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Found 5 results

  1. Does a UK passport holder need at least six months left on there passport in order to travel ?.
  2. German cars are amongst the least reliable, and Japanese cars amongst the most dependable, according to an industry survey. German manufacturers took four of the bottom six places in a reliability table based on the experiences of 50,000 UK car owners. By contrast, Japanese manufacturers took four of the top six places. The findings fly in the face of Germany's traditional reputation for engineering excellence. That reputation was used by Audi in its advertising catch-line "Vorsprung durch Technik" - or "progress by technology". Luxury car-maker Bentley, owned by Volkswagen, was judged the least reliable of 37 brands, in the research by What Car? and Warranty Direct. Mercedes, Audi and Porsche were also in the bottom six. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32332210 I've been saying this for years. All buyers of German cars are being conned, they are crap.
  3. Good morning to you all I have a mortgage with SPML and a loan with SPPL. The charges applied to my account due to arrears are shocking. I have now cleared the arrears and in the process of claiming back charges. I have been following the securitisation threads very closely and I believe my mortgage and loan have been sold to a company called Eurosail. I am not sure which one but it has to be one of the 2007's, as that is when I applied for my loan. I want to enact some form of revenge against them for what they have put me and my family through. I want to cost them money for a change. The arguments now look very strong that when SPML and SPPL sold my mortgage to Eurosail they lost the right to possess and then sell my home. If the arguments are right, I could stop paying both my mortgage and my loan and there wouldn't be anything either SPML or SPPL could do about it. If they did try, I could use the arguments here as my defense. Before I take that step should I send them any form of warning such as a letter before action or something All the best Liam
  4. A debt advice charity has seen almost 16,500 people approach it this year with problems linked to payday loan debt – with more than 2,000 of them struggling with five of these loans or more. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) said it was on course to see a record number of people this year, having assisted almost 17,500 clients last year and just under 6,500 in 2009. Such loans are intended as a short-term stop gap to tide people over for a few weeks but the charity said that 73 people it had seen this year had 10 or more of them. The typical amount owed on payday loans has increased by almost a quarter in the last three years to reach £1,458, which is roughly equal to the monthly average income for a CCCS client. The charity fears that the figures could climb higher still as hikes in fuel bills and food costs push more households towards seeking out "crocodile help". Peter Tutton, the advice service's head of policy, said: "We would expect payday lenders to tell people there are better options rather than feeding into that and offering crocodile help. We need payday lenders to get on top of responsible lending." More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9615276/2000-borrowers-have-at-least-five-payday-loans.html
  5. Legal loan sharks are normalising debt and, worst of all, the Government is cosying up to them. Of all the stupid, shameful things I have admitted to in this newspaper – watching The X Factor, being in love with the Duchess of Cambridge – having taken out a payday loan must top them all. I ummmed and ahhed about revealing this for quite some time, because coming to work naked would be less embarrassing, less humiliating, less ignominious than admitting that, over the course of two years, I paid almost three grand for that £700 loan, a loan I took out just to pay for a flight to Kenya so I could attend my best friend’s wedding, a marriage that dissolved within a year, meaning that, in essence, I had spent £3,000 to (sort of) see a pride of lions, get chronic sunstroke and be bitten to buggery by a load of malarial mosquitoes. I was a fool, an idiot, a wilful ignoramus, and I became trapped in a cycle of endless, knowing stupidity. That is how payday loans work, and how the people behind them make their millions. When applying for a quick-fix cash advance to tide you over till you next get paid, you are made aware that the more you put off paying it back, the larger the debt will get. But as you don’t have the money at that very moment (you never had the money in the first place, which is why you took out the loan…), you can bung the lender a few quid back to keep them happy for the time being, putting off the inevitable for a couple more weeks, at least until they start pursuing you aggressively for their money. Which, of course, they have every right to do (although are four phone calls before 8am on “pay-up day” really necessary?). But, then, they probably prefer you just to throw them another couple of hundred quid to defer the loan for a month, thus continuing the cycle for a bit longer. You can scream “Stupid girl!” at me, but that is no solution to the growing popularity among the middle classes of the payday loan, a product of the financial buffoonery that increasing numbers of us have come to know and not love over the past few years. Last month, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service revealed that it had received five times the number of calls from people struggling to keep up with repayments to payday lenders as it did three years ago. It is thought that up to two million people could be payday loan customers, many having more than one debt, and some as many as 10. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9645902/I-took-out-a-payday-loan-but-at-least-Im-ashamed-of-it.html
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