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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. My employer has just called the investigating officer to let them know that I have read the letter and am now worried sick. She has asked if they can provide any further information to which the answer was no. I have also called them and got the same answer. The officer said that I shouldn't have caught sight of the letter as I am not meant to know but as they failed to address it to the relevant person or write private or confidential, I have opened it. Standard practice should be for them to call and find out who to address it to before sending out.
  3. Many thanks again. The payrise was the end of 2014. Paying back the overpayment isn't a concern as it's already in progress, my main concern is that they think I've been intentionally dishonest and go to prosecute. I've googled this (perhaps unwisely) and found that people are quite often invited for an interview under caution which would send me into meltdown!
  4. Thanks, I have passed the form onto our payroll officer. My concern is when repayments have already been arranged with the LA why now are they investigating? Can I still be prosecuted?
  5. At the time of overpayment I was in receipt of housing benefit (£30ish per week). I also received and still do, working tax credits on a weekly basis. These are updated directly by employer though with any changes to wages or hours. The agreement set in place with my LA was that I now will only receive 50p per week HB until the overpayment is cleared. This was November 2015.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I admit that the overpayment is down to me and failure to inform them of a change in my hours at work. I told the officer at my LA this and she informed me that I would no longer receive any HB until the overpayment was cleared. The LA didn't write to me personally at work, they wrote to the Company asking that they complete an EQ1 form which details my pay/hours etc. I am confused now at having re-read the letter. It has come from JobCentre Plus and says it is investigating benefit claims. Would DWP become involved with HB overpayments?
  7. Please can someone offer some advice! I have worked for my Company since 2012 and as a single Mum, have been in receipt of housing benefit since that time. Last month, I had a conversation with my local council who told me that I have an overpayment of housing benefit totalling almost £4,000! This, I admit is my fault as I failed to inform them of a change of hours in my job. I was told that I would no longer receive any housing benefit until the overpayment was paid off. I supplied the council with wage slips and P60's for the last 3 years and thought that was that. The company I work for is small and this morning I have opened the post and there is a letter enclosing an EQ1 form which basically implies that I am being investigated for fraud! Can anyone please offer some advice, I've gone into meltdown!
  8. How many of you have been taken to court by MM? I have had my hours drastically cut and can barely pay the household bills so I can't pay the loan off or meet the monthly payments. My options are pay in full, pay the monthly instalments, give up the car or they will take me to court and apply for an attachment of earnings. I no longer have the car (long story but I didn't sell it on). I have offered £50 a month until I am back on my feet but that won't even cover the interest. If they take me to court they won't get £50 as the money just isn't coming in. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks, I have the car with me. I heard him last night telling my neighbour that he was going to come back and slash a tyre a night until I paid in full!
  10. Just after a little advice. I've got myself into a financial mess and am currently trying to keep my home by paying off arrears. My car went in for an MOT at the end of June and I was later sent a £400 bill. I wrote to the garage owner and told him of the hardship I was experiencing and enclosed £50 as a starter payment. He will not accept this and for the last three nights running he has turned up on my doorstep at 10pm shouting to all who can hear that he is here for the outstanding payment. I then hear him talking to a neighbour about slashing my tyres! I am terrified, I live alone with my daughter who now refuses to be in the house without me in case he turns up. I wouldn't answer the door to anyone at 10pm. Is there anything I can do? :/
  11. Thank you for your reply. Yes, the terms are that the keys must be attached to the fob but my argument is, how can they be when they haven't sent me one. Auto-direct have passed all responsibility to Axa who provide the key insurance as they say that they should send the fob out. I was just fishing for advice before I tackle Axa
  12. I'm just after some advice and opinions please? I took out my car insurance policy with auto-direct on 21st May 2013. As part of my insurance, I also had key cover. This stated that if I lost any keys attached to the key fob that they supply, I can make a claim on costs incurred as a result of replacing them. On the 29th May 2013 I had the misfortune of losing my car keys. At this point, I had not received my key fob so reluctantly paid the £170 it cost me to get somebody out to cut a new set of car keys. As of today, I have still not received my key fob. Maybe its just me but I'm slightly miffed that my key cover was paid for and commenced on 21st May but I am unable to claim due to lack of key fob. I rang auto-direct today to have a grumble and they have passed me onto Axa who provide the key cover as they say it is their responsibility to send out the fob. I guess I'm just asking if you feel I have a right to complain and chase some form of compensation or should I just accept Axa will dig their heels in? Many thanks in advance.
  13. Almost a week later and Natwest will not refund the payments that Ariste Holdings took from my account. Because I signed an electronic agreement with Cash Genie (as in my post above) I have agreed to them taking monies owed. I just can't believe I have been to naive! I have made 23 phonecalls to Natwest and everyone says that there is no fraud case to answe
  14. THe DD thing has happened to us over the last few months too. I was always under the impression that if the DD date fell on a none working day then the DD would then be taken on the next working day after. This has happened with my NatWest account also and I'm sure it's a new thing as they never used to do this. Thanks for the post!
  15. With the help of this site, I successfully claimed back over £2000 from HSBC a couple of years ago. Yay!! My husband has an account with Nationwide, (a flex account) no debit card or overdraft and has continually been charged (our fault) for bounced DD's and being overdrawn if only by pennies! I was under the impression that the bank charge claims were currently on hold so haven't done anything about my husbands charges. Is this so or are we able to put a claim in to have our charges refunded? Thanks in advance guys!
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