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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I'm Johnny. I'm new here I was just about to send off an parking fine appeal, but just wanted to see if I'm in the right or not, because it's a bit sketchy. The facts: -I wanted to go into Ibis car park because I was told it was cheap -Entered Holiday Inn car park accidentally because of confusing road layout -Left Holiday Inn -Entered Ibis, spent around 5-10 mins parking because it was tight and realised that it was actually very expensive -Went back to Holiday Inn, saw that prices were cheaper so I parked -The sign gave a few options of how to pay. One being a mobile app. -Spent about 20 mins trying to download the app because of bad signal -Left the premises in search of better signal -Came back. Paid using the app. And left. -There was no option to backdate the payment to the time I arrived -After doing my business, I came back and I left 8 mins after my parking had expired. I got a Parking Charge Notice from ParkingEye two weeks later. In the letter they state I -Arrived at 6:44 -Left at 8:26 -And was in the car park for 1 hours 41 minutes. This isn't true. -I arrived at 6:44am, -Left around a 2 minutes later -Came back about 6:55am-ish So the car was literally in the car park between 1-2 minutes, then about 1 hour 20 mins. Not the combined amount that the ticket states. So 3 questions.. -Is the false time period a possible technicality? -Is the 20 mins spent downloding the app, and not being able to backdate the payment a mitigating circumstance? Also does me leaving the premises matter? -The 8 mins after my parking expired. As far as I'm aware, the BPA have a 10 minute grace period, but obviously I was there for longer than 10 minutes downloading the app. Have they got me by the balls here?
  2. Hello there. I have been served an N1 claim form from a dodgy builder I sacked for substandard work. The Statement of truth has been filled in by an unknown party ( Name printed and signed) but they have not stated who they are. They are NOT the claimants solicitor as he doesn't have one. Neither Claimant ,Litigation friend or Legal representative has been selected from the options and neither has the name of firm or position held . It seems clear to me that the statement of truth is not binding and the form should not have proceeded through the court system with this error. I am in court this Wednesday the 20th April. The question is - Is this claim form legally binding . What is my legal position. Is the claim void in its current state. Thank you.
  3. It is nice of the Marine Conservation Society, now, to allow us occasionally to eat North Sea cod, after decades of declining stocks due mainly to grossly incompetent EEC/EC/EU mismanagement and a politicised quota system deigned to ruin more British fishermen than those from Roman Catholic countries, where they tend to eat fish on Fridays. http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/WMN-Letters-Religion-place-fish-conservation/story-27895690-detail/story.html
  4. Hi Everyone This is my first post and hopefully it is not a stupid question. It involves the often asked question about double yellow lines without a T-bar at the end. I am currently appealing a ticket given to me when parked outside my driveway where there are double yellow lines on the road. My appeal is based on mitigating circumstances/Health reasons why I was unable to have my blue badge on view and has noting to do with missing T-bars. However i have noticed that the double yellow lines end outside my neighbours house(with no T-bar) and change to a single white line for two houses before changing back to double yellow lines(again no T-bar) for the rest of the road. I asked the council (by Phone) if the lines are enforceable without the missing T-bar and was told that this excuse has not been allowed for over 8 years. The new law is that the yellow lines actually continue underneath the single white line so a T-bar is not needed because there is no break in the lines. He also told me if I had used that as an appeal it would be an automatic fail if he was given the case to look at. I was not convinced so I emailed the same question and quoted what i was told earlier. The reply said "As advised during your telephone conversation with this office today, a T-bar is not a requirement in terms of making a yellow line enforceable providing the restriction is identifiable to the motorist" I can believe that the T-bar loophole has been closed but I just wondered if it is actually the new law that yellow lines can now run invisibly underneath a single white line. I have not been able to find any mention of this anywhere on the Internet. I have asked them for a link where I can view the new rules but they have not supplied this information. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have issued a claim on MCOL and the defendant has filed a defence on an additional sheet of paper which has been signed and dated, but he has not signed the statement of truth or given his date of birth or an address. Is the defence a legal document as he has made statements which I have documentary evidence are untrue. Surely they will be in trouble in court for telling blatant lies? Thank you for any help.
