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Found 12 results

  1. Some advice please. My severely disabled daughter (uses an electric wheelchair) and her carer used a car park in Exeter in a Smart Parking car park, but the carer only entered the last 3 letters of the car reg. This is most probably because in our local council car parks you only need the last three letters. The letter states we did not purchase a ticket or it was insufficient time. I still have the ticket and photographic evidence that we paid and parked, so I appealed on their behalf. The appeal was on the grounds that we did not enter the full reg and they are upholding the PCN!! Today we received a letter from a debt recovery company DRP. Any advice as to how to proceed would be appreciated as I feel that this is really harsh.
  2. i'm asking on behalf of a friend who is a wheelchair user and had to attend homerton hospital for her daughters appointment. they drove around looking for a BB parking space and couldn't find one and as the appointment time was nearing they parked on St Barnabas Terrace. they are newham council residents and and unfortunately hackney council seem to follow different rules, in newham they can park in resident only bays etc with a BB. they did not realise that they can not park in the business permit holders only bay with a BB and i know ignorance is not a defence but this was the first time they had ever travelled to hackney to attend a hospital appointment at homerton hospital. there were only 2 bays which they could see for BB holders and they were in use and being in an unfamiliar area they did know where else to look for valid parking. just wanting to know do they have any chance at appeal or not, thank you very much.
  3. How horrible can some women be! I had a similar with an ex. She had a credit card on my account. When we split up the card company wouldn't cancel it. They said i had to cut it up and return it to them. One day she called at my house and left the card - so i cut it up and returned it. I even phoned them and told them what i had done, again asking them to stop the card. They refused - "until it arrived". My ex made one call, said the dog had eaten the card and they immediately sent her a new card. Naturally they refused to do anything for me. Ditto the police. I was told by a [removed] that my only option would be to declare myself bankrupt. Moral of the story? Be a woman.
  4. Please advise! My 7 year old daughter is severely impaired and she has a blue badge. We use a wheelchair adapted car. We usually park in disabled bays. On 20th of Apr 2016 we received Parking Charge Notice from Gemini, parking operator ar Rivermead Centre Reading. The PCN states that the car exceeded the 30 minutes free of charge parking with 3 minutes. They've asked a payment of 100£, 60 payable in 14 days. My opinion : 1. I thought disabled parking (public or private) are free of charge. 2. The PCN was issued on 20th of Apr for a civil offence committed on 20 th of march - is thus corect? 3. The signs displayed in the parking are ambiguous without any mentions regarding terms & conditions. 4. I've sent an email to the Rivermead Centre asking for the terms and conditions that apply in their car park with NO answer back. When my daughter is not in the car we don't use the disabled bays nor her blue badge. I didn't find any other post with the same situation and I open this one. Please find attached the PCN I would appreciate a lot your opinions! Best regards, Marius
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice, my dad took finance out with a company called Motonovo finance in July 2015 he paid £500 pound deposit and paid a double payment the month after taking the finance out with Motonovo. All payments have been on time and are up to date the payments get payed 21st of every month. Last month December 2015 my dad was working and has his own van which he is fully comp on, I was in the middle of moving house so he said I could lend his car to help me out doing me a favour. I insured the car in my name on the Friday 10th December 10am. Two days later on Sunday night at midnight I got stopped by police for no insurance I advised the police I had insured the car on Friday and phoned my mum who confirmed to police I had took the insurance out on the day I had said. The car was filled with all my belongings as I was in the middle of moving house. I begged for them to let me go in the following morning with the proof but they dismissed what I had said and compounded the car As you can imagine I was really upset a week or so before Christmas an also as the car was filled with all my stuff and I had done nothing wrong . I was crying so my brother rang the police and made a complaint about the police as they was very intimating towards me when I was stopped it was pitch black and they had pressed the panick button all police came from no where there wasn't any female offices there just all male cracking joke and laughing whiles I was crying I got treated disguising a young female on my own. The following morning I rang my insurance and they confirmed I was insured and informed me that it was harsh what had happened as police know it can take up to 7 days to show on the police data base. My policy got sent to me by email and I had printed it out to take to the police to show them I was insured, I then rang the police and they said take it up with Motonovo we haven't got the car no more my dad then rang moto novo who said the police had the car and had been in touch with Motonovo to inform them I had been the police station and could not provide the documents I needed to so not to release the car to us we was confused with this as we had been told not to bother going the police station as they never had the car. I then sent the proof over to Motonovo showing the car was insured at the time it was taken from police. We got told to take it up with the police this went on for days and days police refused to release the car even though Motonovo didn't have a problem with the car being released at this time. Motonovo recovered the car we then spoke to the manger in the recoveries at Motonovo who said if we could get the police to confirm the car was insured they would release the car either though the proof had been sent to show it was he wanted the police to confirm. I then went on to get in touch with the police man who had took the car who confirmed to me he had looked it up and the car was insured and legal to be on the road at the time it was taken, he refused to put it in wrighting but said he was speak to Motonovo direct. I then rang moto novo who then said they want full settlement due to the terms and conditions being broke because my dad wasn't on the insurance policy they took another payment on the 21st of December all payments have been on time and they have had a payment whiles having the car. The car should never of been took in the first place also there are no missing psyments on the account but they are refusing to release the car I think this is completely unfair on my dad he's a honest hard working man who had provided for his family all his life , they are saying they will sell the car at auction then he will have to pay whatever remains so not only has the car been took unfairly and payments are up to date he will be in debt with them. if anyone has any information on what we can do thatvwould be grate thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing back sorry if there is any spelling mistakes also in advance ha thanks again, Lois.
