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Found 20 results

  1. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?421236-Rossendales-DCA-chasing-old-legal-aid-debt-**WON!!-revolked-cancelled** HELP PLEASE, Thanks for sharing your experience of dealing with Rossendale and Legal aid right through the end. It gives me HOPE about my same problem i'm experiencing at present. In my case, it is now been over 6 years since the end of my case when i was convicted of a crime in end of 2011. i received a surprise out of the blue capital contribution order of over 40k to be paid within 28 days. letter with legal aid heading on the left side and rossendales on the right head, signed at the end 'for and behalf of head of crime case management.......plus a separate letter from rossendales. legal aid was granted after assessing income etc at the time and i did not contribute anything. i was never made aware and had no knowledge of the amount granted or provided with the cost of fees from solicitors firm -if i knew the fees was going to be sky high i would have never got representation. i was unaware of any conditions to pay at a later date i understood it was a grant, not a repayable loan. my question is under the section 9 of statute barred limitation act 1980-after 6 years since the legal aid application, can legal aid agency enforce this debt on me? please help.......
  2. Hi Guys, I was hoping you could help. I live in a block of rented flats and have lived here since 2012. When I first moved I set up an account with British Gas and have been with them ever since. I was told when I registered for electricity that British gas didn't supply my gas, and that I would need to find another provider. I rang around all of the major suppliers and was told the same thing that nobody supplied my property. I text the agent to find out what was going on and I never got a response so I reached the conclusion that the gas was included in the rent as I had tried everything possible to set up an account with a supplier. All the appliances in my flat such as the shower, cooker and fire are electric, and whilst I do have a gas boiler I never switch it on and the only time its used is when I do the washing up. My usage is very low and I have a record of what the reading was when I first move in and have periodically taken a pictures with the reading over the years. My usage is 264 cubic feet in six years. A gas engineer recently game out to a neighbouring flat, as there was a small gas leak and when he looked at my meter he checked his records and said that my meter was shipperless. I have rang XO serve and they have confirmed that my meter is shipperless and advised me to ring one of the energy suppliers and register an account. I'm not sure what to do now as I have tried to register on multiple occasions with no success! If I can register the meter, I'm happy to pay for the amount gas I have used over the years, and I have never been in any financial arrears in my life but I'm worried that if I contact an energy supplier that they may back date my usage based on an estimate rather than my actual usage. This is really causing my some worry and I just want to get this rectified as quickly as possible. Any help or advice on how to proceed would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Does a UK passport holder need at least six months left on there passport in order to travel ?.
  4. A SIX year old disabled boy from Swindon is receiving letters from the courts and the threat of bailiffs – for not paying a penalty charge notice. Brandon Blades, is autistic and can’t cope with crowds, public transport or unfamiliar spaces – he has been provided with a car as part of his disability allowance to help him get around. The car is registered in his name and displays a blue disabled badge which exempts his family from needing a permit to park outside their home. http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/14506018.Courts_chase_Swindon_six_year_old_in_parking_ticket_fiasco/
  5. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/six-world-war-1-soldiers-laid-to-rest
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12017438/City-worker-charged-3700-for-parking-in-central-London-for-six-hours.html I would hope he received more than just a refund.
  7. The number of tenants evicted from their homes is at a six-year high, according to new figures, as rising rents and cuts to benefits make tenancies increasingly unaffordable. County court bailiffs in England and Wales evicted more than 11,000 families in the first three months of 2015, an increase of 8% on the same period last year and 51% higher than five years ago. The increase in the number of tenants losing their homes means 2015 is on course to break last year’s record levels. Nearly 42,000 families were evicted from rental accommodation in 2014, the highest number since records began in 2000. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/may/14/tenant-evictions-reach-six-year-high-rising-rents-benefit-cuts
  8. 'Martyn Uzzell, from North Somerset, was thrown into the path of a car after hitting the pothole. An inquest heard North Yorkshire County Council had missed opportunities (even reported to them by the police) to repair the A65 in Giggleswick....' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-32215664 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3033555/Widow-cyclist-killed-hitting-pothole-Land-s-End-John-O-Groats-charity-ride-wins-six-figure-compensation-payout.html also, Mrs Windsors designer killed whilst cycling to work http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-arts-visionary-moira-gemmill-killed-by-lorry-while-cycling-near-lambeth-bridge-10167161.html
  9. New universal credit rules which could leave 200,000 claimants waiting six months for benefit http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/7878/ So much for making work pay, eh.....
