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Found 13 results

  1. Hi I've received a county court claim form from Marlin Europe II LImited Via Mortimer Clarke Solicitors It states By an agreement between Lloyds Tsb ("LTSB") & the defendant on or around 01/07/1994 ("The agreement") LTSB agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card upon the terms & conditions set out therein. In Breach of the agreement the defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the agreement was terminated. The agreement was assigned to the claimant on 28/11/2013. The claimant therefore claims 1: 13238.23 2. Interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984, namely 2947.92 & continuing until judgement or sooner payment at the rate of 2.90 PLEASE HELP --------------------------------
  2. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on the following: I've requested an SAR from Lloyds TSB a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I received a letter from LTSB requesting a signature and completion of a Data Subject Access Request Form (4 pages of pointless questions as far as I can see). Tackling the form first, can I politely tell them to stick their form as I have already given them ample information in my original SAR letter with the £10 postal order and remind them that the clock is still ticking? Regarding the signature, I can go one of three ways: Continue as before, with a printed name only and enclose the template signature letter. Use the CAG Anti-Tamper signature. Get a mate to sign my name for me. Any advice on the above would be much appreciated. Ta, Krysp
  3. Sent a complaint to FOS re mis-sold PPI, after claim was rejected by LTSB, in August last year. As I hadn't heard anything I rang FOS today and was told that LTSB are denying that I had PPI on my card. This is despite the fact that they sent a rejection letter. The agent I spoke to said that the complaint had been passed to a specialist investigation team for further action. Before I got the rejection letter, which took 8 months from the initial complaint, I received 2 letters from different departments denying I had PPI. I have all my statements and transaction history provided as a result of a SAR. Do you think that if I send statements to FOS they will expedite their investigation? suvin
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm posting this again as I was concerned that it wouldn't be easily noticed tucked behind another thread. I found this forum a couple of weeks ago when I Googled Allied International after they had left me a voicemail asking me to call them. I also received a WARNING card from them informing me that they are acting on behalf of their client LTSB and I should contact them urgently. I had a Goldfish loan which I paid for four years without any problems until I started having difficulties back in Dec 07. I contacted LTSB and asked if I could reduce my payments to £150 a month and they agreed. I continued to make regular payments until I became unemployed in May. I informed them of my situation and asked them if I could make a minimum payment of £2 but they refused and sent the debt to their own debt collection department. I made the £2 payments regardless. However, last month those payments were returned to my bank. The debt was £3,000 in May. I sent a CCA request to Allied International on 10th Oct. I received a phone call last week and I told them I will not discuss anything on the phone. This morning I got another call and again I told them to correspond in writing. They claim they have responded to my CCA request and I should have received it by now. Then he said his work is done and hung up. I took this as a subtle threat that they are about to do something. Could someone advise me what I should do next? Should I just wait for the 30 days to expire and send the 30 day letter? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, I currently have a credit agreement (loan) with Lloyds TSB and I am wondering if it is unenforcable? I really have been treated appallingly by the above company as I asked them 3 times for help and they refused (claiming interest rates) even though I was struggling financially (to which they just shrugged their shoulders). I then had to go with a debt management plan through another company. But Lloyds TSB still harassed me even when I was in the plan. I read the unenforcable credit agreement thread, but I had difficulty understanding it and am wondering if someone could help me to understand it? I have recently won a case against them for missold PPI (I don't know if this is relevant?) I would be extremely grateful for any help. Thanks
  6. i am fighting ltsb for overdraft/account maintenace charges ,so far they have offered me £450 credit on original £840 ,still no sign of credit on account,supposed to get it within 2-3 days nearly four weeks and nothing !. the default was added 15 months after i entered dmp with them ,i am disputing this as i thought ico guidelines were 3 months afteraccount is not being used correctly,as i believe i shoud have been defaulted in march 2009,it was defaulted nov 2011.All of the charges were account maintenance charges ,can they default these?