  6. Hope this is the correct thread, apologies if not. At beginning of July my husband drove to Brighton railway station to park as he normally does in the allocated disabled parking bays (which is managed by Meteor). On his arrival at 4.45am the service road to the parking bays was closed off due to resurfacing and a sign had been put up saying blue badge holders to use main car park and to collect a voucher from the car park attendant. He sought out the attendant who said he had just arrived there himself and at that time didnt have any vouchers nut to display his blue badge and everything would be fine, so he did just that. At the end of July he receives a PCN through the post, we filled in the appeal online stating what had happened and also sent email to (ZZPN) who seem to be the collectors of monies for Meteor/Vinci and heard no more. A week ago he gets a further notice which has now increased to £126 (with bailiff threats) from £90. I phoned a very unhelpful ZZPN employee, "you will have to speak to Meteor". Phoned Meteor "you will have to email your appeal to us". Waited a few days nothing. Phoned again we never received your email....send again. Did that received email back sorry you are out of time has now gone to debt collection agency!! Meanwhile i search on southern rail website re the parking there (taking roadworks out of the equation) and it says blue badge holders may park for free in main car park if all other disabled bays are full, which niw begs the question why did anyone need a voucher? And why are they pursuing? Southern rail don't get involved they told me but have taken the details. I have told my husband 'do NOT pay this it os what it is an invoice, bailiffs cannot be sent here without court proceedings and if they want to go to court we go to court. I have put that to them, keep wasting your paper and postage and see you in court. So far heard no more but im sure a revised invoice for a higher amount will turn up. My husband is not a well man and this scares him and is worrying him unnecessarily.
  7. I am a resident of UK. I came to UK from India 2 years ago in April 2012 on work Visa. I work for a car manufacturing company in UK. On 14th Dec 2014 I was driving my company car and caught speeding by a speed camera for exceeding 40MPH speed limit(Recorded Speed:51MPH). The police contacted my company to get the driver details as the car was registered on my company and they got my address from my company and sent me the “Notice of Intended Prosecution” I have my Indian Driving License; I got the International Driving Permit during my last visit to India in March 2014 which is Valid for a year from March 2014 to March 2015. I have a UK provisional license issued on 11th Nov 2014. Hence during the offence I have the UK provisional license and the international driving permit. I read from DVLA website that the Indian Driving license or the International Driving Permit is valid only for 1 year from the initial entry into UK. I have crossed 2 years as a resident in UK so I don’t know whether my International Driving Permit which I have validity till March 2015 is valid to drive in UK after I crossed my 1 year of stay. I drove the car without learners “L” plate (I believe the speed camera would have caught the picture of my car which is an evidence of not having “L” during driving) which I feel as another offense, also I came to know that the UK provisional license will overrule my International Driving Permit or Indian Driving License. In the NIP I was asked to provide my UK driving license details such as driver number and current number of points. I have given to choose from below options Part 1. If eligible I wish to be considered for a driver awareness course at a cost of £110 Part 1a. I wish to be considered for the fixed penalty procedure OR Part 1b. I would like the matter to be dealt with by way of a court hearing. Now I wanted to know the below queries please in filling and sending back the NIP, 1. Whether I can provide my International Driving Permit only and opt for a course if eligible or fixed penalty. I don’t want to give my UK provisional because they will raise another question whether I drove the car with an L plate on it which will be another offense. 2. If I am not giving the UK provisional then, a. I need to know whether they will enquire and find out my date of first entry in UK. b. I need to know whether there are chances that they may find out I have a UK provisional 3. If I give the UK provisional license along with the International Driving Permit (though it is overruled by UK provisional) and claim guilty then are there chances to punish me for speeding offense as well as driving without “L” plate offense. 4. On top of all the above, If I give the UK provisional then I need to know whether the police will contact my company and inform them that I was driving the company car with a provisional license which is an offense and got a speed fine as well. This may affect my job as my company may take action against me since I did something against law. I am bit nervous and worried as I am confused to take a right decision. I kindly request your opinions and suggestions on my above queries please which will be really helpful for me to take a decision and respond to the NIP. Thanks in advance.
