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  1. Thanks very much for all your help. I have already sent this letter and they have returned it as "not signed". I have now informed them of all the breaches they have made, ie passing the account to a third party whilst in dispute, disclosing info to third parties when unsure of identity and informing them that I will not make any further requests as my original complied with all CCA and DPA regulations and guidelines.See what they do with that !.
  2. The request is for Credit Card which originally was given when I opened a Current Account which I believe was pre 2007 but am unable to check, although it was not defaulted until 2012.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. I am trying to make the debt unenforcible. I have applied to them 3 times since 2012 for a CCA but get the same pro forma letter with a tick by the box saying unable to send due to no signature, so I put the account in dispute. and the latest DCA sent it back to RBS and now they have asked for all the ID documents. Any template letters I could send them now. Many Thanks
  4. I made a formal request for a true copy of my CCA to RBS but on various advice I did not sign it. RBS refuse to send it unless the application is signed. They also say that because I have changed address they require copies of Bank Statements, Utilility Bills and copy of Passport with my signature on it, yet they have sent correspondence to my new address and even gave it to four different DCA's. Can they do all this ?. Advice would be appreciated.
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