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Found 22 results

  1. I've been asked by a neighbour to see if I can find any contact details for a mortgate broker called Key Consultants, who I'm told provided advice and / or an intruduction prior to her obtaining a secured loan and PPI from a company called National Home Loans. She's been advised she may be able to claim PPI compensation, however the mortgage company has rejected her initial approach and stated that a 3rd party provided advice upon which her application was based. I've serched for 'Key Consultants' online and on the companies house website, and come up with a large number of possibl
  2. Government publishes key licensing changes to further protect tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-publishes-key-licensing-changes-to-further-protect-tenants
  3. Woman leaves abusive note on Ambulance. "A woman has been arrested on suspicion of public order offences after an angry message was left for paramedics attending a 999 call in Stoke-on-Trent yesterday afternoon (18th February)." http://www.itv.com/news/central/2018-02-19/woman-arrested-after-abusive-note-left-on-ambulance/
  4. Hi there, I have not been here for a while but would much appreciate if anyone has an answer to my question? One of my colleague is renting a flat from a private landlord through landlord's own estate agency. The landlord requested a copy of his flat key... Question: Is it normal that landlord would ask a copy of the key?? My colleague would not be in favour of given any copy of any key as he is worried about it. My colleague asked his landlord before moving in the flat, that he does not want anyone to walk into the flat without anyone being at home.... He l
  5. Hello, I'm looking for some advice. At the end of May this year I purchased a used VW Golf GTD from a main VW dealer in West London. The car was six months old and sold to me as a former demonstrator. I paid £22K for the car. At the point of purchase the dealer informed me that he was waiting on the spare key and I drove away with only one key. Seeing as this was a VW dealership, I felt I could trust that said key would be sent to me. After numerous emails between myself and the representative at the dealership, he finally informed me at the beginning of August
  6. Hi to everyone on the forum. If anyone could offer any guidance with this problem I would be grateful. Traded in my car and purchased an Audi A4 from SSc Huddersfield on 17.01.16. Informed by the salesman that the car came with a spare key. Agreed at time of purchase that I would call by at a later date with the spare key of my trade in vehicle and I could collect the spare key of my new car. Stated on the sales invoice "spare key to be exchanged for p/x spare key". I received a txt on 03.02.16 asking to contact the sales guy regarding the spare keys. I phoned the
  7. Hi all, Yesterday a breakdown firm helped me with a flat tyre (the tyre iron failed, so I couldn't do it myself). They sorted it out, but unfortunately the driver did not return my wheel lock key, and I was in a rush so I forgot to ask before I drove off. Now I'm stuck with the space-saver for now. The breakdown firm say they've asked the driver, and that he definitely doesn't have my key. This happened on the M4, so I'm crossing my fingers that the thing is lying on the hard shoulder where it presumably fell off the wheel nut when I drove away, but if not I'm go
  8. Help needed CAggers! I've got a situation on my hand that I need some advice with - I'm a tenant and have been for a few years under a periodic tenancy or month to month. I receive housing allowance and have paid that to the landlord in excess for the years that I've been in residency. The landlord is saying that I owe arrears however, based on the lease we signed when I moved in, the rent I pay the landlord is far in excess to the lease. The landlord wants to serve me notice to say that I am arrears (a section 8) but he claims he wants my employers to pay the arrears as my ho
  9. My wife's car key fob fell apert and now a messge on the dash come up saying "electronic anti-theft device fault" and the car wont start. The dealership who sold us the car failed to supply the spare key and now, before they will evn bother to find it amongst their stash of unlabbed keys want us to get the car towed 80 miles so they can reset the engine management unit and supply a new key. Now, the reset and new key are covered under warranty but not the tow. As the car cant start how the hell are we supposed to get the car to the dealership? More l
  10. last week my husband lost his one and only key so phoned mobile locksmith,they wanted 25 pounds to get the code and 40 pounds for the key.he paid 25 pounds by debit card they cut the key and he expected them to come round with it.but they are to busy and turns out they are 30 miles away but cover our location.so my husband paid 40 pounds on his debit card and they posted him the key,but it dosnt fit.theyhave told him the locks must have been changed but its a 2 owner car and hes spoke to the last owner and he never changed the locks. hes also been told to file the key as it might be to shar