  7. Hi all After going into my local LTSB branch and requesting old account history I was supplied with a print out detailing five loans (all closed) that indicated insurance was included. I sent a SAR and now have loan amounts and terms but no details of PPI. The enclosed letter stated that LTSB are not the data controllers for this information and that this had to come from LTSB Insurance Services. Where do I go from here? Is this just a fob off? Can you SAR LTSB insurance? LTSB Insurance is based in Newport, I rang but got nowhere when asking for SAR dept. Big Fish
  8. Emrys

    LTSB / Apex

    My current account with Lloyds TSB has been handed to Apex for recovery with a balance of just under £700. I have written to TSB on several occasions advising them that I have no phone to call them on as I can only afford line rental for my internet access at present. Now the question is do I acknowledge Apex by issuing them with an offer of repayment? Their letter requests I make contact within the next 10 days as they require or deal only with TSB, who to date have ignored my complaints and letters totally, instead simply sending me a default notice etc. This all began when I took out a £1000 loan with TSB back in July 2012, unfortunately I lost my job and wrote to them stating such. Initially, they slapped a load of charges on my account and then mysteriously removed them! It has been a long process and I also took it through the FOS who were a waste of time to say the least! Useless. When I took out the TSB loan I asked would it affect my £650 overdraft and the TSB lady told me in no uncertain terms that my loan arrangement was not in any way affected by taking this loan out. When I lost my job I attempted to up my OD by a mere £100 or so to help alleviate the situation temporarily to enable me to affect my loan repayment for a few months but it was blocked. So taking out the loan DID in fact affect the flexibility of my overdraft at that time therefore. So at present, I owe TSB for the loan (am awaiting for them to respond with my offer of payment I sent last week for this), AND my existing current acct balance has been transferred to Apex and my TSB acct effectively shut. Any help would be great please. Am fed up with this totally. I have had no definite reply from my initial complaint to TSB.
  9. I have a LTSB Classic account and was told there is a £10 buffer zone, it's not my main account though. However today they returned a Direct Debit for the sum of 1p. I thought that the £10 buffer would have come in and the DD paid. I am a Carer and had to see to a person over the weekend who had no internet access, but can't believe for the sake of 1pence. I rang the bank helpline and the person I spoke to didn't know what the buffer was there for? ie what it covered. It was for a payment to Orange Mobile for £9.19, yet they payed one of these continuous payments which I am finding hard to cancel.
  10. Hii, Although a newbie, I have been viewing for a while, just no need to post until now. With the changes over the past couple of years with new judgements etc, re validity of DNs, reconstructed CA's I do not feel sure of what I should do. My history : approx 5 years ago, I had to take control of spiralling CC's and 2 loans, as I was unable to meet repayments. I called one of the free DMP's and I have been repaying, at a reasonable amount for the past 5 years. Some CC's accepted payment plans, Lloyds have never accepted and have always sent arrears notices. To be honest, I contacted them at first but was so fed up with the call centres who could not speak 'off script', I gave up calling. I sent several letters which went unanswered by LTSB. This CC was taken out in approx 2002. There were charges on the account about 5-6 years ago, and I have so far, not requested a SAR as I know it's unlikely to get the relevant info from LTSB when requesting it. I have kept every document ever received, but this is currently in storage due to recent house move and not accessible for the next few weeks. I can therefore, in a few weeks time gather the info to reclaim late payment, over limit charges etc - but I fear it is too late to prevent a default on my credit file. LTSB have continued to add interest, and I have recieved statements each month. I last 2 were dated 21/2/12 and 21/03/12. I have now recieved a letter from SCM, dated 28/03/12 (sent 1st class!) which is 'a formal demand of account balance', threatening court action, referencing a DN which was not rectified. Also noting that 'interest continues to accrue on a daily basis'. Also if client does 'not recieve a satisfactory response', then credit agencies will be updated. I have not recieved any DN for this CC, and I don't think there is an issue with the post as I have clearly recieved two recent statements and this letter. I have however changed address during this time, with the FEB statements being sent to my old address, which is on a redirection - so I assume all post is being redirected correctly. The MAR