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  1. Hi. Does anyone know how long it generally takes for an employer to arrange an occupational health visit? I have been off work with health problems and my employers have had all the info they requested - a GP report - to arrange an appointment for me with the Occupational Health dept since NOVEMBER. I feel they are being slippery. They don't answer emails until my union rep has sent at least 3, and the last time, they said they would deal with my directly and the visit would happen soon. That was 6 weeks ago, I have sent them 3 emails which they have not answered since then.
  2. Well, got one next week. That was quick, I guess. Any advice? Thanks, all!
  3. Oh, thanks, guys. It seems to be 6 months-ish? Udaymorjaria, I'm sorry, I don't understand your post. Are you saying you had an interview one week after being in WRAG and then one 18 months after that? Thanks.
  4. Hi, am in WRAG, informed of this about Nov 25th. Since then, not heard anything. How long does it usually take for all the interview stuff to start? Thanks.
  5. Please sign the WOW petition! Happy New Year, all.
  6. Hi. I've been filing my own taxes for both Schedule D self-employment as an actress and singer, and as an employed person. I generally get money back as I spend some on Spotlight etc but haven't worked as an actress for some years. This year, though, I have been made co-signee on some of my mum's accounts and have power of attorney over her stuff, too. She's in the US, the accounts are in both countries. Can anyone please tell me what implication will that have for my own taxes? Thanks for reading! Happy New Year. May we all find a way out of our conundrums and find 2013 a won
  7. Hi. I wondered if Francesca Martinez's petition against the War on Welfare is here somewhere for everyone to sign. Found it on twitter and did a search here, but didn't see it. If not, can someone - a mod or whoever is allowed to - put it on? Thanks.
  8. No, still off work and no idea from GP when I'll be able to return. Update, though, they finally answered today, with no explanation, just 'sorry for the delay' and they were considering all the documents. They've had them for weeks, and all they have to do is arrange the occupational health visit - I don't see why the big pause. Something's up.
  9. Hello. I'm in a bind. I'm off sick due to back problems, been off since FEB, and now on WRAG, but in my last meeting with HR with Union rep, in JULY, it was agreed I would give work my GP's report, and then they would set up an exam with their Occupational Health dept, with a view to seeing whether I could come back to work in a feasible amount of time. All very amicable and smiley-smiley, as is HR's fake wont, but my Union did mention the possibility of an action against them. Well, I did my bit with the GP report, and HR said they'd got it and would look at it and be in tou
  10. What will they do if you are too sick to report in for the work you have been mandated to? I had a job that was perfect for me, if not my dream job. I had to leave it, in these awful frightening times of recession, with many debts to pay. Why do they think I will be able to go to a job they find for me when I couldn't even keep on a job down the road from me? I was off sick with pain, I'm not going to do another job while in the same pain - I won't be able to, if I did, I'd be back at my old job.
  11. Hi. Can anyone point me to a post on here from someone who has been forced from WRAG to one of these placements? I'd be interested to know how it went/goes. How often do people get called in for interview on WRAG? Thanks.
  12. This is all very interesting. Thanks for letting us know your experiences. I'm a little different, as I've been on Schedule D but also working as an employee for years. I've claimed expenses but not WTC. Haven't actually worked in acting for years, so profit been zero for a long time. I'm wondering if I should continue to claim, weirdly have spent more on my acting this year than ever, since conned myself into a new agent had to have photos and have been to a workshop (had to cancel 3 because of back pain, my reason for having to give up my regular job, but made it in the end).
  13. What if you are now living abroad? I noticed a blaring DM headline about people claiming disability allowance having the nerve to go and live in Spain or go back to Jamaica or wherever, as if it were something illegal. Will these people now have to come back to the UK to do some slave placement? I believe that the word 'slavery' shouldn't be taken so lightly; people's labour IS being sold without their true and free consent, and at detrimental result to their health, with all due respect to traffiking victims, whose situation is of course far worse. The Anti-Slavery Campaign should be made
  14. Thanks, Simon. Not earning anything but still on Schedule D,so should be fine. believe me, if I were earning 90 quid a week regularly, I would only claim HB instead of all this fol-de-rol with the other stuff! I have no idea whether my benefits are income-based or not, will have to look at the letter. I understand you are not an expert, so thanks for taking time to reply and I will get more indepth advice.
  15. Can I just ask - I'm new to not being able to do my normal job due to illness, so please bear with. I was/am technically still employed at my reception job, but also still file tax as an actress & writer, self-employed, though I haven't actually worked in that field for about 4 years. (I did have one job but was forced to leave cos of my back). Should I be doing anything about that, to my advantage? I have had my ATOS medical and have heard this morning that I will be in the work group thing rather than JSA. I do hope to be able to go back to acting and have just finished my sec
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