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  1. Hi some advice on dealing with capquest ..this is odd as i only know its capquest by doing 1471 on my phone they keep calling and asking for my wife she is at work they refuse to tell me who they are citing data protection rules they wont give me their name nor the company name.. the reason for the call ( that i get due to data protection ) but who they are seems a bit extreme could be anyone calling. ..i have told them if they are unable to tell me at least who they are then they should do so by letter and stop calling and an
  2. This was discontinued today and the account permanently closed as its now statue barred
  3. havent had a letter yet assume i will get one from the courts but do have a pdf attachment attached to the email they sent me
  4. oh do i need to tell howard and cohen i have recieved the email like they said too or just ignore them
  5. great so in less of a month it no longer becomes a headache as i believe its 6 years after the first month missed so thats sometime in next couple weeks ..thankyou again
  6. so what happens to the clock as regards to it becoming statue barred does it stay stopped or continue on as before as that debt was due to become statue barred this year and the court action stopped it ...i just want to know if i can forget about it or if it can come back in a couple of years if it becomes statue barred i doubt there would be time to do anything now as october 6 years ago was last payment made to them
  7. cheers thats ok thats in november lol....can this come back to haunt me ie they sell the debt on or is that it now dead
  8. well thats a shock i couldnt get to the court tomorrow as it isnt local to me was expecting to lose and find a ccj wonder why they stopped as they paid the fee ... now they had another one pending on me in another thread but the deadline for that passed . .wonder if they will now wake that one up ?... ok ty all you guys specially Andy... what happens exactly now with regards to the debt being on my credit file does it show as settled now?
  9. Just recieved a email with the following does that mean i won? Hoist portfolio Holding 2 Limited v Mr Joe Bloggs Claim No: Small Claims Hearing: 31 October 2017 We refer to the above matter. We can confirm that we have been instructed by our client to discontinue this claim, therefore please find enclosed by way of service upon you a “N279” Notice of Discontinuance. The original has been filed at Court, and we have asked them to vacate the hearing accordingly. We would be grateful if you could confirm safe receipt of this email. We trust this concludes
  10. I managed to get through as of 10 minutes ago there was no payment showing on the system but the lady said the only worry would be if they paid by cheque as the courts was running behind ...she told me to email my court which i have to get them to verify if payment has been made or not
  11. Hi once the deadline has passed for them which will be the 10th how do i find out if the case has stopped there cause they didnt file in time or if it will continue to the 31st when the case is to be heard
  12. my bad but yes the combined court centre is still listed for the city i live in and the number i was given is the number listed on that site so would say still very much open as for the examples will look around see what i can find ...the effort isnt the issue its finding the right places to look which is lol
  13. yes my local magistrates is still open ...as for the evidence am some what confused to be honest on what my argument is ...the agreement they sent me was unsigned but they can argue against that its hard to read as its badly photocopied so i guess that covers the face i cant read it... the interest they show on the agreement differ from my original card which i can prove as i have a statement from then to show a difference but unsure if that makes a valid argument... i need some guidance now this is on its last leg to how to handle this or i will be turning up and arguing with their lawye
  14. Hi Andy i did i stated i wanted at my local court even if i remember correctly gave the address of the court cant verify that as i dont have a copy of that paperwork unless its listed online somewhere. .problem it seems my postal code area covers several cities instead of giving my local one in my city centre they have given me one in another i have been trying to get through with them all day but the actual courts dont deal with civil enquiries was given a number that deals with all the local courts with civil matters as for the directions i am readi
  15. Thankyou will try it says if they havent responded with the fee by 10th oct it will be struck out ...in reality how often does that actually happen with ppl like HOIST
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