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  1. I guess I would need to do a SAR in order to see all the charges and interest rate since it isn't in the CCA. I guess the question is now then is there any point or will I have an endless battle on my hands trying to get the £200 of charges removed from this outstanding amount and therefore any money spent on SAR may as well be spent on repayment if not.
  2. Hi, yes well I did spend probably not too far short of the £500. I stopped paying because they kept adding charges that were higher than I could afford to pay back so it seemed pointless, all I could pay was the charge itself and that was never likely to end.
  3. Ah that's a shame then. I thought a CCA was a requirement these days, wish I hadn't wasted my time requesting it.
  4. I have just been reading another thread about enforcement of a CCA to see what information it should contain. What they have given me has got to be an application form (even their own title agrees with that). There is no mention of credit limit anywhere in the data they provided to me and the only interest rates and cost of borrowing is an example list of tier's, one of which will be applied to my account when they open with. Therefore they are just example's of cost of borrowing. I reckon there is no agreement here whatsoever. The worry is are they holding on to something else that they
  5. Hi, I have a debt to Capquest (owned by them purchased from Vanquis in 2012). I have been trying to sort this out and three weeks ago sent off a CCA because I could not recall signing anything when this was taken out. I spent £500 in total which needs to be paid back but the amount claimed by Capquest is £701, presumably these are credit charges, interest and default fees etc. Because I don't recall signing a CCA what I would like is for the amount owed to be agreed at what I actually spent, which is what I feel comfortable with on moral grounds on repaying. I a
  6. Thanks for your advice. BPO contacted me to advise they didn't want to deal with me any more and have sent the account back to Virgin. I have made a token payment to Virgin to show good-will but they have not contacted me yet.
  7. Virgin also initally accepted my offer to pay 10 a month via email and then declined this later. I can put together a dossier of the recordings and emails proving bpo to be at the least blatantly incompetent and provide this to Virgin and request I only deal with them. Is this possible do i have this right?
  8. Yes i have the late markers it is updated each month by virgin. Bpo have no footprint on my record.
  9. Virgin advised "sent on to bpo debt collection" don't know what this means.
  10. Actually im not sure if they own it the whole thing was confusing. Will check my saved emails now. I recorded the call virgin told me i had to pay within 3 months but english was not her first language and i struggled to understand.
  11. Virgin mobile. No default at present just 4 or so months overdue. I coulnt afford to continue paying in October after losing job it wasnt a priority. Contract was until May 14 therefore I owe the remaining amount. Virgin sold debt in Dec 13 and I approached Virgin to begin making repayments in June, they advised unless I can pay it off in 3 months then I have to deal with BPO. Was just trying to put things straight but I dont want this becoming a default and I advised in writing my offer was dependent upon them mot issuing a default as long as I adh
  12. Hi Been trying to set up repayments on a defaulted mobile account which happened when I lost my job a year ago. The company is BPO in Ayreshire. Things still tight so i offered in writing £10 a month by direct debit with a view to reviewing if my finances improve in 6 months. 10 is generous at the moment. They accepted in writing and asked me to call to establish direct debit. I called tonight and they said I had agreed to make an initial paymrnt of £107 a complete fabrication. I declined. They then emailed me to say I need to provide income expend
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