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Found 16 results

  1. Good evening all! A self employed, hard working friend who is a decent man, employing locally and is just a generally good bloke has made a schoolboy error in trusting without the legalities. He is a commercial painter and decorator who has to take on huge contracts and suffer the cash flow problems associated therein! In December, a 'manager' told him to proceed with extra work but it was not backed up in writing and there were no witnesses. The company are now refusing to pay him for the extras which could force him and his family into insolvency. Is there anything (ap
  2. Hey guys cutting this very short for you. I was out of contract and decided to go to Sky unless i could negotiate a deal with VM. So i rang them up and everything they offered as an existing customer was way higher than Sky so i said i would think about it. I was ready to go with Sky so rang VM to disconnect. Talking with them i managed to wangle an excellent deal!! They matched the top bundle with an exchange vbox for 500gb tivo in other room for £89.73 see link below.I said that i should get a good deal similar to this as i was out of contract and they would lose me as a customer otherw
  3. Hi I would really appreciate some help and advice. In early March this year I enquiried via the website about joining Virgin active gym for me and my husband. I work for a large bank so could take advantage of corporate rates if I was able to prove my employment via bank slip etc. someone called me and gave me the price and asked me if I would like to go ahead, I said I would and gave him my bank details etc he then said I would have to go into my local gym to complete the paperwork etc. I then got some calls from the local gym pressurising me t
  4. Happy 2015 everyone! Hopefully someone can answer this question for me on this forum. The long and crazy background to this question in on another rental forum (can I post a link)? EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't as a new member. Has any tenant or landlord ever been in a situation where they have rented a flat with a written AST, which was then replaced by a verbal AST? The reason I am asking is that the judge found in the LL favour against four tenants stating that a new verbal AST was entered into in 2012 (four tenants signed a written AST in 2011), making all tenants several a
  5. Hello all I have got a job offer over the phone which I accepted however I have not recd any contract yet. The job starts in first week of June as per the discussion over the phone. Now what kind of contracts are issued in UK when ppl have gaps (time duration) between verbal offer n joining date - conditional or unconditional The reason I ask so is I have been contacted by other co who wants to make an offer but I m not sure should I accept the second offer or not. Both are equally good, but I would really want to go for an offer where they have completed my references prior to joi
  6. Hi everyone as I'm new to the forums I hope I'm posting in the right place. My problem relates to a verbal agreement made when I bought a house in July this year. My offer was accepted in June and there were 2 other parties above me in the chain. I was renting privately and had to give a month's notice to vacate. The sales negotiator who was dealing with the house I was buying was aware of this but regardless called me on July 12 to say the other parties would like to exchange contracts on July 19th. I explained that as I had to give a month's notice, I could only exchange contracts towar
  7. Hi Im currently having trouble with a company called opm who called me the other day i was lead to believe this was in fact Google who i was dealing with as i do place my business on the servers regarding maps and rankings ad words e.t.c. the lady then transfers me to a gentlemen who now states i in a legal binding contract with them as soon as i got of the phone i emailed to the team and said i was interested in any marketing as already market my business and i may be closing the business and threre no need for a 284 bill well invoice not even 2 hours and t
  8. Hello there, I've been doing some digging around the Tenancy Deposit Scheme as myself and girlfriend have recently left our tenancy at a 3 month let and have sought our deposit back. The landlord has stated that he is not willing to return the full amount back due to a number of issues which we are disputing. We have had a wide range of issues with this private landlord and property during our tenancy unfortunately no contracts were ever signed and was a verbal agreement although we do have some written emails as proof of our tenancy at the property including dates etc. During negoti
  9. hi, im really needing some advice and this is my first time on here so wish me luck. i have recently got behind on my payments to jacamo catalouge account by 4 months as i was out of work. they have been charging me £24 a month in fees plus interest. a few weeks ago itelephoned them to explain my situation. i spoke to a helpful advisor who agreed that i can make a part payment and then she would waive the charges and bring me back to my credit limit, i made the payment. i since recieved a statement with the charges still on. i have spoken to a manager
  10. Hello, Please excuse me my language, spelling and grama mistakes buy english isn't my first language. I have been with HSBC for nearly 10 years, never had any problems with my credit cards or late repayments. What's more about 6 years ego I took a loan from them for £10 000 to buy new car which I paid off within 16 months despite the fact the loan agreement was for 36 months. Till now I thought I am respectable customer to them. ....I couldn't be more wrong. Last friday I noticed their advertisement for PERSONAL LOANS. I was kind of thinking to buy new car and I was curios If I am
  11. I’ve been an employee with this company since the 7th of January this year, I was employed on to a brand new campaign which the hours were confirmed to work 11-8 Monday-Friday which suited my needs and requirements as I have other commitments around these hours. Recently I was moved from this campaign onto another campaign, which I was more than happy to oblige to as long as they catered to my needs around the hours that I could work. I had raised my concerns about these hours in the boardroom in front of 15 other employees (that will vouch for me and agree to what was agreed) and I was
  12. Hi all, Writing this for my daughter actually.. Yesterday , completely out of the blue , my daugther and 3 others were called to a meeting and told of their position ( in my daughters case, an assistant Editor) was to be made redundant. She has been in this post for the last 5 years. She was told that she could apply for voluntary, but this offer, with no details whatsoever is only available for about 24 hours or so . ?? So far there is no indication of any written notice appearing . The actual current editorial work is still on going and is most definitely going to to b
  13. Hi Question 1. I've just been looking at the sticky above (Sticky: Ashbourne Management Services Ltd - Contracts longer than 12 months(1 Viewing) ) which seems to say that all gym contacts over 12 months are unfair - is this the case ? I ask because I was 'pressured' into signing an 18 month contract with my local gym (not AMSL). Question 2. I KNOW I should have read ALL the small print but there was so much of it!............. I had to sign-up 'there and then' as it was (supposedly) the last day of the membership deal. I specifically asked about suspending membership
  14. Hi I started my previous employment in February 2011 and had an interview stating that my hours would be 20-25 per week and I would have one weekend off in four The job was reluctantly taken as a hotel cleaner but it meant coming off JSA which I was on for 8 months after losing my previous job However when I started I was not given a weekend off and had to use holiday to get the occasional weekend free and my hours some weeks were cut down to 10-15 which made me financially very hard up at times I asked several times for a contract of employment which never came
  15. Am I right in saying that even if you are employed with only a "verbal contract" the employer must issue a "Statement of Employment Particulars" after a period of 2 months ?
  16. can anyone advise me.My husband has had amagistrates lialility order from rossendales he had no prior warning.it says they give 24 hours notice to recall and remove effects to pay debts.its to do with csa arrears.I havnt slept .help
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