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  1. Thank you caro. I have medical appointments tomorrow, but I understand I can email it, so will do that, as I get a receipt at the same time. C
  2. Thank you becky2585 and honeybee13. The solicitor I saw, was through a free legal advice centre and as luck would have it, a senior and experienced ET solicitor. He was only allowed to spend a certain amount of time with me, so went through the findings and pointed out two major errors and some other little bits. He said because error of law actually in writing, it stands a chance. He also said, if I can, get someone legal to check my appeal first. Is this because I am supposed to use certain legal words? I think moneywise it would have to be a trainee. Do I send the
  3. Thank you for the replies. I can't go into everything now, partly because there are criminal investigations taking place because harassment went further than nasty letters I'm afraid. I will do a further update at some point, but quick question: I have received decision and in same week, further police evidence and a solicitor who has told me there has been at least one, if not two errors of law, as well as some strange leaps in conclusions. I have been told I should appeal because of this and I have 42 days to do so. I have also been told that new evidence must be se
  4. P.s. already put new found knowledge to good use in helping someone do a SAR with one organisation and use of Freedom of Information Act to get police reports relating to an incident...
  5. i'm not sure whether to ask this here, or elsewhere... The police have been investigating the malicious communications sent to me, witnesses, councils, court etc. we have all received more. even nastier, in last two weeks. previously, a police officer told me I would have to turn up dead, before it was warranted serious enough for a judge to issue a court order to trace the origins of the emails. I hope this is not the case and the police are tracing them, especially as they caused me to stop trading, caused me a deterioration in my health, to the point of daily doctor home visi
  6. It appears my replies did not post... Callaghanclown, thank you for replying; I wasn't planning on doing anything, I'm just not sure if this is usual. Pusillanimous, thank you for replying. If I win, I will. Thank you for the advice. Still no news as yet. Calam
  7. I also meant to ask whether the following was allowed: 1. Just before the hearing started, the respondents' solicitor phoned me, even though I didn't provide a phone number, had changed my number to stop any threatening phonecalls and the solicitor lied and said he got my number from Facebook... I'm not on Facebook and in his notes it said he got it from a flyer, which is impossible as I don't have flyers. I also said I only wanted written correspondence as I am ill and he neglected to mention he basically threatened me with various things if I didn't stop. He also was untruthful a
  8. The ET wrote to me saying that the panel were meeting for a day of deliberation and decision making, last Monday, a week ago. I imagine they will post their decision to me; is this correct? I haven't heard anything yet and usually receive a letter, within two, or three days of judgements/decisions. Is this normal/usual? Does the delay have any significance? The intimidation of witnesses (who all pulled out), continues. I believe I proved, irrefutably, that the respondents lied under oath (even Judge said certain lies were obvious). I hope I proved the discriminati
  9. Hi Pusillanimous, No, not heard yet. Stressful waiting. Will post info about case, plus decision, once I know what's going on. Have a feeling that I'm not out of the woods yet, especially as myself and witnesses still being intimidated. The police seem to be taking an awfully long time to apprehend them. Think I'll chase up police investigations tomorrow.
  10. Thank you Emmzzi and thank you honeybee13 and also thank you for your support. I already do voluntary work, when I'm able, but I definitely want to find some time to thank all the people, in some way, who have supported me. First, I have agreed to have some respite care and then, when start to feel better, I will definitely use this experience to try and bring something positive from it, for myself and others. C
  11. Thank you rightsforme. And good for you! I have a thing about discrimination and just can't watch it happen to people, which is kinda how they started on me, because I didn't keep my mouth shut. Anyway, case over and now waiting for deliberation. We'll see... But what I do plan to do, is do voluntary work at the centre that helped me. I don't have enough legal knowledge, but they do need people to do admin and teach English as second language. So it will be my way of thanking them for their help, whatever the outcome. And I haven't forgotten to donate to this site when
  12. Thank you rightsforme. I'll be honest, I feel for you if you're just about to embark on what I've been going through for.... hmmm nearly two years... Make sure you're strong, because it is exhausting!
  13. Thank you Pusillanimous. I think it's a combination of stress, no sleep, no food, meds giving me really bad side effects... Plus, it still doesn't cease to amaze me how much people lie under oath. Think I'm really old fashioned 'cos I can't... even when I knew the perfect answer, I just said, I know what I'm supposed to say, but I can't, because I'd be lying and I really don't remember. I just figured better to be honest. Although, I think they will win after what happened today. When it's over I'll explain. Just think it's unfair when I have proven so much and done
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