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  1. I don't have to answer any questions thanks clearly u don't understand plain.english forget it shut my thread down ban me whatever bored of your inquisition I'm.asking questions that's all and you are being abrupt obtuse and frankly rude
  2. oh sorry I didn't realise this was a school lesson as well thanks again apologies for my diction
  3. yeah totally wrong there the trustees wanted to make a formal enquiry - the tenant can do as she likes with our request only business thanks for all your help
  4. totally misunderstood just asking for the best way to help them get the information they need from the tenant
  5. no other beneficiaries - my half sister ( mothers side) Best Friend are trustees - the tenant was happy with this - she is the lifetime tenant all the other issues of the will have been sorted out in mediation
  6. well for myself iv no grudge with this woman she has been so awful toward myself but life moves on - i hold no grudge i just want my trustees to make sure the estate is looked after i dont want anything but a business like approach to the estate and as we are all beginners in this id hoped for some advice to get the ball rolling we can write to her - its just what is the proper way to approach
  7. thanks we havent started the process - asking for advice on how to approach the tenant thanks
  8. wow thanks for the research - id completely forgotten how stressed out i was then!!! so now its moved on without going into detail the trustees at the time liquidated everything cheaply ( another issue for another day) i installed new trustees after mediation ( another story for another day) everybody is paid off and she now resides in a property provided by the estate we / they want to site survey etc how would they/ we go about this
  9. apologoies if unclear i have been left the house in the will but presently his partner not wife can use the prop until death the 2 trustees of the estate want to get information regarding the house from the tenant how would they go about this
  10. there are 2 trustees to my estate we want to get in touch with the tenant of the trust - the person living in the trust house we wish to make a site survey and view all the insuarance policies to see the house is in order and the bills are paid whats the best way to do this o mighty forum thankyou
  11. hi there well we could not get through to the insurers whilst away , as you can imagine the lines were engaged so we just paid for everything on credit card hoping to get reimbursed upon our return. ill apply to spectrum and keep this post updated.
  12. hi there sorry about the punctuation. so here is where i am at . i have started my application for reimbursement through spectrum, however i see the n75 document may be of use if i have no luck as i purchased all my flights accommodation taxis etc with a credit card . it seems they may not be willing to accept insurance claims taken out after 3 march. im looking at my angles. another is through emirates but i purchased the flight through a 3rd party.
  13. i went to sri lanka on 9th march (booked in feb) for the cricket and booked with spectrum insurance. our flights were cancelled back with emeirates so we had to rebook with sri lanka air lines a cost and then had to stay in the hotel for another 14 days plus other expenses . any ideas how to approach this
  14. yes dismissed they came back with this letter sleeping dogs and all that? wait for the next response and will post
  15. its been dismissed by the judge she hasn't a spare anything really we offered 2 pounds the judge still threw it out thanks for looking in any observations appreciated
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