statement to the new address, as is the letter. As my debts were defaulted many years ago, my girlfriend has said she would help clear any that are now demanded, to assist in the clearing of my credit file. To received a default this far along the line would be very disappointing. This amount is around £1k. (I assumed, maybe incorrectly, all CC's were defaulted, but now my girlfriend is helping me, we can see that some CC's are still charging interest - which I think indicates they are not defaulted?) I would like to ask for advice on how to approach this. When I viewed the site before, there were recommendations of 'unlawful rescission'. Would this be an option, as they have clearly terminated the account without issuing a default notice? If they have defaulted the account, can they add interest daily? What is the best thing to do, considering I would like to prevent a default? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone A few years ago, this site was fantastic in helping me win back my own PPI. Regrettably, I find myself in a simialr situation with my Husband's account. 1.Lodged a complaint against ppi back in Sept 2009. Did not hear back at all about this CC although won for the same reasons against two LTSB loans. 2. Contacted them back in 2010 to find out what had happened - said it had become lost in the system. A new complaint was therefore lodged. During this time, my hubby was under hospital investigation for throat - so I did not keep on top of the complaint. 3.Contacted them last year to find out what the outcome was . Was advised that we had been rejected dispite not receiving a letter. This was at the time of the Judicial review so this was re-opened . 4. Recently contacted them to ask whether they have refunded to be told surpise, surprise it was not re-opened last November!! With my husband being poorly, admitedly we have not kept our eyes on this complaint. To make matters worse, a default has been registered on his account last November, which we have just noticed. No default notice was sent nor will they send a copy. Dates and amounts that they told us over the phone do not make sense. They state a letter was sent out on the 16/11/11 but the default date is 18/11/11. Arrears outstanding were £107 with the default balance being £661? Having went through the statements, there is over £200 of charges. The PPI on the card is going back to 2004. Any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
  12. OK, long story. I had a LTSB loan and current account, which were closed over five years ago. The only transactions that came out for months before that were LTSB’s own charges. I’m well aware that this means the ‘accounts’ are close to being statute-barred. In fact, looking through the statements, if LTSB’s own charges are not classed as being ‘my payments’ by law, then the accounts would be SB already.. Anyway, shortly after that, the account was predictably passed to various DCAs, by which time LTSB had ‘consolidated’ the two accounts into one. I sent a CCA request to AIC some years ago, and got a written confirmation from them that the CCA I’d asked for was unobtainable. I still retain that letter now. Then, shortly after that, LTSB sent me a mocked-up agreement – for an account I’d never had. I ignored correspondence after that, as I knew that ‘agreement’ wasn’t valid. I should mention that when the ‘accounts’ were with LTSB, they were subject to a myriad of various different problems (‘War and Peace’ has nothing on all that!) – claim-backs, complaints, and info requests all unfulfilled. For several years, nothing at all – until now. It looks as if said ‘consolidated’ account has now been ‘de-consolidated’, and one of them’s in the hands of the shifty 1st Credit. In their letter, a black-and-white LTSB ‘Notice of Assignment’ arrived in the same Reigate envelope as 1st Credit’s standard ‘Account Assignment’ document. Their letter wasn’t sent recorded – in fact, apart from two orange bar code lines, there was no franking at all on it. I’m well aware that 1st Credit are trying their luck, and the ‘I Have No Knowledge Of This Debt’ letter’s already gone out by recorded. However, there are a few points I’m a little unclear about and I’d like to ask :- 1) Are LTSB’s own charges deductions classed as being ‘my payments’? I should mention that I was disputing the validity of charges for a long time before the ‘accounts’ were closed. 2) Shouldn’t LTSB have sent me a NoA direct? This hasn’t happened. 3) Can LTSB consolidate accounts, and then ‘de-consolidate’ them back without consent? 4) LTSB and [problem] both issued two default notices each – none of which are valid. As the accounts have been closed without valid default notices, where do I stand on that? 5) Being that AIC were pursuing the ‘consolidated’ account and a CCA request to them, then does the CCA request still stand with 1st Credit? The account amounts that AIC and 1st Credit differ quite drastically. I'm very grateful in advance, for any advice and clarification offered.
