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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, had a read of the forums and my problem looks similar to some others, but want to be sure, so if you could help me out and put my mind at rest that would be great. Here is my situation: Graduated Uni in 2004 with around 14k GBP of student loan debt (all other debt like CC and overdraft was paid off) Moved to NZ that year, without earning enough in the UK to hit the repayment threshold. At the time, I sent the letter to them advising I was going overseas for more than three months and they should use my parents house in the UK for correspondence. As it happen
  2. I am normally quite clued up on this but need advice or a letter head. In a nutshell, small debt £375 off my credit file, noticed when RN did a credit check on me. The default date on the credit report was 15.10.07. So it dropped off on 15.10.13. I got a letter earlier this year 1.2.14 saying I owed this money annd to pay, usual rubbish, checked experian it was off my credit file etc. I wrote them a letter explaining SB limitations act, 6 years etc all the usual, stop contacting me or you will be liable for my £25 admin fee. Received a letter today,
  3. Hi All, I took out a new style student loan (in '99/2000), which I was paying (slowly) through PAYE, before I moved to New Zealand around 6 and a bit years ago. I have, since making this move, received no further contact on this - despite having a forwarding address at a previous UK address. I have, however, just received a Final Notification letter to my current address in New Zealand from SLC informing me they plan to pass my debt to a debt collector unless I pay 1300 pounds of arrears in the next 21 days. As stated this is my first contact from them. I therefore be
  4. Hi, I have read here that any acknowledgement of debt after the date of a default would reset the 6yr limit for statue barring. However, I wrote a letter in 2009 complaining that there was no alleged debt from 2007 and demanded that RBS remove the default from my credit reference file. RBS refused and I complained to the FOS, but was unable to provide sufficient evidence so the FOS didn't uphold my claim. Its now 6yrs since the original default, and Experian have expired it from my file. In 2009 I also wrote to Arrow Global asking them to stop harrassing me for t
  5. I had a credit card with I think Citibank, which I defaulted on due to not having a job. This debt has been 'sold' to Cabot and this is on my credit file as an open account, and they are reporting each month as default. First question, the debt default date was 07/06/2008, so I am presuming that this will drop off my credit file in July this year 2014? As this will be 6 years from default and I have had no correspondence with Cabot about the debt or even acknowledged it. Next question, this debt has been passed on to Mackenzie Hall to chase and I go through phas
  6. I had a old SLC , pre 1998. I deffered from 98 till 2001. I then forgot to defer from that point. In July 2009 a default was registered by Link financial for non payment. This has not impacted on my ability to gain credit as it was somehow "hidden" on the file under a old address. Equifax has now placed the account onto my new address and impacted on my file. If am honest I am sure there was a default already served in the 90s No DCA has contacted me for any debt 1. If a debt is Statute barred , can a default be issued 2. Can a debt that is SB be still be reported on at a CR
  7. Hi, A letter landed on my doormat this morning and its got me worried...PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN?!? its from a company called Bristow & Sutor who i have never heard of before this letter, claiming that their 'client' Cheshire East BC are going to take me to court to reclaim £569.60 overpayment of HB from 10.04.06-14.05.06. they claim that "despite their previous requests the sum remains unpaid and if i dont pay the full amount within 7 days theyre taking me to court"... The other thing is, i have never heard of this company let alone dealt with them or had any previous corresp
  8. I got a random call today (AT WORK) from a company called CCS apparently i have spoken to them before he suggested (i dont think so) also he claimed i was expecting a call (again lies) he went on to tell me the calls were recorded and to say their company had been passed on the debt by Activ Kapita about a debt from Barclaycard (joys of my ex boyfriend screwing my credit over with this card) i said to him it was 2001 and he said yes but you defaulted in 2004!!! funny that seen as its 2012 now... i reminded him that if i defaulted in 2004 then doesnt that make it Statue
  9. Hi all Have received a county court claim form in the post for a debt (Littlewoods cataloge) which im 100% sure is over 6 years old. I have checked through my bank statements and the last time i made a payment or acknowledged the account was the 1st april 2005. However the lovely people at wescott are claiming on the form 24/10/2006? The claim form is dated the 5th Aug and i received it on the 10th Aug. I haven't replied to the court yet or got in contact with wescott im not too sure what my first steps are and any help would be VERY much appreciated.
  10. Hi Just had very interesting letter arrive to me this morning. My Property Agent sent me it as it was sent to her from a Tenant at old address. The letter states Bailiff Removal in huge bold font with heading references underneath County Court Judgement and there reference number. Basically if I dont pay amount due then within 7 days bailiffs will seize goods from property. I rang them to find out what the hell it was, first searched for company and lets just say was immediately dubious when I foundthere website, or crappy one page web site with no info present at all. Searched net
  11. In the mid 90's I was involved in a business partnership and took out a secured loan (secured on my property), with Barclays Bank. The house was jointly owned by myself and wife. She also signed the document relating to the charge on the property. We did not actually live in the property and still don't. In 2001 my wife died and the mortgage was paid off by the insurance element of the endowment. However the land registry obviously wouldn't release the deeds because of the charge. It is 13 years since I have had any contact with Barclays, and I had hoped that the 12 year statute barred
  12. hey guys , what it is i have few debts which has 2-3 years left till statue barred as they become 5 years without payment (i live in scotland). is worth me paying them small payment every month or just ignore the threats of the debtcollector's and so called solicitor's letters .they are all under £700 being most only between £200-£500 as i cant pay them in full and trying to support myself partner and 2 dogs on £1200 wage every (security job doing abt 60 hours a week) but it seem few i havent heard from a while is now demanding plus adding interest ? especially capquest who bought my b
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