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  1. yes dismissed they came back with this letter sleeping dogs and all that? wait for the next response and will post
  2. its been dismissed by the judge she hasn't a spare anything really we offered 2 pounds the judge still threw it out thanks for looking in any observations appreciated
  3. this should work i worked hard to remove everything
  4. hi we have a response from shoosmiths I am worried to upload i did everything correctly yet it still shows all the personal details i will attempt again
  5. i thought i did!!! sorry but what does the term dismissed mean - that the judge has decided to dismiss it on the grounds of her statement of earning? what have they dismissed - the case of her repaying something? thanks
  6. here is the response can I get a definitive answer to what this actually means from the mighty forum - dismissed to me means dismissed however that does not mean that the end of this story thanks for looking NO44.pdf
  7. of that i have no idea the email i think you refer to could make it egg and sold on she did have an egg card she tells me so quite possibly
  8. right I will do exactly that what should i ask them ? thanks
  9. old email? i have this thread and another 1 going right now? sorry if i misunderstand
  10. it says hph2 ltd barclaycard thanks
  11. I have another post which needs deleting as I uploaded it with details on it how do I remove the thread? thanks
  12. we received a letter from this gang and we are unsure if it may well be SB whats the first step in getting out a CCA to someone i am supposing we don't speak with them direct thanks in advance rway re BC Egg card.pdf
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