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Found 3 results

  1. Well it is that time of year again when Car Boots kick off. Just found this story. Diamond ring bought for £10 at car boot sale turned out to be worth £350,000 Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/22/diamond-ring-bought-for-10-at-car-boot-sale-turned-out-to-be-worth-350000-6651215/#ixzz4hmYG7BAm What is the article that you found at a car boot that you were delighted with or disappointed with. Maybe you bought something that fell to pieces or a bargain that you want to gloat about. Well you have to release the pleasure or displeasure. Yesterday I bought this Bikini Vase for 50 p popped a flower in there and pleased me no end. I am easily pleased.Are you.
  2. Hi, i recently purchased a used car from a private garage in London (Shahid Motors) for £2,900. I still have not received a receipt for the car, even though its been 2 months since I purchased it. There was a delay with payment (due to merchants fault) and I was promised a receipt after payment was cleared. I paid using my debit card so have proof of purchase though. A few days ago, it started to rain and the boot of the car was completely flooded! I took it to the garage, assuming there was a small hole somewhere but was horrified to discover that the car was involved in a accident. If you remove the carpet in the boot, all the parts are loose and clearly damaged. Only the exterior of the car was fixed after the accident.The garage estimated £600 to get it fixed. Before purchasing the car, I was not informed of any accidents or damage to the car. Now that I've informed the Shahid Motors garage owner, he denies not telling me about the accident (he is lying) and said that all his cars have been involved in accidents and it is clearly stated in the receipt. The only problem is that I have not been given a receipt and I was not told beforehand about the accident. Instead I was assured that the car is fine. I have also checked his website, and there is no mention of his cars being involved in accidents. He is refusing to refund me the car or pay for the cost of fixing the boot. The car boot now floods every time that it rains. I literally have to scoop the water out using a bucket. Where do i legally stand? Can I make him legally pay for the damage. If I had known about the accident, I would have never brought this car :[
  3. Hi, I just bought a car off a private owner (a week ago). ***Turns out that the side mirrors are electric, HOWEVER, the button that is supposed to be on the left hand side of the driver, to adjust the position to the driver, is missing. By missing I mean it has NEVER been there. (The car is V reg, 1999). I went to peugeot this morning who confirmed that it is missing and that my mirrors are electric. So my question is, although the car is old and not under guarantee anymore, shouldn't peugeot install it for free? ***My 2nd problem is it turns out that the central locking is broken. I have to lock every single door manually. Which to me isn't a problem. HOWEVER, the boot is only electric, meaning I have to spend a lot of money to fix the central locking in order for my car to be secured. I was wondering if it is legal? It doesn't seem right to me. There should be a back up way to close that boot manually. Would anyone be able to clarify all this to me please? Many thanks
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