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  1. Hi all. Right so I had a Vanquis credit card, it defaulted in 2015 with about 3k owing. Ive had various letters about it from Cabot (whom the debt was assigned to at some point) and Dydens. In 2016 I recived a latter from Drydens, threatening legal action and also making lots of inaccurate statements about the CPR and legal process, etc...I replied to Drydens asking for the usual stuff, letter of assignment etc, they replied saying they were halting any legal action. In 2017 I received a letter from cabot again saying no legal action would be taken. Then last week I re
  2. Hi, I'm in a legal dispute with my wedding photographer/videographer and issued a court claim against him over a month ago claiming a specific settlement amount. He didn't deliver on his promise re: services, and we ended up with sub-standard wedding photos and terrible low-quality unedited footage as our wedding video (complete with raw sound from the day e.g. people walking around, chattering etc.) He then completely stopped communicating with us. After issuing the claim via MoneyClaim Online (to his business address), he sent an envelope back to the court with a note saying 'Gone
  3. Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to get some advice please. Late 2011/ early 2012 (sorry I can't remember the exact date) I took a loan out through Providemt for about 300. I paid weekly to the lady collector who arranged the loan and then a new collector started working for them and I continued to pay him weekly (for about 4 weeks) until late mid 2012 when I was moving to a different county. At this point I paid my balance to the collector in cash as was the arrangement and moved away. Over the past few years I would occasionally get a 'debt' letter from Low
  4. Hi everyone, wanting some advice for my sister. In January 2016 my sister bought 2 matching sofas from the Range online website. Everything was ok with the sofas until December 2016 when her husband pushed the sofa to make room for there Christmas tree. He noticed one of the sofas arms very loose, he had a look and notice a bolt had come away from the wood frame. She rang the Range and they said they would send someone from Homeserve to have a look at the sofa. A couple of weeks ago the guy turned up and promptly told her he was independent and didn't work for the Range or for my sis
  5. Hi, I'm looking for general advice and a heads up on what the outcome might be of my issues with nPower, based on the experience of people who know better! I've lived in my current (rented) property for almost 4 years in that time I've lived with 5 different flatmates; flatmate A from August 2013 to March 2014; flatmate B from March 2014 to September 2014; flatmate C from September 2014 to March 2015; flatmate D from March 2015 to February 2016 and flatmate E has been with me since February (2016). The gas/electric bills have always been in my flatmate's n
  6. The horrible truth, the whole horrible truth and nothing but the whole horrible truth:- http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/5049010.article?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GAZ260515
  7. Hi, i have had mortgage arrears for a number of years never been able to control them(approx 6k). due to an upturn in trade earlier this year i managed to get them down to £234 then a catastrophic business deal dumped me straight back sq one unable to pay the mortgage again i rang them and told them i would not be able to pay the up coming payment. i was advised that if i cleared the arrears before the next due payment i would be entitled to a review of my account to see if i could get the payments down to an affordable level. i did this only to be told tha
  8. Taking someone to court at the moment, and the Defendant has very clearly lied in their statement of truth about three things. By very clearly I mean I can actually prove it very, very easily. For example, the Defendant says that they have carried out action that should limit their liability when no action has been carried out and the wrongdoing is continuing. They state the wrongdoing finished within 2 hours of them receiving a Letter Before Claim. Another example being that I have made no attempt at mediation and have merely threatened them, when
  9. Hi All, Basically its like this. I work at a military establishment with a woman who is starting to drive me nuts, basically. She has obsessive compulsive disorder - don't get me wrong, I fully respect she has the condition but she's making my working life that much more unbearable. She's even confiding in a work colleague that she went to see a psychologist because she said that I stress her out at work and to hear that second hand from a work colleague was not too pleasant to be honest. I have had a problem with pen chewing and putting things in my mouth, chewing my nails e
  10. This just shows how a so called independent Broadcaster (BBC) is deliberately manipulating peoples perceptions of true events. There needs to be a full inquiry into how the BBC is allowed to propagate Government Agenda. Well done Alex Salmond for exposing this https://www.change.org/p/the-bbc-immediately-suspend-nick-robinson-pending-investigation-for-breach-of-bbc-trust-charter-article-44
  11. I am normally quite clued up on this but need advice or a letter head. In a nutshell, small debt £375 off my credit file, noticed when RN did a credit check on me. The default date on the credit report was 15.10.07. So it dropped off on 15.10.13. I got a letter earlier this year 1.2.14 saying I owed this money annd to pay, usual rubbish, checked experian it was off my credit file etc. I wrote them a letter explaining SB limitations act, 6 years etc all the usual, stop contacting me or you will be liable for my £25 admin fee. Received a letter today,
  12. I run a small business that prints a free local newspaper which is funded by advertising. We were using a freelance salesperson to sell the advertising for us and they were paid commission only. We have now found out that the salesperson was quoting grossly inflated reader numbers to advertisers in order to get them to sign up for advertising. Basically, misleading them, or deceiving them into parting with their money. We recently parted company with this salesperson acrimoniously as there was a grievance, and now they are informing the advertisers that the figures they quoted to them were wro
