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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I have this problem with both HP and their repair centre in Newark. I have a HP pavilion DV7 17" screen, Windows 7 64-bit SP1, 2.00GHz, 8.0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000 Laptop that is about 3 years old. Recently I started having this problem with the Laptop. Once I shut the Laptop down or put it to sleep or hibernation mode, and try to start it up again, it simply will not boot back up at all. I have to leave it and come back to it after four to seven hours and then it will boot up normally. If after 20 minutes of the Laptop being on and in use, you hibernate, shut down or put the laptop in to sleep mode then it will not power back on till after 7 to 8 hours later. Nothing you do will get it back on sooner. There is power to the Laptop in the meantime. This is increasingly difficult for me as it means once the Laptop is powered on and in use, I have to leave it powered on all day till night time when I have to shut it down and come back to it in the morning and power it back on again. I took this to a local IT repair person on the streets and they were not able to resolve the problem and mentioned I have to send it to HP to fix, I took the Laptop back to PC world where I bought it three years earlier and (knowhow) charged me £50 just to send it up to their repair centre in newark, the Laptop is no longer in warranty by the way. When the repair centre started working on it, they called me to confirm that the system board of the Laptop needs to be changed to resolve this issue, I had no choice but accept for this to be changed at a further cost of £95. This was done, sent back to the pc world (knowhow) branch I took it in to in the first place. I checked the pc, powered it on at the shop, it came on as normal so I signed for it and took it home. A day later, I discovered that I still had the problem with the Laptop not booting up after a few minutes of it being in use. I tried to boot it up and the laptop will not boot up, I was basically back to square one with all the cost I have incurred so far. After 5 days or so, I took the Laptop back to (knowhow) and advised them the Laptop with all the repairs so far, has not resolved the issue and also one of the keyboard buttons was faulty which I mentioned to them as well, the Laptop was taken off me and sent back to the HP repair centre in newark and came back almost two weeks later with the keyboard changed and looking new. Please note that this second for free as under the terms of the first repair, I have a guarantee of three months which covered me for the second time around. Anyway, after a few days later, the power problem was still there, once the Laptop is either hibernated, shutdown or put in to sleep mode after it has been on for up to half an hour or more, the unit will remain shut down and cannot be powered on by the power button of the Laptop till after 5- 8 hours later then the power button will now responds to power on the Laptop. This is now my third time of having this same issue and need to know what options are available to me as this has cost me both time and money so far. It seems to me there is a heating mechanism or component that heats up once the Laptop is powered on and only when this cools down is when the power buttons becomes effective again. The Laptop is useable when on and working but becomes such a pain once you close the lid or power it off, which means it has to be left on all day till night time when I want to go to bed then I can shut it down boot it up in the morning if need be with no problems but have to leave it powered on all day again. This is not acceptable to me. When using the Laptop and there is any software or programme that needs to be updated on the laptop, I cannot reboot or shut it down as it becomes unusable till several hours later. I hope I made myself clear as to the problem I am having. Summary: Laptop once shutdown does not boot up till several hours later. Laptop out of original warranty when bought but not old as only about three years old, windows 7. Been to HP knowhow repairs centre twice and components changed at my cost but still problem above persists. When in Hibernate or Sleep mode, the standby light keeps flashing but the power on button not responsive to the unit. Seems there is overheating - but Fan is fine - causing this issue that has to cool down first for normal boot up. There is a three months warranty in place from the first Job done by the HP repair Centre which covers me for three months. Monetary cost to me so far is £145 pounds and five weeks loss of use as it takes two to three weeks get back from knowhow. Thanks and hope to see the responses I get from you all savvy people.
  2. Hello all, Thankyou for taking the time to read this and hopefully helping me, I recently had a pinion seal fitted to my Navara at a Nissan Garage in Wellington Somerset. The following week I drove to Germany for leave. I drove back (or started to) on saturday (just gone) and about 150 mile into the journey I started smelling burning oil. I pulled over and saw the transfer box was leaking badly. After several hours of waiting with my wife and son (1 yrs old) the breakdown arrived and diagnosed the fault as the pinion seal. By this time it was late saturday night and in a town called Wankum I had little choice but to leave the vehicle at the garage and arrange onward travel myself. The garage said the car would be fixed by the following Saturday so I booked flights to get my family home (so we could work) and a flight back to collect the car. I also paid £10 to change my ferry crossing Nissan have been very unhelpful. I have been pushed from pillar to post betweeb Nissan Wellington Nissan UK and Nissan Germany No one wants to help and Nissan UK even said I may not even be covered for parts warranty. I have written an email to the MD of Nissan UK and have just emailed the owner of Wellington Motors but I am worried non of my expenses will be coivered. Has anyone else had any experience like this? are they likely to refuse to pay and would it be worth taking it to a small claims court? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you want more information let me know I will send it right away. Thanks again Dave
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