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  1. Many thanks dx100uk i will look into them. Please any one else have any idea where i should start. Should i try and have this set aside by the court? Any advice will be greatfuly appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. Good evening all. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this as its stressing me out beyond words. My health is not fantastic at the moment and i am having to take numerous medications. In Sept 2005 i had some windows from Crystal windows. The man who came to do the financial forms etc asked if any one was on the mortgage with me, and i told him my Mother was, he took her details and address, saying it was his companies policy to do so. I made it quite clear to him that my Mother had nothing to do with the loan. She does not live with me, but somewhere else. The loan agreement went through and the windows were done. i received letters from Black Horse and they had my Mothers name on, i contacted them to be told the loan was in my Mother's name! I asked them how that was possible when i had signed and filled in the forms. they would not have it. i took all the paperwork i had to their local office, and they said they would sort it out. They never did and the office closed down. This was 8 years ago and the problem is still going on. I have been paying the loan from my bank, since then. Even though it is in my Mother's name. Recently i was hospitalised with a suspected Brain Tumour and was off work for 6 weeks and unable to pay this loan, they have sent a letter saying they will put a default on my Mothers credit report. She is elderly and very upset by all this. I have repeatedly contacted Black Horse, and both my Mother and i have sent in copies of our signatures and my paperwork. They sent me back paperwork for the loan that is quite different from my copies. they still insist my Mother took out the loan! I contacted Crystal Windows to see if they could help. I was told that the loan did go through in my name but was refused, then put through in my Mothers name! How can they do that! My Mother did not sign anything! It would seem the man who did the papers, afraid he would lose his commission, put the papers through in my Mother's name, and changed the initial in front of my signature to match her name. We share the same surname. I asked for contact details for the man that came but was told they had none for him as it was over 6 years ago. Black Horse want me to report it to the police but i have no name or details for this man. Also it is clear this man forged the forms, as Black Horse have copies of 2 direct debit mandates, one in my name, signed and filled in by me, and another with my Mother's name and filled in by someone else, not by my Mother, with my bank details. It is quite plain to see the writing is nothing like mine. This is becoming a nightmare, as the loan is mine, with my signature, but with my mother's name and my address. Can i go to court and have this cancelled as non executable as the details are all wrong? And would i have to do it as i signed for the loan, or my Mother as her name is on it? Many thanks.
  3. Langtonhighway join a credit union. They do several different types of accounts. And as you are a shareholder in the credit union you have a say. There are no charges, and loans are easier and much cheaper than banks. You can set up all you DD in your account. I am opening an account with my local credit union.
  4. Yes stay clear of CO OP. I had a cash saver account with them. Unfortunately a direct debit was taken out without my knowledge, it was taken out a week earlier than the date it should have gone, taking me £7.00 over my limit. They cancelled all my DD without telling me, and it was only because i checked online that i knew. Speaking to them they didnt want to know and closed my account! Of course this caused me many problems with my DD payments. I now do not have a bank account and have no inclination to get one. But i will be joining a credit union, which is more ethical and has no charges. If everyone did this the banks would collapse.
  5. Just bumping this up, to keep it going.Come on everyone, make a stand.
  6. The banks are spreading their propaganda, about having won! Speaking to a clerk in my local court today, she informed me that banks had won and no one will get any money. I told her she had been misinformed! It had occurred to me, that maybe we could produce some kind of leaflet,flier, informing people of what was actually going on. If someone knew what to put. Then we could all copy it and hand them out, better still put some in the banks, on their leaflet stands lol, or tape it to their windows. Just a thought.
  7. Hi Shadow, many thanks for that, its really appreciated.
  8. Hello Shadow, i know, and i had added to my claim a statement explaining this, but it was ignored, as was my request to remove the stay! Having just spoken to the court, i was told by the clerk, that i was mistaken about this, and that the judge knew better, as she was far more qualified than myself!! I was also told that the banks had a judgement in their favour now, and would not be paying credit card fees, to anyone. I pointed out, that that was not the case, and that the banks had not won the case as they seemed to understand. It would seem that the court employees are all being misinformed as to what has actually happened in the OFt test case. I was also told that stays have not and will not be lifted, until they have been told otherwise. So if i want to proceed i need to contact the court saying so. Its so frustrating.
  9. Hi there, i have a claim in court, for credit card charges, which was stayed because of the OFT Test case. I requested the stay be lifted but it was overuled by the DJ. Now that the test case is finished, and the stays may be lifted, how do i proceed with my claim? Do i need to renew my POC? ,it was nearly 2 years ago, that the claim was put in court. I have seen a revised POC for Capital One in the templates library, would i use that one? And how would i go about amending my original POC? I know i need to use a particular form, but not sure which one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Ammani.
  10. Hi everyone. Count me in too, i think its time the people did something for themselves, as you certainly cannot rely on our MPS and Government to do anything, they are only concerned with what they can do for themselves. People need to motivate themselves and get out of the lethargy that grips them. If you want change, you have to start by making a stand yourself! Power to the people.
  11. Hi there, i have made several orders with this company, and saved a bundle. And everything tasted good. They are doing a 15kg sack of dog food for £5.00, and my 2 dogs love it. If you go into the forum, you will get a reduction code, to put against your bill, it changes so keep looking in the forum under codes. I have also been using another companyhttp ://www.foodbargains.co.uk/index.php?p=home . They also give reduction codes, if you sign up to the newsletter. They both package everything nicely and safely and delivery is fairly quick, depending on what orders they have in.
  12. Hi there, i had the same happen to me too! I have no bad associations, and have a credit score of 900+, no defaults or CCjs. I had a bank clerk check my status, and they said they couldnt see any adverse information on my file! So 1st Direct is being very picky!
  13. Hi Dave, sorry to hear about your problems on Ebay. I have been selling on Ebay,for a few years now, and have problems with customers not paying! If you have made a complaint with Paypal, they will sort it out for you. Did you pay by Paypal? If you did, you are protected up tp £500, and they will reinburse your money to you.Usually once they get involved, the other party will make contact, as Paypal could stop them trading.Hope thats of help.
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