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  1. Typical I ask for "Anybody, had, dealings-with, Judicial-Conduct-Investigations-Office" as seen in the title to the thread. What do I get somebody who has the best intentions and copies and pastes direct from their website, https://judicialconduct.judiciary .gov.uk/ which I am quite able to undertake.
  2. Hi there There are many many people reading these threads, and now the CAG is viewable on Twitter it is even more so. Put it like this, if I had found a really good deal on a new car and there was only one vehicle left do you seriously think I would tell all and sundry, "no of course not". I have sent you a p.m. Tony No but looking at your past posts I do believe you would ask advise about the performance of the car but refuse to give details about the make and model, probably just stating it had " four wheels and is green". What's the point in seeking advice when you don't give enough information in the first place? I wish you well. Thanks for your advice
  3. Hi there I am about to start proceedings against somebody in the judiciary and by a quick search I have found this website https://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk/ . Before I delve headlong into it has anybody had dealings with this Investigations Office ? All replies answered.
  4. **********************Please close this thread**********************
  5. Yes Cardiff University, I spoke to the Senior Lecturer during the recess and he did not want to get involved because the initial case is so complicated.
  6. You cannot as a rule take a case Direct to Strasbourg without first going through all levels of the member state National courts. That is why on any [url="http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?419198-You-have-received-a-Claim-What-you-need-to-do.-**UPDATED-April-2014"]claim form[/url][img=http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/autolinker/images/link3.gif] it will state if the claim is subject to the HRA 1998. That means right from the [url="http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/legal-guides-and-manuals/53-small-claims-procedure-a-practical-guide.html"]county court[/url][img=http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/autolinker/images/link3.gif] appealed to the Supreme court. In ECHR parlance, this is classed as all domestic routes, been there done that.
  7. [url="http://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/Notes_for_Filling_in_the_Application_Form_2014_1_ENG.pdf"][color=#417394]http://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/No...2014_1_ENG.pdf[/color][/url] There are some guidance notes in the pdf above. Been there done that, but thanks anyway.
  8. Yes As you are a Mod can I send you a pm with a brief description, a very brief description. Tony
  9. Help needed filling in the E.C.H.R form. Due to the sensitive nature of this, I do not want to give to much away on an open Forum. If you can advise me and have experience of filling in these forms please contact me via p.m All p.m's will be answered
  10. Now thats what I call a reply. THANKS so much This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Can I say it yet again. Thanks Regards Tony
  11. Thanks for your considered reply to the content of my thread
  12. Hi there people Does anybody have either a link or information for in which order multitrack documents should be presented in County Court. i.e when oppening the lever arch file, how should it read ? All that I have found is a very brief two items; First.Court documentation Second. Evidential bundle My claim is so much more than that, or am I reading to much into the term "evidential bundle" ? Questions that I am asking myself 1 Court documentation 1a) Does it relate to everything, a]Case Management hearing b]Court Order c]Notice of Trial Date d]Allocation to Multi-track 2 Evidential bundle a]A considerable amount of my information is undated, so how do I list that ? b]Some of my documentation is taken from the public domain, though the date shows that is was taken after the event. c]Letters between solicitors, do they go in a different section ? Lastly, do I include the skeleton argument before the Court documentation ?
  13. ericsbrother I have never said my speed was less than indicated ! ! ! ! Part of my thread “it had climbed up to 84mph it can have only been for a matter of seconds.” BazzaS http://metro.co.uk/2008/06/25/genius-who-failed-to-do-the-maths-218415/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/8132032.stm Noting the latter was in the High Court as an appellate case, so binding on lower Courts? These news articles are both about the same party, whose case failed and have nothing whatsoever to do with my thread. Thanks
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