  11. Following the recent Court of Appeal decision in the case of Roberts v Bank of Scotland there are some key points that creditors should take away from the decision.The outcome of this case is likely to have ramifications for creditors who are attempting to contact their customers in relation to defaults on their account. The appeal was made by the Bank of Scotland, following a decision against them that their conduct amounted to harassment and intimidation of their customer, with the Judge awarding damages to the customer as a result of the bank’s conduct.Bank of Scotland appealed the decision
  12. I have been using a courtesy car for the last 3 weeks while repairs were being made to my own car. Yesterday, the last day of having the courtesy car, when I removed the key from the ignition, half of the key fell off onto the road! I had noticed while using the car that the key was slightly bendy, but not at a conscious level where I thought to report it to the garage. It never crossed my mind that the key might actually snap in two! Today, the garage have phoned and said that I need to pay them £185 for a new key. They said I must have forced the key and broke it. I absolutely did not
  13. Hi all. Wondered if anyone could help. I have key cover through Hastings. It's the one with the key fob that you attach to your keys. Anyway, my car is a renault which has a card not a key. Well the card has split in two I've managed to put it back together but have to hold it together whilst pushing it in the slot, it won't last much longer, now I wondered if it had to be at the point that it won't start the car to be able to make a claim. It will no longer lock the car, but does start with some fiddling. I know how insurance company's make make every excuse in the book rather than pay so a
  14. I'm just after some advice and opinions please? I took out my car insurance policy with auto-direct on 21st May 2013. As part of my insurance, I also had key cover. This stated that if I lost any keys attached to the key fob that they supply, I can make a claim on costs incurred as a result of replacing them. On the 29th May 2013 I had the misfortune of losing my car keys. At this point, I had not received my key fob so reluctantly paid the £170 it cost me to get somebody out to cut a new set of car keys. As of today, I have still not received my key fob. Maybe its just me
  15. Hi i'm after a bit of advise, i bought my car on the 17/06/11 from a Citroen dealer near where i live, i haven't had to have any work done to the car since i bought it, until recently i needed new brake pads. I took it to the garage to fix and the lock nut that the dealer gave me doesn't fit my car. When i brought the car the dealer gave me the lock nut and i never thought to check to see if it actually fit the car. Have i got any rights to ask the garage to fix this situation. I'm going to give them a call today i just wondered if anyone would share their thou
  16. a member of staff is a key holder here in my office - he has not returned the key to the premises - what can i do apart from change the locks
  17. Just to show the folly of using a claims company, Key Financial Claims charge 33.9% of successful claims and a fee of £295 + vat if you withdraw. These fees are at rip-off rates. It cost them no more to claim back £10,000 than it does £100 but they take on hell of a lot more of 'your' compensation. If you think you have been missold ppi, then claim it back yourself for the price of a couple of stamps and keep 'all' the money repaid.
  18. I was forced to take out Key Man insurance by Lombard Group for 2 business loans which have now been paid off. The loans were for equipment used to carry out surveys. I am the director of the limited company (just myself & wife as company secretary). Has this been mis-sold & is this something I should look at reclaiming? Works out at around £1500. Many thanks for any help or advice.
  19. The scandal of Barclays rigging key interest rates could lead to criminal charges against some individuals, according to top politicians and sources inside the bank itself. Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the powerful Treasury Select Committee, told Financial Mail this weekend that there could be prosecutions in Britain. Barclays was fined a total of £290 million by regulators in Britain and the US, but appeared to have been spared from criminal charges. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2166937/Scandal-Barclays-rigging-key-rates-lead-criminal-charges.html#ixzz1zKI
  20. Am new to the Forum, so hope i have posted in the right place:?: Have a 'key' pre payment meter for my electricity, as i have an 'outstanding' balance with them, and just wondering if anyone knows the day they take the 'debt' off the meter, and if the debt can be taken off the emergency credit? Thanks for any advice
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