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Found 5 results

  1. Nightmare !! started my HGV training today, after having paid £3250 for class 1 & 2, done theory tests where my licence was checked and all ok, passed theorys with flying colours. I booked my training course for class 2 and they did a check code and all was ok. Turned up to drive today, did the 1st day then called into the office to be told I have just been driving illegally as todays check code states I'm only licenced to drive a car!! where did my 7.5t go and provisional entitlements? I have been driving 7.5t for 12 years as a job, now I have lost job and £3250 as DVLA cant rectify their computer glitches and told to take tests again.. like I can afford all that money again just like that, obviously they don't class it as much money which just goes to show they are over paid and under qualified! they just don't care. Got my MP on the case now, but doesn't alter the fact I am now unemployed, a single mum that has always worked and saved up for this HGV training for 3 years.. Never been on jobseekers before, but that's the route I'm now having to go down!! Thankyou DVLA..
  2. Hi All, Basically its like this. I work at a military establishment with a woman who is starting to drive me nuts, basically. She has obsessive compulsive disorder - don't get me wrong, I fully respect she has the condition but she's making my working life that much more unbearable. She's even confiding in a work colleague that she went to see a psychologist because she said that I stress her out at work and to hear that second hand from a work colleague was not too pleasant to be honest. I have had a problem with pen chewing and putting things in my mouth, chewing my nails etc. as far back as I can remember and there seems to be no signs of it letting up - despite my best efforts, I find myself relapsing and every now and again, which has become a bit more occasional of late, find a pen or something else in my mouth, be it my fingers for biting my nails or whatever. However whenever I have been at a workstation using the keyboard or been somewhere else and this is usually some while after I have bitten my nails, for example, then she is there cleaning the desk area and I am made to feel like a dirty person - don't get me wrong - I fully respect her condition but I'm being made to feel that I can't even put my hands near my mouth or pick up a pen in fear she's going to put in a complaint and I think that I am going to be on the receiving end of something unpleasant and the fact that she has a mental illness will work against me. Furthermore, she is rather cold toward me in the office and I feel the tensity in the office is going to reach a peak before long. We have been open and honest about our feelings in the office as well. I can't help what I do at the end of the day and as I explained, since I've been a nipper, its been a recurring problem for me. Can someone offer me some advice as to what the best solution is as I will not take kindly to an official complaint from my supervisor as I feel I've done little wrong and am trying hard to work on a problem I've had difficulty in resolving in the past. Regards
  3. tomaka0

    lost entitlements

    i passed a car test in 1975 got full licence.then passed a bike test in 1978 on old paper licence the later passed hgv1 sent licence away came back minus the bike entitlement never made a fuss no longer rode now sent in for digital photo licence and a entitlement reappears dvla no nothing so many errors all tests passed under dsa pass slips went off with old licences where do i stand i cant prove nothing
  4. Hi All, Im new here for starters so hey go easy I have an issue within my work place, its in regards to 'my' agency staff - or the ones which work for me on the shift i run. So i run a shift monday to friday after hours its a 7 hour shift with a 20 min break inbetween- im the supervisor of the shift and i have 16 bodies under my control to manage the business. The issue is for the past couple of weeks ive been asking their onsite 'account specialist' for the holiday balence, because they acrew holiday and i needed to know to get them all to take them. So their holiday year runs from February, and they have a 2 week grace period to take their entitlement, they are not allowed to carry them over, get paid for them etc so its a case of use them or lose them. ( i got the balence sheet on monday - yesterday) now im between a hard place and a rock because i have 16 staff who all want to use what they acrrewed which would be 32 days but only 9 days to use them in im only allowed 2 people off per day it doesnt add up. yesterday i terned round and said ok, i'll allow a maximum of 3 people off per day to make it fair and allow everyone time off. however my manager was really really unhappy with this decision, because operationally we wont hit our targets, which will cause a loss of revenue: which looks bad for me: my manager also pointed out i should of put business needs before that of the employee's in other words, its a case of tough luck not everyone gets their holidays. ( which to me is really unfair.) Im currently in the process of having to write an email to him, so he can send that to the site manager and then to the site managers boss ( the people you only ever see when its s**t creek and they are angry haha) i just want to make it proof enough so essentially ive said the right things and made the right decision. Thankyou, Ben.
  5. Right firs i want to appologise for my spelling. 3 years ago my wife started with blackouts and proggressed onto epilepsy, they have also discovered that she has addisons desease, hyper thyroidism and arthritis, she has been nocked off esa but are appeling against this desision as we did last year and won hands down, infact the exact words from the pannel was " Why are you here " and when we went back in for the desision we was told not to sit down and they said its the eassyest desision we have had to make. She also clains DLA at the middle rate care but with her condition she should be on high rate and the low rate mobility, i also claim careres allowence but this is taxable apparently but yet the deduct it from her ESA, i still cant weigh that up. Any way i just thought i would put you in the picture for the reall question-: I want to do some thing, i am peed off with sitting around only god knows how my wife feels. To pass some time i have been building rabbit hutches ect for nabours and friends and charging a extra couple of pound on top of the cost of materials and been told by lots of people to start my own buisiness. I would love to give it ago but i want to do this leagaly and above board so to speak. I have been offered a unit at a very very fare price infact a garage would be more. I was only going to work part time about 16-20 hours a week i could acctually call it a hobby but i will be earning although it would be less than the minimum wage. I understand that my housing benefit could be in jepordy but could my wife still claim as it is her who is very ill. Thanks
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