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  1. Yes that's right, it was the defendant not the PO. I will call MCOL, haven't done it yet as I wasn't sure if I should contact them or the court.
  2. Thank you all so much for your input! To clarify, the defendant did not initially respond to the claim within the time frame (I believe it was 21 days?) and so I requested judgement online. After this, he sent the form and envelope back to the court with said note. I am considering this but he lives in another city, and am also concerned it could get unpleasant since his business address seems to also be his personal address.
  3. Hi, I'm in a legal dispute with my wedding photographer/videographer and issued a court claim against him over a month ago claiming a specific settlement amount. He didn't deliver on his promise re: services, and we ended up with sub-standard wedding photos and terrible low-quality unedited footage as our wedding video (complete with raw sound from the day e.g. people walking around, chattering etc.) He then completely stopped communicating with us. After issuing the claim via MoneyClaim Online (to his business address), he sent an envelope back to the court with a note saying 'Gone
  4. Thank you - so we bit the bullet and paid for the new tickets, being told it would leave at 5:00pm and now finding out it actually leaves at 5:40pm on the boarding pass. British Airways is a joke.
  5. Hi, So in a desperate situation here with no idea if I even have a case. Was due for a flight (honeymoon!) to Istanbul at 7:00am today to Istanbul. My partner has had a stomach bug so nipped to the loo, and so we were about 5 minutes late for check-in (tried to check bags in at 6:20 and were refused). Gate closes at 6:40 but they point blank wouldn't let us through. Customer service told us there's no way they can put us on the next flight (fully booked), nor can they put us on standby due to the same reason. The original tickets are non-refundable. They're charging us £290 per person to
  6. Thanks - how would I go about making a claim? I ordered the tablets for my Dad, who usually buys a certain brand from the chemist which works out significantly cheaper when brought online. The item they sent is perfectly fine, sealed and everything. Have ordered this brand online before from elsewhere, and never had an issue.
  7. Hi, Last month, I placed an order with a company called NutriSun. I brought 2x iron tablets, which came to roughly £13.00, making me eligible for free delivery (on orders over £10.00). The following week, I received a delivery card from Royal Mail stating 'not enough postage' on the package - so I had to pay £1.50 to receive my order, as NutriSun hadn't paid! Finally, when the delivery did arrive, it turns out they only sent 1x iron tablet instead of 2. I wrote several emails, and also called them several times over the next few weeks, even letting the phon
  8. That's a fair point, I didn't realise - but during the last month, it has generally been either him calling me or we use the new WhatsApp calling feature which runs off phone internet connection (not connected to my network as I use WiFi). About incoming calls, you're right - would it be possible if he rings his network and asks for details of incoming calls from my number? Might be worth a try.
  9. I called TMobile just to try and make sense of the situation. They claim that I've made a lot of long calls, amounting to roughly 4 extra hours, which racked up the bill to another £120 in April (it wasn't due to cancellation fees). Apparently, most calls were to a number which I do recognise BUT I definitely didn't make those calls! It's strange as I call that number a lot (long-distance relationship) BUT I'm 100% sure that in April, I didn't call that number for more than hour, as confirmed by my partner. I was conscious of the fact my outstanding bill was already quite high, didn't wan
  10. Thanks for your reply. They don't send me itemised bills, which is why I had to call them to discuss - the advisor insisted it was because I had made very long calls, but I honestly don't believe I made enough calls to exceed 500 mins. That aside, why would they charge me for cancellation when I haven't canceled my contract?
  11. I am on a £11 monthly contract with TMobile, which usually hits £14 a month because I don't pay by direct debit. The contract includes about 500 mins, free texts etc. Last month, TMobile issued me with a bill of £120. I called them to find out why, they said I had made many calls that month and racked up a high bill. I don't think my phone usage varied from previous months, or that it warranted a £120 charge. In any case, I accepted and said I would pay it. However, I'm self-employed and business has been at a quiet stage. After a few weeks of non payment, TMobile suspended my line.
  12. Hi, Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section but here goes. My father is retired and on very little income, and he is struggling to keep up with his mortgage repayments. The lender (Santander) is unwilling to consider his circumstances and is now threatening legal action. What are his options? Thanks.
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