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Found 12 results

  1. HELP !! I had a £25k loan taken out almost 12 years ago. There is about £7k left to pay now Dec 2012. 2 years ago I was suddenly not in the position to make the monthly payment (apx £400) and instead reduced payments to £40, £30 or £20/m - whatever I could afford. I discussed my circumstances with them and they seemed to have accepted the nominal monthly payments. With all the interest payments over the years I had pretty much paid off the original debt anyway. At the end of 2010 I forgot to make the November and December £40 payments. Westcot DCA rea
  2. Is a McKenzie friend allowed to assist for a motoring summary offence in a magistrate court? I need to write a letter to court to be allowed a McKenzie friend and need help in writing one, any template please?
  3. Today the Judiciary released their long awaited Consultation on McKenzie Friends. Most importantly, the consultation proposes a ban on fee-charging McKenzie friends in order to protect ‘vulnerable litigants’ from unregulated, uninsured and unqualified individuals. The article from the Law Gazette website outlines the Consultation in detail (and the online comments make interesting reading !!!). http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/practice/judiciary-proposes-ban-on-fee-charging-mckenzie-friends/5053851.article
  4. Just 3 months ago I started a new thread on here to highlight the problems that debtors face when taking advice from the internet to issue court claims against bailiff companies or local authorities. In that thread (a copy of which is below) I highlighted the outcome of yet another court failure where the debtor once again lost his case in court and was ordered to pay the local authorities (London Borough of Southwark) legal costs of £4,399. In the above case it was revealed that the debtor was charged £2060 in fees by this highly unqualified McKenze Friend who has an appalling history o
  5. I am looking to find out more regarding the legalities and technicalities Of those referred to as McKenzie Friends (MF) Sorry for the long thread but with the legal aid being cut there is a serious danger of the use of the MF and the advice costing the person engaging the MF losing a serious amount of money and still losing their case at Court... The has been many a heated debate in the Bailiff section regarding the MF and what they can and cannot do. With this in mind I came across this article from here http://www.iclr.co.uk/mckenzie-friends-a-litigants-guide/ What McKenzie F
  6. The horrible truth, the whole horrible truth and nothing but the whole horrible truth:- http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/5049010.article?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GAZ260515
  7. Hi guys, 1st post here, although i've been reading as a guest for what seems an age. Basically, around 2011, I got into the circle of using payday loan companies, mostly work related because of a reduction in hours....i'm free now though! My query however, is this...My final outstanding loan is with Wonga. They 'legally' sold this to MH. Wonga's default is still on my credit file, surely this should be in MH's name, should it not? Thanks in advance guys
  8. So my phone has been ringing at all hours of the day (see my petition thread) It's PRA / Mckenzie Hall. ive been called as early as 7:30 am and as late as 23:15. I dont answer withheld numbers, but they have started using spoofed local numbers. When i am able to, i answer the call. They always Mumble who they are so it is barely audible and then ask "For security" personal detail which i do not give out over the telephone. I know what the call is regarding as I took one of those 12 month semi payday loans, and when i tried to contact them a couple of weeks ago to rexolve the issue they
  9. I have been looking through a £1646.75 debt i have with meritforce/mckenzie hall the original creditor being black horse, since signing up to Experian i have noticed the debt to be £400 lower on my credit file? i have spoken to Meritforce who said it was an error by Experian, Experian are saying the debt they have on file is correct.. ..Where do i go from here? any advice welcome.
  10. I recieved a letter from Mckenzie hall a few weeks ago regarding a supposed debt with HSBC. I wrote back to them asking for proof the debt belonged to me (as I felt it wasn't mine). They have now written back with 2 years worth of bank statements. The first statement shows an amount of £5000 being credited to the account and the last statement is a little weird as to me it says that the account was closed with £0 owing (see attached). They are claiming I owe around £2000. What I do not get is why they have sent a load of bank statements insted of some kind of
  11. Hi, i like many others in bother with PDLs. I took out a loan with PTP for £600, paid back £353.64 but then got into difficulty and couldn't pay. I contacted all of the PDLs by email and heard nothing but was then bombarded (and I do mean bombarded) by texts, mobile calls, landline calls and even at work calls, endless day after day after day, sometimes even 7 days a week but mostly 6! Recently Mckenzie Hall stated harassing me 4/5 times a day and recently at work. I work in a shared office and could not take the call so just said that she (me) wasn't in the office and stated 'would yo
  12. Hi, I had a call from McKenzie Hall today. They are handling a debt i have with Welcome Finance. I borrrowed 1500 from them in 2006. I made the payments up until 2009. I heard nothing from them and wrote to them twice with no response. Today they said the balance is 4k. I've asked for all the documentation. I don't have a list of payments made but i assume i can get this through a SAR, which i will submit tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with this sort of thing? I am in a DMP with Payplan, but i don't want to add them into it at 4k. I w
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