  8. I need some advice on something with regards to having to display signs within a car park. My mum went to the local co-op on a Sunday evening around half 4. There is a car park at the side of the co-op which is free to park and thought it was the co-ops car park. She is a disabled badge holder and now in hindsight she should have put them on the dash but as she didn't realise it's a council car park and clearly being well out on the outskirts of town a traffic warden shouldn't even be around that area as it's nowhere near anything. So she entered the car park and parked in a blue badge holders only bay. She went in for some shopping came out ten minutes later to find a ticket on the car for not displaying the badges. She appealed saying firstly that it didn't state that she had to display the badges as there is no signs or terms and conditions for the car park, she also sent them copies of her badges her car details showing the car is registered disabled to, they replied saying on the other entrance to the car park that there are terms and conditions on the car park laying out the laws. She told them that there was no sign on the entrance that she always uses they say that she should have gone and looked around the other entrance which is not near where the co-op is and being disabled shouldn't have to go walking and looking around a car park. Is there anything she can do and do they need to show signs on all entrances to a car park or should my mum gone walking all around to find if there are any terms and conditions for a car park. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm sure you helpful people must get bored of these but I would appreciate any opinions. I have an annual season ticket which I left at home one day on my way to work. I got to City Thameslink where I explained this to the staff member at the barriers. He made a phone call to confirm that I held a ticket and then let me through after filling in a form and giving me a small slip of paper to show he had done so. He stated that I would be contacted if they needed anything further. A few weeks later I received a letter asking for proof that I hold a ticket. I posted a photocopy of my season ticket and rail card along with a letter of explanation and thought that was the end of it. However I have now received a summons to court under bye law 18(2) claiming £17.30 rail fare and £120 costs. I understand that as I did not have my ticket with me then I am at fault. However I have never been given the opportunity to pay a fine and will now presumably have a criminal record. I work in an industry that takes an extremely dim view of any criminal record and I could be at risk of losing my job. This seems completely disproportionate for a simple mistake. I have tried contacting the prosecution office by phone and email but get no response. Do I have any options or is this just the way it is? Thanks in advance Forgetful
  10. Good evening all, My Father held three accounts at Nationwide. After his recent death, I visited the local branch to notify them and to take a death certificate by way of notification. I have to apply for probate, but in the months this may take, Nationwide quite appropriately freeze the accounts. When I asked what happened to the interest on the frozen accounts, the Nationwide person said they retain the interest; as the accounts are now frozen, they do not accrue interest any longer. I have 2 questions for anyone able to help: 1. Is this correct? 2. Why is it correct (if so). Surely the interest gained whilst I go through the probate process should be added to the account, not be used to swell the Nationwide coffers. Appreciate any advice. Regards
  11. a member of staff is a key holder here in my office - he has not returned the key to the premises - what can i do apart from change the locks
  12. I moved in to a new flat on the 16/10/12 which has underground parking for residents with permits that are issued by the buildings manager but supplied by PPS, when i signed my rental agreement and handed my permit i was told that i was to park in the yellow bays as my flat is operated by yellow key fobs anyway to my surprise on the Wednesday morning i come down to find a PCN for £100 for un-authorised parking. I spoke with the buildings manager who has informed me i am to park in the blue bays, now my questions are, am i best trying to appeal based on the fact that it was my first time and miss informed or pay up? i find it odd that even though i have a permit to park in the building they have still issued a ticket. any advice greatly appreciated.
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