  10. The trade negotiations are an assault on democracy. I would vote against them except… hang on a minute, I can’t.... More ...
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/nov/12/banks-fined-200bn-six-years-history-banking-penalties-libor-forex
  12. Due to extensive renovation work when I purchased my house, it needed my local Valuation Board to band it. They banded it E in 2004 (despite me purchasing the house in 2002). I accepted this as I didn't expect the Band to be different from the neighbouring properties which are all the same size. With the mass of information on the internet in 2009 I asked the Valuation Board to look at my Band and they visited the house, confirmed it was the same as the neighbours', but stated I could not appeal as I was outwith the six months and so was "statute barred". I have argued this over previous years and I have a Court hearing this Thursday (09.10.14) to argue my case that my appeal is still legal despite being outwith the six months. At this hearing I am not allowed to present my argument for a Band change, as this is a further hearing which is only set if I can provide enough evidence that my appeal is legal. My mid-terrace home is an E and the two neighbouring properties are D. Larger properties at the end of the road are E and when viewed even from outside they are obviously much larger houses. Part of my argument is going to be that the six month rule should not apply to my house as the Valuation Board have an obligation to ensure the Valuation List is accurate. They are also putting me at a disadvantage if selling in the property in the future as my Council Tax payments are higher than the neighbours. They are also saying that my property was of a higher value in 1991 and so they have escalated the property price which is illegal. Does anyone know whether the six month rule is a breach of any kind of rights.
  13. Hello All, A quick question... My partner successfully claimed the majority of her bank charges with HSBC back in 2011. They owed her roughly £4,000 in excessive charges from 2006 to 2010. Of course she was not aware of the 8% interest she could of got on top until now (reading threads on these fantastic forums!) She has since ditched all paperwork relating to this since she accepted her pay out (which was about £400 less than her final figure) Can she still put in another claim to receive this interest back too? As she was never aware of this at the time. If so, would she have to go through the whole process again seeing that she no longer has the paperwork, including that which detailed her receiving the successful pay out? Thank you for your help! Regards Wulfen40
  14. Hello all, I was told that I can reclaim £18 and £15 Late Payment and Over Limit charges on my old Natwest Credit Card account from more than six years ago. Natwest say that because the charges are so old I cannot claim as the Limitation Act prevents it. However a friend says that as I didn't learn about reclaiming these Natwest charges until 2011, Section 32 of the Limitation Act 1980 could entitle me to claim; “the period of limitation shall not begin to run until the plaintiff has discovered the fraud, concealment or mistake (as the case may be) or could with reasonable diligence have discovered it.” In that respect I paid the charges mistakenly thinking they were lawful, the bank deliberately concealed their true nature. It was a random conversation in 2011 that led to my being alerted to the possibility of reclaiming. I still have statements from 2000-2003 showing the individual charges which total approx £250 when you include 8% flat court rate interest. The correspondence so far: August 2011 - I sent in the claim. Natwest replied “you have no valid claim as the OFT confirmed the timescale is a maximum six years. ……..as the account was closed more than six years ago we no longer hold information on the account”. Sept 8 2011 - I quoted section 32 of the Limitation Act and enclosed copies of the statements showing all the charges. Sept 2011 - Natwest reply "unfortunately you are only able to claim back charges dating back six years; these time periods are limited by law. This includes late payment and 'over the limit' fees". Aug 13 2012 - I read some forums then wrote to Natwest re-stating section 32 of the Limitation Act. Aug 21 2012 - Natwest reply, "thank you for contacting us again with your complaint. We are unable to address your claim for a refund as the account has been closed for more than six years. We therefore no longer hold any information on file. The 6 year time period to which you refer applies to the length of time we are obligated to hold on to a customers information for. As this time period has elapsed we no longer have this information. For the purposes of the FOS this letter may be considered as the Bank's Final Response." Natwest's seem to have dropped their time-limit objection. They claim they no longer have the information but this is not true as I sent them copies of the statements in September 2011. Please can I have some advice on my options now to pursue the matter. Should complain to the FOS, send Natwest a Letter Before Action or something else? Also can I claim contractual interest rather than a flat 8%? Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. read more: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/civil-servant-david-kelly-allegedly-5764484
  16. I am livid...I have just moved to a property on a 12 month contract to find out last night (hand delivered) that my landlord is serving notice on the property after just moving into it in April. The notice states we have to move out by October. I have read that you cannot serve notice until six months. So, does Six months mean they can't serve notice until we have been present in the property for six months. I don't know why this is happening but to say i'm disgusted is an understatement..
