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  1. Hello, I just have a question is that ever happened that RLP are seeking for a contact with me by calling my number? I just got a call, all I heard from a man was 'blabla Investigation something' so obviously I hanged up now I am sittingb here stressed if they could be them looking for me and my money. The number they called me from was :07914 550113 and as I put it on google search nothing came out. Since my last post I received two more letters telling me to pay money or 'their client ' may get me to court and that ignoring will not solve the issue. But I keep on ignoring them although if they mow started to call to people I will be scared to answer any call from number which I do not know. Did you ever hear about such cases? Thank you
  2. Thank You all very much for ur answers... Well obviously it all was very bad experience and I got stressed as (answering previous post) my passport was photocopied but anyway ill see how things are going and wont take further actions. Thanks!
  3. Well they asked for any ID and u fortunatelly I have my passport in my wallet so when woman saw that she was like 'oh ye ye guve me your passport' thats it
  4. Hello Ive been through many posts already all of them said to ignore the RLP letters I dont have to say the obvious that I am very ashamed of what Ive done so Ill just come quick to the centre of the matter Got caught at Primark this November, with a value of stuff around probably £25 which of course they took away from me... They scanned my passport which is not English and they told me to log on on my student ( I am studdying in London) website from which the woman took my current polish address.. I was instructed to call RLP in a week time to say that I will not be available at the address provided (polish one) and to ask them to send the letter for a different english one... I called them and the man over phone told me that they can send me letter through e-mail.. I would like to post the letter I received here; LETTER BEFORE CLAIM We have been instructed by Primark in relation to the incident at Oxford Street West on 2nd November 2016 where it is alleged you were involved in Theft of Goods. As you are aware you were apprehended as a result of your actions. Your conduct gives our client the right to pursue a civil claim for “damages” against you in the County Court as this caused significant disruption to our client’s business at those premises. Our client has sustained losses as a result of your wrongful actions which include the value of the goods, if not recovered or fit for resale; the cost of the diversion of its staff’s time and associated security and administration costs. The average cost to our client of an incident of this nature is between £300 and £500, before taking into account any goods or cash not recovered. Please read the attached information in conjunction with this letter. Recovering the goods or cash does not mean our client has suffered no loss. Our client is entitled to seek to recover from you the cost of the disruption to its business caused by your wrongful acts. This cost is calculated by reference to, amongst other things, the time spent by staff in observing, apprehending, interviewing you, and undertaking all necessary internal and external procedures thereafter. Given the value of the claim, our client is required to process it expediently, cost effectively and proportionately. A fixed contribution to all of the losses is therefore sought, in sum of £149.50. This does not include any amount for the property or cash as these were fully recovered. This is a civil claim and is separate from any criminal proceedings or police action. If you believe you have a Defence to this claim, or there are other factors you wish to be taken into consideration, please advise us and provide any evidence in support, within the next 21 days. You will appreciate that our client can only take into consideration information if it is provided. Our client relies upon its investigation file and the evidence of its personnel in the investigation to prove its claim.If you require any further information to understand the claim against you, or think that this letter is in any way defective, please let us know within the next 7 days. We are required to refer you to the Practice Direction for Pre-action Conduct which has been published in the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. The Court has power to impose sanctions on any party who fails to comply with the Practice Direction. There is an obligation upon each party to set out their case in full, to exchange documents and information, and generally to engage in attempts to settle the dispute without the need for Court proceedings. We are also required to inform you that ignoring this letter may lead to our client starting proceedings which may well increase your liability for legal costs. We would therefore recommend that you take independent legal advice if you are in any way unsure of your position. We have put your case on hold for 21 days for you to consider your following options: · If you believe you have a Defence, to provide the details along with any evidence upon which you rely. · If there are other factors you wish to be taken into consideration, to provide the details. · Settle the claim by paying the amount stated £149.50 (see reverse). · If you wish to settle the claim, but cannot do so within 21 days, contact us to discuss payment options which include instalments and deferred periods, dependent upon the circumstances (see reverse). · Negotiate an alternative settlement by contacting our Collections Department (see reverse). · Advise if you require more time to take legal or other advice and consider your position. We look forward to receiving your response. Please ensure you send correspondence to us, and not to our client directly, as this will cause unnecessary delay. Obviously I am super stressed as the 21 days already passed, beside the one phone call, I did not contact the RLP office, I just want to make sure my case is like everyones else and that I dont have anything to worry about... (hopefully) But if that is otherwise please do you have any formulas of letter I could send them ? Thank You in advance for an answer
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