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  1. Had to look up "inertia selling", isn't that exactly what the BBC does? link
  2. Complaint upheld :: Financial Ombudsman Services I decided to lodge a complaint with the financial ombudsmen a few months ago and this week they honoured my complaint; please note, every complaint raised costs Erudio £550 plus any remuneration for stress and duress. Summary of my case I refused to use their deferment form and sent off the old SLC form. Erudio started to lie saying they couldn't read my bank statements and I needed to use their DAF form. They refused to defer and made up spurious arrears for the sum of ~£1k because of non-deferment. FOS letter
  3. Received another letter today saying I owe ~£1,000 in arrears and it needs to be paid back in 7 days; they ask me to phone and set up a DD of ~£100 per month. Letter states it's "a serious matter and non-payment may affect your ability to obtain credit both now and in the future, as info may be registered with credit reference agencies regarding the conduct of your account".
  4. What if I phone them and explain that I delayed sending the first DAF form because it was too intrusive and ask them to wipe my arrears and then I'll sign the new DAF form? I'm wary of doing it now because as soon as I sign the new form with DD details, they'll take the arrears of ~£1k from my account, even though the delay was only approx 6 weeks. It seems they've come up with an arrears amount to pay off the debt they bought with a small profit and then they'll happily defer it.
  5. Latest reply below. They are now claiming they can remove any right to defer and age limitation expiration. Funnily enough, they claim they may pass it onto an 'external DCA', is that Geoff in the cubicle next to Erudio's Susan handling current claims? Why would a DCA pass the debt onto another DCA @ 10p in the pound? I've sent my original SLC form & three months of bank statements, yet they are ignoring this and have put account in arrears for ~£1,000 saying I need to pay.
  6. Thanks for the update Pluthero. Here's my reply after they sent me Section 11 info from post #6 to justify their DAFt form:
  7. That's why I don't want to fill their DAF form, I don't trust them with my bank details, too many stories of them taking monies from accounts even if you're eligible for deferment. I look forward to your further info, thanks in advance.
  8. I've been battling Erudio for almost a year by only sending them my old SLC forms and three months of bank statements; this was always good enough for SLC who deferred expeditiously, however Erudio seem intent on getting people to sign their new DAF forms. Here's my enquiry: and Their response: Any opinion on the legality of this request/demand?
  9. Here's an email i sent regarding arrears - it's at the end of OP. Edit: Decided to remove email, will re-post once I get a reply.
  10. Forgive me for not reading the entire thread, but why do you have to 'use their form'? Your contractual obligation is with SLC, so as long as you adhere to the original T&C's, they can't impose their own regs, that was one the stipulations for the debt transference.
  11. Yep, it's a numbers game. They buy debt for 10p in the pound and then hope to break-even by inveigling the unaware. If they manage to coerce just 10% into their payment system, they can break-even and continue their harassment towards the other 90% ad infinitum at no cost. It's quite an acerbic biz model; imagine what it will be like when the next generation of £10k p/a loans start defaulting and people with geography degrees end up working in poundland en masse, whilst the parliamentary legislators all got their oxbridge education for free; the irony is palpable.
  12. Introduction I'd like to document the correspondence of my dealings with Erudio, aka Arrow Global / CarVal Investors in the hope it will help others; my student loans are from 92-95. Mission Objective To get written confirmation of deferment, as has been the case since loans were originated via SLC. Salvo #1 First contact was a big wad of paperwork as documented in other threads, asking for bank details, eye colour, inside leg measurement et al....and a signature! I ignored this first contact. They phoned and I requested any further correspondence to be in writing.. .they sent a second wad of paperwork, the same as the first; this accounts for three trees chopped down thus far for their thud of paper through the letterbox. This also had a cover letter saying I was in arrears for ~£200....huh? Salvo #2 I ignored their paperwork and instead scanned the original SLC document I had, with a signature and no more, I did not divulge any bank info on this form. I then copied my bank statements for the last three months into a PDF (I redacted all personal info from the statements) and along with the SLC doc, sent them via email: Dear Sir/Madam, Please find attached a signed deferment form and three months of bank statements. My customer reference number: xxxx Regards John Doe Salvo #3 They replied two days later via return email: Please be advised that the information that you provided is currently being processed and you will receive a letter in due course. Salvo #4 Almost two weeks later, they sent an email: Please be advised that the bank statements you sent were unreadable , could you please resend them again so that we may continue to process your deferral application. I resent my statements as a PNG picture on the same day as their email. This email from over a month ago, was the last correspondence I have received. Salvo #5 Today I received a letter stating another notice of arrears, this time it's gone up to ~£400. No mention of the deferment nor any other confirmation of the process thus far. It seems they are just sending generic letters with the computer regurgitating random amounts to scare the peeps; their goal is to get payment...any payment so they have your bank details. Salvo #6 Removed. Will update as and when they reply... -------------------------------------- Edit: I'm removed the email I sent in salvo #6 , as I'd prefer to wait for their response before publicly posting info; you never know who's reading these forums. He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious. - Sun Tzu, The Art of War Txs dx - I think it was one of your posts buried deep in another thread that inspired my verbiage.
  13. 'They' classify them as supply agreements to negate the umbrella of credit agreement status, 'they' conspired to create their own bill of conduct. Either way, if someone, whovever they are, demands money, you have every right to demand a full statement of account from day dot, detailing every penny of debt. DCA's won't have that info, so they'd prefer to chase the easy prey.
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