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  1. That's great info Neil thanks. Did you go to the lender first of straight to the FOC ?? I have had only 1 reply from the lender and emailed and written lots. Think I am being ignored now.
  2. Thanks for the advice Neil, did you go down the irresponsible lending route to get removed ??
  3. That is not good to hear. Has anyone ever heard of them removing entries as a gesture of goodwill ?
  4. Thanks pls can you advise what that is as I have not heard of this ? Any template letters at all ?
  5. if I had known then what I do now I would never had gone that route !! I read somewhere that it maybe possible to use section 10 of the data protection act about if the data causes damage or distress then maybe it can be removed ?? So if I'm having to pay higher interest rates because of the data reported then maybe that's is an option ?? Anyone ever tried this ??
  6. Hi All, I am trying to get any information possible on the removal of Settled Accounts that were in good standing from the main credit agencies. I used a well known payday loan company back in 2013 and rolled over the loan a few times and always paid early and in full. Never late and no negative info at all. However fast forward 3 years , I am trying to secure a mortgage and have been refused due to having 6 entries from a specific payday loan lender. Even though they are all settled and paid and closed they underwriters see that as there were 6 entries, that I am a risk !! I
  7. No problem. Deed is fine, T's and C's are virtually illegible but il post them up and sorry what do you mean by CCA response? or do you just mean a copy of the CCA?
  8. Hi, Is anyone aware that if a legal charge on a secured loan was signed by the deed holder and the lender but the secondary witness box is left empty/ blank, Is it valid in law ?
  9. Final point u wanted to mention was the fact it seems that welcome are trying to add a £235 acceptance fee into the loan originally which I believe is against the cca law based on Wilson vs fct ?? Am I correct ??
  10. Also I have noticed welcome /mkdp defaulted my credit file on 01/10/2010 but the default notice sent to me was dated the 02/10/2010. How can they default my file before even sending me a default notice ??
  11. I've just had a good look through the secured loan statement and noticed that the last payment I made was in feb 2010. Welcome finance continued to add interest ( capitalisation ) until October 2010 . Is that allowed ?? Total around £3k
  12. Thanks for the help guys, Yes I now see its pointless to start a payment plan. I guess I was just pushing to try and do something about this charge but Il wait until the default drops off and then move and pay them off. FYI I never took any insurances or PPI etc.So there are a handful of late fees but that pretty much it. I know its unenforceable to I guess its just a waiting game now. However if anyone knows how else I can remove this charge Please do let me know
  13. Im really wondering if I should start a low value payment plan with MKDP as its obvious they wont budge on this debt whilst they have the power of the legal charge and need to get it removed somehow
  14. Sure original creditor is Welcome Finance. I tired to speak to them but they said they sold it to MKDP and have washed their hands of it now I have to speak to MKDP only. I have been playing letter tennis for ages now and getting no where . Its clearly unenforceable as its illegible, but they still wont move. Not sure how to proceed now as it seems this issue is causing me so much grief
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