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Found 17 results

  1. Hi and thanks in advance. I have been absent from work for a while and have been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety the depression has been related to a previous diagnosis and treatment for cancer. I have made some strides mentally and feel that I am now in a position to return to work and have been advised by supporting organisations that I should be entitled to certain reasonable adjustments. I have formally requested certain adjustments from my employer but they have all but declined my request and seem to be following their sickness process which does provide som
  2. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum so please excuse any mistakes . My problem is re Incapacity Benefit changeover to ESA Support Group and Occupational Pension. I was medically retired from my job in January 2003 . Sometime between 2001 and 2003 my SSP from work ran out I went onto Incapacity Benefit (based on my Nat Ins contributions), initially short-term and progressed onto the Long-Term higher rate which I was on until Dec 2012 when I was transferred onto ESA Support group (Contribution based). I completed the ESA form and there was no section or questions on
  3. Hi Guys, Please help I am so stressed and anxious and making myself sick. I have been on Incapacity Benefit since 1997, i was medically retired from the NHS. I cant remember exactly when i converted to ESA but was placed in ESA support group then when the 365 days were up (maybe a couple of years ago) they re assessed me to see if i was legible to continue, the outcome i believe was as i was in support group i would continue getting CR ESA. that carried on then in march i recieved a letter stating as i get £74.36 a week occupational pension x 2 I have one for £13.23 and one for
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have been off work with stress due since mid May and felt I was making good progress for a return to work. In early June I had a meeting with OH and in discussions we talked about a pilgrimage I was going on in Spain on 25/6/16. In their report to my employer this was recommended as a good thing for me to do in my build up to going back to work. At 5.07 pm on the 24th of June I received an email inviting me to attend an investigation along with a letter with the wrong address on it for the next week about the build up of why I was off sick. I
  5. Hello I have a occupational pension which I take out annually but the DWP then break it down into an income...the occ pension runs from October to October and I desperately need to take out this years one 2013 - 2014 before the cut off date on october the 3rd next week!! but Im very worried that the DWP and housing benefits will regard it as an income from the april to next april rather than and income from this october 13 - 14 and I will owe them loads of money for overpayments from april this year...I know it sounds confusing and no one seems to be able to answer my query can anybody help,
  6. Hi All, Basically its like this. I work at a military establishment with a woman who is starting to drive me nuts, basically. She has obsessive compulsive disorder - don't get me wrong, I fully respect she has the condition but she's making my working life that much more unbearable. She's even confiding in a work colleague that she went to see a psychologist because she said that I stress her out at work and to hear that second hand from a work colleague was not too pleasant to be honest. I have had a problem with pen chewing and putting things in my mouth, chewing my nails e
  7. Today I contacted the Pension Service to advise them of a change of circumstances and that we now receive an occupational pension payment every three months in arrears. The annual amount is only £360. This is paid quarterly in arrears so about £90 per quarter. They wanted to know the amount after tax. We get Pension Credit plus housing & council tax benefits so actual income is way less than the tax threshold so don't understand why they want to until we have had our first payment before they acknowledge change of circumstances? You try and do the right thing and end up being shot
  8. My daughter has been off work for the last 2 weeks with mental health problems. She was taken on at work with the employer knowing she did have bi-polar. The chief psychiatrist has said she needs a phased return to work through an occupational health therapist but when I rang the employer they said they did not have occ health and it would have to be managed through the HR Dept who have not been very empathetic through this time. It is a large employer. My question is does anyone know if she can demand Occupational Health or are the employer doing anything wrong not having one. The doctor i
  9. My husband suffered an injury at work in October. He has been unable to work since and has recieved SSP which will run out this week.His employers (a public school) have not accepted liability for the accident and to be honest have been quite nasty. He works 3 days a week as a general maintenance man. He read somewhere that he could have holiday pay rather than SSP so he asked for 2 days from last year and 4 days accrued for this year. He received the following reply. Holiday entitlement can be requested at anytime during the holiday year but it is the employers decision when it can be ta
  10. Every year I receive a letter from the Job center plus asking for any details with regard to my Occupational Pensions as some of my benefit entailment is means tested and every year as per the letter give them wriiten permission all the details to contact my pension provider which in this case is a Local Government Pension as at the time of the letter I have no knowledge of the annual increase but I do reply with written permission for them to contact my pension provider along with all the information they would need . Last year I received at least 5 letters asking for the same information
  11. Sorry if i have posted in the wrong place but i'm desperate for help. Basically, my elderly parents (70 and 78 years old) have recieved a letter stating 'investigation for benefit fraud' and have to attend an interview next week. They are out of there minds worrying about it and racking their brains as to what its about. They both recieve Attendance Allowance, Housing Benefit and Council Benefit. Nearly two years ago my brother moved into their house after leaving his wife, i believe my parents have not told the council that he is there as my father does'nt think they need telli
  12. Hi. Does anyone know how long it generally takes for an employer to arrange an occupational health visit? I have been off work with health problems and my employers have had all the info they requested - a GP report - to arrange an appointment for me with the Occupational Health dept since NOVEMBER. I feel they are being slippery. They don't answer emails until my union rep has sent at least 3, and the last time, they said they would deal with my directly and the visit would happen soon. That was 6 weeks ago, I have sent them 3 emails which they have not answered since then.
  13. Hi All, As this is my first time on here i am not sure if i have posted in the correct place...so MODS please move if needed. I sent a letter to a company called Cabot Financial requesting that they send me proof of Default Notice that has been marked on my credit file. The original debt was for the Clydesdale Bank where i went over my overdraft because i lost my job. I was unemployed for 7 months and couldnt repay, however, once i got a new job i repaid the amount in full. The value was for £1226. My issue is that the default is listed under Cabot and not the Cl
  14. Hi, I really hope someone can offer me some advice please! First, a bit of background: I have a somewhat difficult relationship with management at my workplace, I think I am seen as 'trouble'. Partly because I have an illness that falls under disability rules so I have higher absence than they would like, but also because I successfully stuck up for myself when they have attacked me, with the result that many of my colleagues have asked me to attend disciplinary hearings with them and/or have joined the union that helped me. Recently there has been a bit of an undercurrent of 'niggli
  15. Hi Folks Not really a problem A member of the Hamster family is to start a new job. He has to have an Occupational Health Check. What does this entail? H
  16. My better half has had planned sick leave from her work as she had to have a back op. She is coming to the stage where she is nearly ready to return to her duties. I must add that she is very eager to return. The problem is that the GP and the consultant have advised that she have a phased return as she does not have full movement and her job involces a lot of bending and reaching up!! They have advised that she be seen by the firms occupational health department to assess exactly what she can and can't do and plan a phased and proper return to work plan. Her employers are disagre
  17. If a line-manager refers you to see a Occupational Health "advisor/doctor/specialist", regarding a (potential) medical issue/restriction, can you insist on the gender of the "advisor/doctor/specialist"? i.e. If I'm male, can I insist on a male advisor/doctor/specialist, if I'd find it easier to talk to a male? If you can insist, what legislation exists? (Employment contract is silent on this issue)
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