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  1. Thanks for the reply roaringmouse. Do I get a new coded and sue them for the costs or do I take them to court first? Just getting fed up with being made promises and being let down.
  2. Hi to everyone on the forum. If anyone could offer any guidance with this problem I would be grateful. Traded in my car and purchased an Audi A4 from SSc Huddersfield on 17.01.16. Informed by the salesman that the car came with a spare key. Agreed at time of purchase that I would call by at a later date with the spare key of my trade in vehicle and I could collect the spare key of my new car. Stated on the sales invoice "spare key to be exchanged for p/x spare key". I received a txt on 03.02.16 asking to contact the sales guy regarding the spare keys. I phoned the guy and it was agreed I would call in their showroom on the following Saturday. Went to the dealers on the Saturday and handed over the spare key to my old car only to be told the key for new car was locked in a desk drawer and the person with the drawer key had gone home but not to worry we will post your key out Monday recorded delivery and that I would have Tuesday. I got home from work on the Tuesday evening and nothing had been delivered, I phoned the car dealership to speak with the salesperson only to be told he was busy and would call me after 18.00. No phone call received. I phoned again Wednesday and got hold of the salesperson I had been dealing with from the start, he told me that his assistant had been trying to phone me to confirm my address details so the key could be posted to me but she couldn't contact me . I told him I had not had any missed calls or voicemails, his reply was "oh I need to speak with my assistant, your key will be posted out tomorrow (11.02.16) and you will have it Friday. here we are today and no key has been delivered, I have emailed the dealers for the courier details and tracking number but have not received any reply yet. My problem is that to replace the spare key it costs around £250 to replace then the car needs taking into Audi and all keys need recoding, so not cheap. What steps would the people on this forum recommend taking next?
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