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  1. Hi guys I had the phonecall this morning to arrange a mediation date (17/10) She told me I had to be willing to offer something is that right? Does she mean like a token payment or do I stick to my guns and push the fact that I cleared this debt in cash on the doorstep years ago? What will Lowells say? Any advice on what to say at the mediation phonecall would be greatly appreciated as I will admit I'm feeling very nervous and out of my depth still. Thank you in advance
  2. thanks Andy that's put my mind a little more at ease. Honestly I'm so grateful for all the help and advice. You guys are amazing.
  3. Thank you Andy for replying. Oh dear, well I'm totally panicking now after reading that post. I have no proof of settlement either it was cash on the doorstep to a new rep and I moved out of the county shortly afterwards. Reading that it appears that a Judge could just take their word over mine and say I'm trying to get out of paying via a technicality and add lots more to a debt I don't owe . Im really not sure what I should do . Ive agreed to mediation now.
  4. Hello I have today received a notice from the court as expected regarding mediation. My question is this - In the guide book accompanying the form it asks me to consider a statement before agreeing to mediation "I can confirm that I have enough information about the claim, to allow me to enter into negotiations" Even after sending the CPR 31.14 and CCA section 77 requests, they didn't supply me with the required info, just a letter on 4th August saying they would send the request to provident. I've not received anything since. Is it ok to agree to th
  5. Right ok so wait for the form from the courts, tick mediation, send copy to solicitors and original back to courts.
  6. Hello again I today received a letter from Lowells with an attached form called a Directions Questionnaire. They have completed it to say they wish the claim to be referred to small claims mediation service. It states I will also receive a form to complete. Do I also tick the mediation box? Thank you in advance.
  7. Sent. Wanted to ensure it was in before 4pm. Thank you for all your help. Will make a donation to the site now
  8. Thank you. Your attention and time is appreciated Dx Is this more acceptable? However should i remove item 4, as although i dont recall receiving a notice Lowell Solicitors have sent me a copy of a plain typed sheet of paper (i.e not letterhead) stating it is from september 2014 and signed by Provident Central Colections telling me my account has been sold to Lowell. Other than the signature at the bottom there is no evidence it is from Provident at all. Particulars of Claim for reference only 1) The defendant entered into a consumer crediticon Act 1974 regulated agreement with Pro
  9. Ok i have read through the links above and found a template for a defence and amended it to my details. Is this acceptable? there are two options for defence on the MCOL form. 1 is to dispute because i paid (which i did but have no record of it and cant remember the exact amount before all these 'charges') or 2. defend for other reasons. Do i go for number 2 and use this template? 1: I received the claim D******* from the Northampton County Court on 25th July 2017. 2: Each and every allegation in the Claimants statement of case is denied unless specifically admitted in this Defence.
  10. Hello again Well i have not received the requested info from Lowells and my cut off date is looming. You said i now put my defense into MCOL? Do i just write what i have previously told this thread? That it was paid off and completed back in June/July 2012. Do i need to say anything else? Thank you very much for your assistance in this it isvery much appreciated. Also do i mention that i have requested the information (CCA and CPR 31:14) and did not get anything back aside from an acknowledgement letter from Lowells stating that they have requested the details from Prov
  11. Thank you for replying dx I will go back and read through the threads again.
  12. Hi again Just a quick question. So far I've heard nothing in regards to the letters I sent. Am I correct in thinking I have 28 days from the date served to file my defence? I just want to be sure I've read it correctly. If this is the case do I wait til a few days before the due date and then fill in the defence section and send it to the court? Do I state that I have requested the information and it wasn't received? Thank you in advance.
  13. What happens if they dont get back to me within the timescale? Sorry if im being a bit daft, do i now complete the defence form bit from the court to say im disputing as already paid or do i do nothing and wait for responses if any from Lowells?
  14. Ok I've done the acknowledgement part on MCOL Now I will do the other parts Thank you for helping me, I'm so grateful for it. Do I then just wait for the solicitors and claimant to get back to me with the requested details?
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