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  1. Good Morning, I recently finished a temporary contract at a local firm and when I inquired about my holiday pay, the agency turned around and said they don't owe me anything. They said that if I did another assignment and complete my 12 weeks, I would get it then but it was my understanding you build up holiday pay immediately? I have been on holiday since being on the assignment as well. I was there for 9 weeks at 37 hours per week. Surely you can't just automatically lose what you've built up? I would appreciate some advice here because I am not sure if this is
  2. In my opinion then, the Overdraft should not show as available funds as this is very misleading and can lead customers into a false sense of security - I feel like telling my bank I am not happy, but would I be silly doing this? I don't know, but I'm not happy because people who are not savvy in these subject matters could find themselves walking into a trap. Ouch! Anyways, thank you for your help, totally understand this now. Its not a major issue for me at all, I just wanted to understand the principles as other websites that dealt with the subject matter were very limited in their exp
  3. Thanks RainbowTears, that has sorted everything out for me now. However, the available balance doesn't show that I am OD, just what is available to me - a very clever trick by the bank that has been used there, in my opinion. Talk about lulling customers into a false sense of security. Still, I have paid off my OD now with the cheque, so that's good!
  4. Griffzilla, I have sent to you a PM. Basically, what I need to know is the following: I have £2500 as my account balance and available balance of £600 (this is my overdraft, I am assuming). Each time I use it, my account balance decreases. Therefore, once my cheque has cleared, would my final balance, lets say I used all my available balance, would be £1900 and if my Overdraft hadn't been removed, then I would have access to £2500? This is the part which is confusing me.
  5. Hi RainbowTears, my current balance was £2566 when I checked and I had an available balance of £666, which includes the overdraft plus any available credit. Therefore, upon recent checking, I have £147.00 available. As I use my available balance, my account balance decreases. Therefore, say for argument's sake my account balance was £2,500 and I used all of my available balance (which was my o/d) of £600 and my account balance was £1900. Does that mean that my final account balance would be £1900? This is VERY confusing. Thanks for any help. B
  6. Good Evening, I have a question about my 'available balance' on my Lloyds Bank account. I paid a cheque into my account for £2,500 and when I checked my balance later, it showed I had £666 available to me, this being after I had made some withdrawls from my account. Furthermore, I was puzzled by this because I have an o/d of £600 and I was into it by about £510, approximately. I got paid by my employer and found I had roughly £208.00 in my account, credit. I made a withdrawl of about £120.00 there and then. All I can assume is that my available balan
  7. Good Evening, I have a few questions about how to handle my employment, should it be brought to an end because of my long term sick, as I'm struggling to find the answers I need. Basically, I have been sick since last Christmas and am keen to find other employment but that has had to be put on hold for the time being whilst I sort out my medical issues, which, as I am sure you can understand, has caused me a great deal of stress. What I need to know is what would be included in my final pay packet should it be decided they want to dismiss me on grounds because of long-term si
  8. My advice, talk to a union - there's too much here to break down completely, but they will be able to definitely assess this because from first glance, from a neutral's point of view, I would be unhappy. Good luck to you. You have my sympathies - I've been through this, this year and its not pleasant and neither was a brief return to work in which I was treated really poorly, which is why I am trying to sort out my future. Sometimes its just best, if you can, to cut your losses and move on. Its very rarely the job that's stressful, its the people most of the time. You wonder, sometimes, you re
  9. I personally would try to negotiate an early release, too. To leave without fulfilling your notice period could lead to unnecessary problems later - maybe also try to negotiate with your new employer as well to see if you could start slightly later because of the fact you need to fulfil your notice period?
  10. Eric, Thanks for your reply. Details of my holiday are below: 1 - I start each leave year with 30 days (plus 4 days carried over) 2 - I have been on sick leave for the majority of the year (I've been in work from 6-15 Jan, 3-19 Feb, 7-24 Jul) 3 - Therefore, since May 1 (when my leave year begins), I have been off for 137 days (including the time I am off until I return to work on 15 Sep) Therefore, how much holiday pay would I be entitled to? Thanks, Robin
  11. Thanks Honeybee - always a good help to me. I think the best thing to do is email the company and get the info from the horse's mouth as I'm not fully sure I understand all of the jargon. Best, Robin
  12. That really depends how much you value your job - people aren't stupid and will know what's going on - they can't prove it, mind. Just don't post any snaps anywhere on social media etc. if you plan to go down this route - you might, on this occasion, have to admit defeat. In the grand scheme of things, if work wanted to find a way, they would. I mean, they denied me a leave period this month and the irony is, I'm off sick at the moment, so how would they cope in that respect?.... I wonder if one of my colleagues during that period had to cancel their leave. My advice to you is, be
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