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Found 10 results

  1. All, I would really appreciate some advice please as I am worried sick. The following is a rough timeline. I would appreciate any thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance. • Offence (a) I received a ticket for 25/12/2017 Speeding Westbound 58 mph in a 50 zone • Offence (b) I received a ticket for 25/12/2017 Speeding Eastbound 56mph in a 50 Zone • I declared that I was the driver for both offences and both forms in the same envelope • I then received a fixed penalty notice for offence (a) • I received a fixed penalty notice for offence( b) • I accepted the 100 pound and 3 points for each offence and sent the paperwork back. • I paid 2 x £100 as directed. • I later received a letter to say that I had not sent my Licence. I had indeed forgotten to include my license. • I sent my license and it was returned to me after a few days (I assumed 6 points had been added) • I received no further correspondence from the fixed penalty office • On 30/05/2018 I received a single justice Procedure notice for offence (a) saying that I failed to accept an offer. • At this stage, I checked my driving license and only 3 points were added. It appears that only offence (B) was processed I spoke with the fixed penalty office. They admitted that there had been an error but he explained that he was unable to do anything as it had been referred to the court. He told me to explain to them that I had followed the process at all stages. • I pleaded guilty to the court via the form but explained that I already paid the fine and explained the circumstances • Shortly after I received a refund of a £100 I then received a summons on referral to court as the case was inappropriate for single justice procedure. • I am unsure why it was decided that it is inappropriate for single justice procedure. This has not been explained?
  2. Thought it time I paid off and ditched my Vanquis card. Do not get me wrong it has been great with my credit profile. Had it for about three years, never missed a payment and have a Three Grand credit limit. So much for customer loyalty though, they point blank would not negotiate the APR, 59.9% So yesterday applied for a BarclayCard, eligibility checker stated 95% chance of being accepted. Went through the application, Digitally signed for it to come back as referred. Strange as 12 months ago did the same with Capital One and was instantly accepted with a two grand credit limit. Never missed any payment with any of my credit obligations for the last three years. Credit scores from the credit agencies mean SFA as each credit company have their own lending criteria. Now i know this is simply the automatic computer process wanting manual intervention from a human being. This was not an outright No and will be probably be accepted, But: What causes these referrals as a matter of interest??
  3. READ MORE HERE & DOWNLOAD GUIDE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mod-referral-scheme-a-guide
  4. MOD Referral Scheme to help service leavers get accommodation. Information about the scheme to assist eligible service leavers to get accommodation via housing associations. The MOD Referral Scheme is coordinated by JSHAO to assist some service leavers to get accommodation via housing associations. to be eligible their is a criteria. Read More Here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mod-referral-scheme-a-guide
  5. Hi I wonder if some one can help advise me on what I should do about this. Six months ago my OH went to our GP as he was suffering from stomach pains, weight loss and passing blood. The GP told him to have a blood test and do a stool sample and that he wanted to referrer him to the specialist as soon as possible. He gave him some medication to help settle the stomach. My OH had the blood test and stool sample and took the medication. His stomach seemed to calm down and we heard nothing back so presumed the tests came back fine. 4 months later we receive a letter from the hospital with an appointment to see the specialist so my OH attends. The specialist was very concerned and urgently booked him in for a endoscopy and gastroscopy. When the specialist asked how long he had been experiencing these symptoms my OH told him he went to the gp 4 months ago. The specialist was shocked as they had only recieved the referral 3 weeks prior to this appointment and he said he should have seen him no later than 3 weeks after the GP appointment. The endoscopy showed a large stomach ulcer and my OH was given more medication for it but they had also taken biopsies. On Monday my Husband received a call from the hospital giving him an appointment to see the specialist which was today (yesterday actually now) The biopsies have shown that he does have stomach cancer and now has to have his whole stomach removed. The original GP appointment was around 6 months ago. I really feel that had he been referred immediatly like he was supposed to the diagnosis wouldn't have been as severe. To top it off my OH went to this same GP surgery not long ago with a chest infection only to find out that 3 years ago they diagnosed him with COPD which they failed to tell him of or to register it on his file. I feel so let down by our GP. My OH has always been in fairly good health since we have been together 13 years. We don't often visit the doctor maybe once or twice a year have never needed to but this year when my OH's health took a sudden turn we needed them to be there to do their job and it would appear they did not, resulting in a devastating and life changing diagnosis. Sorry if this is a bit of a rant, it has been a very emotional and stressful day.
  6. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, if it is perhaps someone would be good enough to point the right one out to me Regarding the issue I need help with. I am a self employed builder who on occasion uses the above site to obtain work, I have been a member for about 6 years now. Just recently they have changed their operations and have removed a lot of facilities offered to the trader, the most relevant one for me being the one where they refunded you the money you pay for the lead if the customer doesn't allow you to at least quote for the work or the lead details turn out to be wrong. Instead they now keep the money whether you quote, are not able to quote, or you can't even contact the customer. As some of the more expensive jobs cost £30-£50 just to buy the lead this can work out expensive to the sole trader, it's no problem if I get the work because I can recoup the lead cost but otherwise I am simply paying for nothing! My question is whether they are in breach of the original T & C's that I agreed to some 6 years ago as nowhere have I agreed to these new changes, it seems they have just rolled them out and we either like it or lump it. Any help, advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated I hope I have explained the situation clearly enough, if not feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to reply to them.
  7. Pretty shocking,when it was the Insurance companies themselves who were bleating about referral fees adding to the costs of increased premiums. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2268765/Admiral-risks-fury-law-firm-tie-save-accident-fee-deals.html
  8. This is really starting to **** me off: Been under neurology on and off since I was at least 7 and have had various tests done. Discharged each time and told there's nothing wrong. Had 2 scans last year and was told the first time that there's something that shouldn't be on my brain; but the neurologist can't work out what and neither can his team. I was told in May that I was born with 2 brain cysts. I was told that it shouldn't cause any problems, to come back if there's any problem and that he's discharging me. 2 months later, I'm getting headaches. I've seen my GP about this who looked at my eyes and said that everything is normal. (I've not noticed any eye trouble and had an eye test a few before seeing my GP) I was told to take pain killers and to come back if I'm still not well. Still not feeling well and actually getting really fed up now. I feel as though the neurologist isn't taking me seriously. He hasn't bothered to find out what I've done to my neck and shoulder. (the original problem) I've been stuck with this neck trouble for the last 5 years and no-one has bothered to treat me. They decided that because physio doesn't work, (I was left in more pain after) they'll just leave it. Do I need my GP to refer me back to neurology or can I just ask to see someone?
  9. If a line-manager refers you to see a Occupational Health "advisor/doctor/specialist", regarding a (potential) medical issue/restriction, can you insist on the gender of the "advisor/doctor/specialist"? i.e. If I'm male, can I insist on a male advisor/doctor/specialist, if I'd find it easier to talk to a male? If you can insist, what legislation exists? (Employment contract is silent on this issue)
  10. Are you a DWP Jobcentre Customer, on a Welfare to Work(fare) Programme or worried about a referral? Then you need to protect your information and data. A very good link below. http://www.consent.me.uk/
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