  13. Hi, I have a few other threads for LTSB, but this new one is specific to my Loan and interest etc. I hope that I haven't duplicated over two threads but I wanted to keep this one separate. This is long, and I will try to be as concise as possible. I would like to ask for advice as what to do first, and wether the interest payments added are legal and correct. I am missing some information, and I have sent 2 SAR’s to LTSB, the 1st accidentally went to HBOS (address incorrect on ICO register and recorded signature failed so reclaiming from RM for ‘lost’) and I await the documents from the 2nd SAR. I have been reviewing all documentation from my creditors, as I have been on a DMP since June 2006, in 6 years I have reviewed frequently (with Pay Plan) and lowered repayments twice, due to rent increases etc. I still contribute quick a hefty chunk of money to my DMP, not just token payments - approx. £750 a month. This thread is for a Lloyds TSB loan, and I have adjusted the figures slightly so as not to highlight my identity to the trolls. 2004 : Loan taken - value £22,000 & PPI £5000, over 60 months (consolidated 2 previous loans) - irresponsible lending by LTSB (but thats another whole different story!) 2006 : 21 payments made and then financial difficulty 2006 : June started DMP (DMP to last 6 years but extended by 2 years as payments lowered) 2006 : LTSB refused to acknowledge DMP, harassed by many ‘arrears’ letters and threats etc, but interest appeared to have stopped. 2009 : Default notice sent over 3.5 years after ‘contractual payments’ broken 2009 : July, letter from LTSB states ‘interest frozen’ (clearly it wasn’t) 2009/2010 : Interest RE-started, no link to re-structure of DMP etc. Just re-started out of the blue. 2009 : Interest added as below, for a period of at least 6 months (I cant locate all ‘arrears statements’ at the moment) 2010 : Account defaulted, 1 year after DN sent, and 4 years after DMP started, and co-incidentally after interest added in thousands. In summary, I have paid approx. £16,000 whilst on DMP, so if interest stopped I would have a balance of a couple of thousand pounds. Instead the balance remains at over £11,000! When viewing an arrears letter I noticed a very strange calculation on the balance, I list one month example below (figures for demonstration purposes): Due Credit Debit Balance 12 Dec 09 Opening Balance 10,000 16 Dec 09 Repayment 250.00 09,750 17 Dec 09 Repayment Due 600 10,350 19 Dec 09 Interest 150 10,500 So charges of £750, my payment of £250 is not touching the balance and EACH MONTH the figure is increasing by approx. £500! Q1 : Is this correct, is this the correct accounting procedure to add the £600 contractual payment to the outstanding balance of the Loan. This certainly is not on any T&C for any LTSB previous loans (these were consolidated by I cant yet find the CCA for this loan). Q2 :If the interest was frozen initially, and then re-started can I challenge this under hardship rules? Q3: I believe I can challenge default date, as this is well over 3 years after first contractual payment missed. Is this true? At this rate the loan will never be paid, and my credit file will have this loan on there permanently. At this moment in time I don’t know if I am more p’d off at the credits administered onto the loan, or that my credit file will be permanently ruined. I do have PPI to reclaim, as it was mis-sold (cover provided elsewhere) but I am not sure at what point to reclaim, I was thinking of doind PPI reclaim after questioning the interest charges etc and thus getting the loan to a reasonable value before claiming PPI which would in effect reduce balance to 0. Sorry its a long one, but I wonder if anybody else had the same ‘service’ from lloyds on their loans under DMP? Thanks
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