this is probably a scam, I know. I'm not in the slightest tempted to phone them back. I'm only curious to know what the payoff is and why Germany and Cuba.
  6. Also, I'd like to say that at this point, almost two years after this happened, whilst not unwelcome, the compensation is symbolic as it does little to remedy the sense of abandonment that I experienced - there is much more to the incident than I would like to share. I just hope that the decision could set some kind of precedent or mandatory revision to policies.
  7. Technically not, I suppose. Bastion/Plex/Eversure(?) have until 3rd October to respond. Sorry about that. This has dragged on for so long and there have been a number of times that a 'decision' has been made. Having appealed the decision by the investigator, I was told that it was being referred to the Ombudsman (I thought that was who I had complained to in the first place but apparently not) for a final decision; so I assumed that this was it. There was so much to digest in the body of the decision text that I overlooked the title. My apologies.
  8. Actually, I just realised that although there have been numerous decisions before this one, this is a 'provisional decision' not the final decision. My bad but I don't seem to be able to edit my post now.
  9. It has been almost two years since this happened and the investigation by the Financial Ombudsman has just concluded with a final decision following an appeal. Bastion/Plex have been ordered to pay me £300. Without going into technical details of the fault or the service which Bastion/Plex should have offered, I think that the three page decision can be summarised by the following: The investigation has been almost as stressful as the journey but I don't think I should say more than that.
  10. I don't listen to the messages long enough to hear any options but do you think it is a good idea to acknowledge the calls in any way by pressing numbers? A bit like replying to spam or saying, 'I'm gullible - keep a note of my number for future use'.
  11. Okay, but be that as it may, it is still possible, as you and others have done, to spell it out differently. I wouldn't have thought that the law would be concerned about spelling and grammar.
  12. Yes, thanks for pointing that out! I did say that I knew that it was a s-c-a-m but that word was edited out for some reason - a bit strange given the nature of this website. If it was a person phoning, I would enjoy giving them a hard time one way or another but there isn't much you can do to annoy a recording.
  13. So far today, I have had five calls to my landline all with recorded messages purporting to be from my internet service provider (though they don't name them) saying that there has been illegal activity on my internet connection, that I will be disconnected within 24 to 48 hours and to press 1 to speak to a 'technical director'. Before this morning, I never had such a call so I can't help wondering why it has just started now. Now, I knew this was a [problem] but I phoned my ISP anyway just to report it to them as they also provide the phone service - all they suggested was that I block the number. Unfortunately, each time the displayed number has been completely different so I think that it is safe to assume that the numbers are being spoofed and therefore, it would be a waste of time blocking the numbers even if I had the facility to do so. I am already registered with the TPS and I just checked that my number is still on their database. I don't really understand why I am being targeted all of a sudden and wondered if anybody else had experienced these calls and what, if anything, can be done about them.
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