  17. hi guys i have a default thats was registered on 25/03/2007 and its still appearing on my credit file.I checked this morning with noddle and its still there.How long does it take to fall off.
  18. hi guys!! i have SIX defaults and have recently settled two of them on partial setllements... i now realise this was a complete mistake!! ( i think?). i want to get a mortgage this year... but with my credit file in the mess it's in, it's unlikely. i have been offered more partial settlements... should i pay them? my goal is to remove the defaults. where do i begin? thanks .. any help really appreciated! HSBC BRANCH BANKIN... Current Account Satisfactory £0 HSBC BRANCH BANKIN... Loan 2 payments late Settled HSBC BRANCH BANKIN... Loan Default £6,675 EGG BANKING PLC Loan Satisfactory Settled SANTANDER CURRENT ... Current Account Default Satisfied CO-OPERATIVE BANK ... Current Account Default £852 LOWELL PORTFOLIO I... Communications Default £367 ARROW GLOBAL LIMIT... Credit card / S... Default £949 APS - CASHPLUS Loan Satisfactory £49 1ST CREDIT LIMITED Credit card / S... Default Satisfied
  19. I moved house in June amidst a huge of amount of trouble regarding divorce and a bitter custody battle for the kids. Unfortunately in the midst of all of this my tax renewal was posted to my ex-wife's house and she promptly threw it in the bin without telling me. I stupidly continue to drive around my car without ever checking the tax disc, I thought it was for renewal in March 2013 when it really ran out in July 2012. I got a police warning yesterday telling me that they have submitted a report to the DVLA and the maximum penalty is 5x the annual tax which for my car amounts to about £1200. I am currently in financial crisis after all the legal proceedings that have finished and few that are still going on. I would really like some advice on how much I might be fined (is it definitely the full amount?) so I can get an overdraft from the bank.
  20. Hi I've now read many many threads on this query but they all seem to be conflicting so would be most grateful for a reply to my speecific query as the correct answer will HUGELY impact my ability to get a mortage over the next few months. I got in to financial difficulties 7 years ago now as my son was diagnosed with autism, he was exluded from school and attempted suicide on a number of occasssions (he was 8), I had to give up work. We were over committed on only one wage and defaulted on may accounts. I went back to work when he got the help he needed, and have managed my credit well since then, mortage up todate, no missed payments on my credit card, no missed on my Vodaphone account etc. I managed to make full and final paynments on nearly all my defaults, but 2 would not settle and I have paid on an arrangement ever since. These 2 unsettled defaults are now 6 years old, they always showed on my record as default, never as Arrangement to Pay. I have checked my CRA files and they are no longer showing. Great! However, now cannot sleep for worrying that they will reappear next month as AR - arrangement to pay, but with the default not showing. Obviously this would be no better for my credit rating than a default. I have read many threads and the answers are conflicting, would be really grateful for a definitive answer. I am more than happy to continue paying the amount I pay on the arrangement. Is easily affordable, and I get no hassle from the creditor. However if by continuing the account shows up as AR it hardly seems worth it. The accounts I settled (paritally) I understand will just drop off, it is these 2 unsettled that I am panicking about! Any advice really appreciated. My boys have all had to share a room for 6 years because we have not been able to move. My eldest has to go by taxi to his special school because we cannot move closer. I so want this to be over for them, we've paid our price now and I am terrified of this being dragged out longer. Many thanks
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