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  1. Hi Speedfreek, I did read your Rightsnet link. It doesn't apply to me as I get a company Occupational pension which would be taken into account for income purposes and which excludes me from getting any Income-related ESA, or any disability premiums. I looked into it a few years ago and that's the reason why I've not applied for Income-related ESA previously as I would not benefit from it. Whilst in the contribution -based ESA, support group, my Occupational pension is disregarded due to the fact that (1) I was on Incapacity benefit prior to April 2001 and (2) I was in receipt of DLA
  2. Hi Speedfreek, if you're in the support group for contribution-based (which I am) you are not migrated over onto Income-based after the first year, you can stay on contribution -based indefinitely. I did look into this a while back and discovered that I wouldn't be any better off changing to Income-based ESA. For dx100uk-I wasn't seeing a conspiracy, but if you read any of my previous posts (might take a while !) re them completely messing up my ESA last year because they don't know or understand their own guidelines and rules, and then admitting in the end that they got things wrong and
  3. Hi, has anyone else experienced the following ?. I have been on Contribution based ESA (support group) since being transferred over in 2013 from long-term Cont-based Incapacity benefit. I also receive both standard rates of PIP and have an Occupational pension from previous employer (which is disregarded by DWP). I will receive my state pension in 6 mths and my ESA will cease. A few days ago I received a letter from DWP stating that they want to look at my ESA as I may be better off on INCOME-RELATED ESA (I won't be - I was already aware of that fact) and asked me to tick any of the 3 fo
  4. Hi, has anyone on here done permitted work whilst receiving ESA ?. If so, has it caused you any problems relating to your ESA ?. Eg-your ESA has been reduced , even though that shouldn't happen if you contact DWP before you begin any work and the work is 'supervised'. Permitted work seems a contradiction in terms to me. Re the fact that a person is on ESA and other Income is usually taken into account and the ESA reduced accordingly. I've been reading up on it and you can work up to 16 hrs per week and earn up to £125 per week (From April when minimum wage rises to £7.83
  5. Hi Mr P. The masses of info I've read on this today states that these lump sum payments will NOT be counted as capital or savings and they will not affect any other means-tested benefits or Housing benefit or Council tax benefit payments. We shall see !.
  6. Ps. Also, DWP have yet again excelled themselves by stating that they will only be back-dating these payments to October 2014, even though the 'mistake 'affected people from 2011 onwards !. So yet again, people will be 'shafted '. Only the DWP could get away with this (that's apart from corrupt MP's who have also gotten away with various underhanded dealings in the past few years).
  7. Has anyone seen the news today re the DWP having underpaid thousands of people on ESA between 2011-2013/?. They are now stating that they will be contacting all of these people and will be paying them the money they should have had. It seems the average amount owed to the majority is around £5,000, but some people could be owed up to £20,000 !. From what I can gather, this underpayment arose because when Incapacity Benefit claimants were transferred onto ESA from 2011, many were mistakenly put onto Contribution-based-based ESA instead of Income-related, which meant that many people who sh
  8. MARCH 7TH....SUCCESS AT LAST ! Around 2 wks ago I rang the DWP office to speak to the chap who had 'investigated ' my complaint and he wasn't on duty. I then rang back a few days later and was told he was now off indefinitely so I spoke to another DWP staff member who offered to help (this was at the Birkenhead office). This lady listened to the long, drawn-out story and suggested that SHE now fill out a Mandatory Reconsideration form on my behalf, which I agreed to. She also sent me a copy of the accompanying internal letter she submitted explaining everything to the Decision Maker.
  9. Okay, here we go. Following onto my letter to Director General at DWP, who passed my details and my complaint to the 'Complaints and Resolution ' team, I have received by signed for delivery from 3 different DWP offices, separate letters totalling around 300 A4 sheets of info dating back to 2001. On one sheet from one office it states that them taking money back from me re my Occ Pension and ESA is a 'mistake ', it simply has 'mistake' typed into a box in a page from one office. On another page from a different office it states (get this) that I did not inform them in 2013 that
  10. ..continued...but only in the Mobility section ' planning a journey and travelling '. Yes Stu, it's my local Council. Yes Stu, I got the booklet setting out how one qualifies and what proof you need of your identity, proof of your home address and proof of the PIP you receive which shows proof of which sections you got PIP points for. I've also looked at the Council's website re Blue badge criteria. They ARE correct. My original post on this was really to let other people know that the rules are different re PIP and blue badge than when we had DLA and that I think that it'
  11. Excuse the above, have just realised that people with mental health problems DON'T automatically qualify for the blue badge unless they score 8 points in the 'Travelling and planning a journey ' section, apologies.
  12. Tomtom356. It's my understanding that if one gets the Mobility component for Mental Health, they automatically qualify for a Blue badge simply by receiving the Mobility component. The Blue badge guidelines/rules simply state that if you get the Mobility component of PIP (regardless of whether it's for Mental or Physical) you automatically qualify for a Blue badge. Correction-just checked and you need 8 points in the Mental health side of PIP in order to get the Blue Badge.
  13. This is just a tip for anyone who receives a blue badge because they get tbe Mobility component of PIP. I was on DLA for years up until Nov 2016, when I was transferred to PIP. In the 'old days' with DLA, when you came to renewing your blue badge, you simply completed the application form, enclosed passport photo, ticked the DLA section and sent a photocopy of your DLA award letter (regardless of how old that letter was, as I assume the Blue badge team would check with DWP anyway). I re-applied for my Blue badge to be renewed a few weeks ago. I sent a photo -c
  14. Feb 2nd, quick update. Since last week, a different DWP office has sent me yet another blank SARS request form to fill in !. (so that's 2 now). Then today, to my surprise, I received a phonecall from a very nice staff member from the Liverpool office. He said he had rang to apologise to me for all of this hassle I've had. He said to shred the 2 SARS forms I'd received as he had tracked down the original one I sent to them in August of 2017 and was dealing with it. He also agreed with me that I AM exempt from my Occ Pension being taken into account for ESA purp
  15. Virgin Media. Anyone had this problem ?. Been with them for 20 yrs since they were NTL. Was a good package for several years, then each year the cost has risen and risen. We all know they're giving the 'good' deals to their new customers and people like myself are paying more than double for the same services/packages. last June 2017, I rang them to 'haggle ' and try to get a reduction on my monthly bills. I was offered a deal of £6 per month off, for 12 months. Better than nothing I thought. They even sent me a new contract (shock, horror) stating how
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