  13. I currently owe Council tax debt (it's actually five smaller sets of debt, so I get fve of each letter.) the council passed this on to Equita, who almost immediately started with a threatening letter. I phoned them and spoke to someone in order to negotiate an arrangement to pay. I offered £100 a month, which they refused and said they needed £250 a month (unsupportable) but I said I'd pay £100 a month anyway at the end of the month which was payday, at which point was told "that'll be taken into account." next thing I know, I get a standard form letter from "The Bailiff manager" (again,
  14. Sent a complaint to FOS re mis-sold PPI, after claim was rejected by LTSB, in August last year. As I hadn't heard anything I rang FOS today and was told that LTSB are denying that I had PPI on my card. This is despite the fact that they sent a rejection letter. The agent I spoke to said that the complaint had been passed to a specialist investigation team for further action. Before I got the rejection letter, which took 8 months from the initial complaint, I received 2 letters from different departments denying I had PPI. I have all my statements and transaction history provided as a result of
  15. hi guys - just need to run this past folk who are more knowledgeable I am thinking of starting a PPI claim against A&L, just need to know if it's worth it? I have a copy of my original credit credit agreement from when I took out the loan in 1998 which outlines payments, duaration, interest, PPI payments etc. Everything was fine until I was made redundant in 2001, after which time it was passed to a DCA. Subsequently dealt with DCA and paid off arrears, but during this time I was sent a letter by A&L in which they state they were cancelling the protection
  16. I am due to start my hearing, in a few days. I was assaulted by my employers and have had months of intimidation and have found out my witnesses are being threatened too. The police are investigating. I think I now have definitive proof of ex employer's lies, plus proof of extreme criminal intimidation. My question is... do I tell the ET this now? Do I wait until I'm in Court next week? And also, what is likely to happen? What penalties can my ex employer face? Also, last night, I was phoned by their solicitor, saying, basically, if I continued, not only would I have to pay
  17. I have just avoided a bankruptcy petition, but have been charged huge costs. I paid the debt. I was not served the SD by hand or the BP by hand and the process server applied to the court to have them served. I know it is probably too late to do anything, but when I read the process servers statements of truth, they were full of lies. I assume that this is fraud but is there any point in complaining about it now. And if this happens to anybody in future, what action should they take
  18. BBC Panorama reveals how a company which has been tasked to help long-term disabled unemployed back to work - exploits those people and increases their profits by keeping them out of work by "parking them". Full story Scotland And of course, this is all facilitated by poor monitoring procedures. It's all about the "look-good" factor.
  19. BBC Panorama reveals how a company which has been tasked to help long-term disabled unemployed back to work - exploits those people and increases their profits by keeping them out of work by "parking them". Full story Scotland And of course, this is all facilitated by poor monitoring procedures. It's all about the "look-good" factor.
  20. Hi all, As the title says, I was given a promotion to "Supervisor" approx. one month ago at my part time job, accompanied by a raise for which I negotiated with the Assistant Manager. Promotion and raise were given at meeting between Assistant Manager, Head Bartender, Floor Supervisor, and myself, during which I was given new responsibilities including mentoring newer staff, I was asked to come into work earlier, etc. I took the minutes for this meeting. After meeting, Assistant Manager met with each of us individually to negotiate raise with us. He made me an offer, I made a counter
  21. Hi, I'm a new user to this forum, in fact I have never posted anything before, so please be patient, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Here goes..... I was driving home from my local supermarket which is approx 10 minutes from where I live. I live on a main road, next to a junction. As I was approaching my home I could see a young boy and gentleman walking pass my drive way, so as I always do I indicated left and was stationary outside my home, waiting for them to pass, when I was suddenly hit from behind with force. My family heard the impact so they all came out. Th
  22. I sent off requesting a copy of a loan agreement. Nothing else asked. A week later I received a copy of an agreement showing the PPI and all the details. A week after this I receive a second copy of an agreement. The second one has the insurance bit blanked out and hand written across the top 'Best Copy' and on the front page they have written 'NO PPI ON LOAN'. Is this common place ?
  23. Hi everyone, first post so be gentle! Im posting on behalf of my partner, who is potentially facing dismissal. he works as a nurse at a large private nursing home (and has worked there for 10years). Several weeks ago he was suspended from work pending an investigation as serious allegations of abuse had been made at him. At this point no further details were given. he told me that he had no idea what it was about, and as I was aware that situations such as this were fairly common at this home due to misunderstandings, misinterpretation etc.(and they were usually resolved after a couple of
  24. Hi, a few months ago a large van was going to cause a head on collision with me (he was travelling across to the wrong side of the road). I managed to swerve in time but unfortunately hit the wing mirror of a parked car. I stopped and the owner of the parked car came out. There was no damage to my car. The van driver also stopped down the road and came back to see what he had done - he knew he had been the cause. We both asked him for his details which he refused and he fled the scene. We took his reg no, I also took photos of the damage. When the man with the damaged wing mirror ma
  25. Hi Hope someone can offer some advice. The father to my children tells the csa he earns 125 a week. He gets away with this as his son who is his accountant fixes his books, therefore the csa follow the tax return that Inland Revenue have accepted, and they say there is nothing they can do. I used to do his books, he earns over 600 a week. He told me before going to CSA he would get son (from previous relationship) to fix books so that he wouldnt have to pay much csa. (his daughter in law works for CSA so knows what he needs to get wages down too) 125 is less than min wage,
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