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  1. Evening Just a quick question I commenced on IB in 1998 after being medically retired from NHS. I am being investigated for freud as they say i never made them aware of 2 private pensions of £73 per week. Tomtom 256 pointed me in the right direction saying before 2001 when law changed pensions were not taken into account in IB. What I need is any legal information I can take to solicitor and IUC. Also there is guidance on C ESA saying you are allowed to get up to £85 without them taking it away from you, Im on both C ESA and IR ESA which i didn't know so do the 2 type
  2. Thanks tomtom256, I have printed off relevant pages hope this helps me. My Solicitor has requested information on case. Fingers crossed
  3. Dear tomtom256, Thanks for getting back really would appreciate information. Can I ask a stupid question, even though my pension should be disregarded due to time frame and due to the numerous laws could they still do me for freud if they believed I hadn't sent them relevant information each year. Looked through what paperwork i have and even though i believe i did send information i have no receipt. Previously to April they were only taking off ESA £13 but from April they were taking the £73 i'm confuses if i'm in C ESA SG i should have remained anyway but the say I am on IR ESA a
  4. Hi Antone, Can you tell me where you have moved it I cant find it. Sorry and thankyou i must be having a blonde Moment. Regards Maria
  5. Hi There, This is a long story so hope you are sitting down and got a cuppa. I was medically retired from the NHS in 1997 and placed on IB, I also had a pension from NHS/CIS for about £70 now £73.(2016) The DWP people were aware of the pensions from the beginning as the Hospital filled initial forms in. In about July 2012 was converted to C ESA wrag group which I had a mandatory reconsideration and placed in support group in about Feb2013. I then received a letter saying my C ESA was due to run out in August as id had my year i asked them what i should do and they said
  6. Dear Obiter Dictum, Thank you so much For the quick reply i've been going over and over things , i honestly believe i've done nothing wrong but it still scares you. I think the overview of this case, is that i'm hoping there is some sort of mixup. reading up on legal websites when i initially moved from IB to ESA I was placed in ESA Support group and they review after 365 days however I can remain in this group CB ESA as i'm in support group and your allowed other income up to £85. However you can have a top up of IRESA therefore if i'm in both groups i don't know where i stand as
  7. Hi Guys, Please help I am so stressed and anxious and making myself sick. I have been on Incapacity Benefit since 1997, i was medically retired from the NHS. I cant remember exactly when i converted to ESA but was placed in ESA support group then when the 365 days were up (maybe a couple of years ago) they re assessed me to see if i was legible to continue, the outcome i believe was as i was in support group i would continue getting CR ESA. that carried on then in march i recieved a letter stating as i get £74.36 a week occupational pension x 2 I have one for £13.23 and one for
  8. hi Guys Please accept my apologies I have asked this question in the past but cannot find thread. Ims I'm sorry you helped me so much in past but I've had a few problems and have been unable to sort things out so I'm really sorry about that. Took a loan out 1997-2007 with first national now GE money for windows (inter glaze) who are now insolvent. The loan was for £5000 +£548.65 PPI, have looked at the separate insurance policy and it states it expires in 2002 after 5 years, however I have have First nationals credit agreement and it states I was paying £9.50 for 119 month
  9. Hi Peeps, I have read forums and have got a bit confused, I have 4 Barclays loans dating back to 1999, I sent for sars etc... helped by this wonderful site. Today I received letter saying they have upheld latter two and are looking at previous 2 now. My question is: Loan 1 October 1999 £1500+£193 PPI however took out new Loan and paid off Loan 1 no extra paid back for finishing early Loan 2 February 2000 £4200+£933 PPI interest on this varied between £58-61 per month finished october 01 with (also got £347 ins refund Loan 3 November 2002 £2000+£433 PPI Paid o
  10. Dear ins 21, Forgot to say that above piece of paper (photo bucket) PPI, states the premium including IPT is £548.65. However on First national Credit agreement it says Insured Party me A premium loan facility £548.65 B Monthly repayment £9.50 C The first payment bla bla D No of payments 119 E Rate of interest 1.4% F Apr 18.2 Confused as 119x£9.50 is more than £548 we actually payed for 10 years can you make any sense of all this????
  11. Hi ims21, we have talked in the past I am in a similar situation as above I have all Paperwork. I have the exact same pice of paper as above also. Unfortunatly Like I suggested in past that tried to ring them and GE fobbed me off. I don't know where to put claim into is it the above company that is Bennet Gould & partners, or GE Money I paid this debt for 10 years and found out insurance was only for 5 years I wasn't aware of that. Also in theory is it right I borrowed the money off First National (GE Money) as they said NO!!!! Interglase (window Company) actually borrowed th
  12. Hi Guys, I have had a bit of back and forth over SARS with Barclays I now have some paperwork not all as requested. They have sent me 4 Fiche copies of loans taken out between October 1999-2007 however only 2 terms and conditions letters covering loans in 200, 2003. Is it that they are only sending me 6yrs back. The other Fiche copes don't seem to have account numbers but have statements of payments. On occasions I paid off one loan with another but on all statements it has I was charges Upfront single premiums. What next???
  13. Hi Peeps, A question re Barclays and SARS, today I received SARS info its maybe 20 pages of DATA and doesn't tell me anything really. All its says is letters between us in relation to bank charges, sheets headed complaint management system and goes onto daily activities of bank charge requests. Next Pack 20 pages named DPA DSAR Service point ODP and in this it says personal customer info etc... and NO data Held on numerous bits then when it comes to products it has 4 products the 4th product is barclayloan protected but no info on how much or anything just a line taken out and
  14. Hi Guys, Just a quick question have I any rights to claim back fare or change name on any airline. My Mum had vouchers towards flights to Canada for £400 and used a debit card for the difference £744 for flights to Toronto on 5/06/12 However 2 weeks ago she was rushed into ITU with Pneumonia and was critical she is thankfully on mend, but will remain in hospital for a further 3-4 weeks. The booking was made with canadian air. We had not bought our insurance at the time as we were awaiting diagnosis before she got so ill. Is there anything we can do/ Regards Maria
  15. Hi Guys, Just a quick one I too am dealing with LLoyds 3 Loans and a Gold credit card, I still have some of the Paperwork as I sent for SARS when I was claiming bank charges. Within a couple of days I too received a letter about CC and they replied by saying they had exhausted all avenues and could not find I had any PPI on my CC. To which I have now replied with at least 5 statements highlighting £77 payment card Protection. So like the others suggest go for SARS. Regards Maria
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