  6. My husband's step father has taken money gifted to us during our wedding. He was angry that we questioned this and said he would take us to court over money owed to him for a gift he paid for my wife during the wedding. During the wedding his financial contribution was minimal because my husband paid for most of the wedding costs. Since this time he has called us threatening to call my husband's employer and get him blacklisted and also threatened to take us to court by telephone, he then sent us a pre-action letter for £10,000 that was owed to him but did not provide any evidence. We responded to this via a letter which pointed out our evidence to counter this claim point by point, since this he has not taken us to court but his wife has left him due to ill treatment and domestic violence and is now in refuge (there is a strong chance that he believes that my mother-in-law is living with not in the refuge). On this same day he called my husband's employer wanting to set up direct debit from my husband's salary. My mother-in-law has logged her domestic violence case against him. He has now sent an affidavit of the truth making false claims which the notary says they have not advised on but only witnessed his statement. My mother in law's solicitor advised not to respond to the affidavit of truth as there is no legal remit. He has now sent an affidavit of obligation demanding compensation for the harassment we have caused and would like a million pounds from each of the respondents (myself, my husband, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law). The police are yet to investigate him regarding the domestic violence case my mother in law has reported. We have gone to the police to report harassment but they say this is a civil matter. In light of this, we are considering writing a letter to my husband's step-father to stop sending such legal documents without the use of a solicitor or threaten us with court action without following through with taking this to court, we will have no choice but to report you to the police for harassment. We will not be responding to these affidavits or any letters sent to us unless they are from a solicitor or the courts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, A
  7. I am in the situation where i was the victim of ID Fraud from a previous address. Hillesden have been at me for the last 18 months. I told them i had no knowledge of this debt, put up or shut up and take me to court. I did the usual and put it into official dispute. They came back and stated they believed i was the person that they were after and now seek payment. Now after a 6 month lull i get this. Looking through various threads it seems that hillesden purchase the right to use the Alpins letter head as a frightner. Is this true, or do i need to rack this up a gear myself with hillesden thanks
  8. Taking someone to court at the moment, and the Defendant has very clearly lied in their statement of truth about three things. By very clearly I mean I can actually prove it very, very easily. For example, the Defendant says that they have carried out action that should limit their liability when no action has been carried out and the wrongdoing is continuing. They state the wrongdoing finished within 2 hours of them receiving a Letter Before Claim. Another example being that I have made no attempt at mediation and have merely threatened them, when I have made three written offers of mediation, all of which they signed for by recorded delivery but failed to respond to. The question is, how do I notify the court about this? It turns out I could have done so when I sent out the allocation questionnaire, but that was yesterday! I only found this out today. How else can I approach it?
  9. hi could anyone tell me where to post a new thread regarding an interim charge order being made on a county court judgement please.
  10. Was on BBC 3 tonight: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03kw4pr/Young_British_and_Broke_The_Truth_about_Payday_Loans/
  11. buckthorn has just posted in the Labour forum of UK National Forums under the title of Labour luvvies.. This thread is located at http://uknationalforums.com/showthread.php?4982-Labour-luvvies Here is the message that has just been posted: *************** Reading about Ed Miliband and Ed Balls ‘courted’ the same girl confirms what I have long suspected: they’re all part of a privileged, cliquey ex-Oxbridge set who have nothing to do with the workers. In this respect, Labour are just as bad as anyone else in being wedded to the ‘old school tie’-in this case, a university tie. They’ve never done a day’s manual labour in their lives. When did these supposed champions of the underdog, the toilers, the poor and needy, the old and ill, ever experience hard labour- or any sort of real distress? Just looking at the images of these two is enough to put people off Labour for life, They’re arrogant know-alls who haven’t a clue; geeks messing around with their leftie theories, lolling around in a study or prancing about at parties. ***************
  12. I've been renting my home for 6 years. Over the past months I've accrued rent arrears for the first time ever due to serious illness. The arrears are at 12 weeks. The landlord has served a Section 8 notice giving the grounds of 2 months or more arrears. I've now received a Possession Order claim form from the court giving me a hearing date. On the same date of the hearing I've got an appointment with a Consultant at the hospital which i had to wait 7 months on the waiting list to get. If I go to the hearing I will have to miss my hospital appointment and wait another 7 months or so to get a new appointment. By the hearing date I will have reduced my arrears to below 2 months but I still think it is important that I attend the hearing in person to try to defend myself. My question is can I apply to the court, sending my appointment letter from the hospital as proof, and ask them to consider adjourning the hearing date to an alternate date?
  13. Have a read on the article here. http://info.moneyweek.com/urgent-bulletins/the-end-of-britain What is your opinion?
  14. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/episode-guide/series-111/episode-3 Channel 4 - Dispatches - The Truth About Leaseholds - Monday 20th August - 8pm Should be interesting viewing for those involved in leasehold/service charge disputes. Andy
  15. Compliments of Nev - a tireless worker for the rights of motorists in the UK I have an idea that the BPA at some point claimed that there about 36,000 cases per year? Maybe someone can correct me Data (2).xls
  16. Hi I'm looking for some help regarding my gas/electric with British Gas. Due to my husband being off sick for over year I now have a £740 bill for my gas and £350 for my electric both of which need paying now or they will install a pre-payment meter and charge me upto £200 to install each meter. They have said if I agree to a meter then they won't charge me and they will only take £6 per week per debt. I have always been under the impression that you are charged more on a pre-payment meter but British Gas have said I will not pay any more than the tariff I am on at the moment as a credit customer. Is this true? They are installing the meters on the 10th Sept but if I clear the outstanding before this date I can canx the installation of the meters. Many Thanks for any advice.
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