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  1. Hi all, just to let you know I lodged an official grievance today and I am amazed to say that he has paid it. The guy is normally very dificult so I'm sure there is something lurking aroud the corner. Thanks for the advice everyone, now to get some kind of confirmation he will pay me my worked days and accrued holiday (Ihave 10 days left to work and 12 days holiday accrued).
  2. It only says "salary and bonus will be reviewed annually, further details are available from the MD" elsewhere "you will have the opportunity to earn 18,500 under a bonus scheme, paid quarterly in arrears". Shame I can't add photos on my phone. I've had emails breaking down bonus/commission which do not mention notice period either.
  3. Ok thanks, If I take that route what is the likelihood I'll be paid what I'm owed?
  4. OK that's one for mr impulsive, thanks, going to court is fine by me. I guess he would take me to court? I have evidence of everything, would I just counterclaim?
  5. Hi all, I wont give you my life story but I work in sales and recently decided to move jobs. I gave my notice 10 days ago and it seemed to be on good terms. It's a small business so I've been close to the boss for 3 years and was till today. Anyway, today is pay day, at 720am I receive an email stating that I wont be paid commission now that I have given my notice. I reacted in the expected way and challenged that, his response was, no no, just that cash flow is bad, we'll pay you next month, after youve left. He has a history of not paying people as theyre leaving, so I'm expecting
  6. Thanks, I hoped that would be that case. Am I right in thinking, if I dont send the letter, the worst they will do is keep sending letters till they give up as it's unenforcable?
  7. Hi all, I have searched around but cant find a difinitive answer, I was wandering; I have a statute barred debt. I have recieved a letter after changing address on the voters roll. I am preparing a statute barred letter but I was thinking, if I write this letter will they not just sell it on and I still recieve letters just from a new debt collector? Or should I write to the original creditor? Or just ignore the letters and put up with it?? Thanks guys
  8. if id have known then I could pay it retrospectively I would have done that rather than a fine
  9. it's easily obscured by large vehicles and must have been on the day because it wasn't clear to me, on streetview it's almost obscured by a bus
  10. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help, I've had great and helpful advice before. I was in London for work on the 12/08/2014 and was trying to park near to UCLH. In heading for a certain car park I came to the junction (pictured and circled) and was stuck. As I approached, I could see this was a one way street, I could only go ahead but due to the bus in front of me I cant see this until I have nowhere to turn. So, rather than avoid the big red C by making a hazard of myself (a 3 point turn here would have been a disaster) I went across and got out ASAP using the route marked out. It was t
  11. Hi folks, I’m really hoping someone can advise me here on my best option to take as I’m feeling a tad stuck. I work for a small business in a field sales role, I travel to customers and my expenses are paid. I have a northern counterpart who last week came to help me with a job in central London, it didn’t go overly well and mistakes were made. We were late and also one of the 30 units we had to replace wasn’t replaced, lateness was my fault and the missed unit was my colleagues responsibility. For this reason, my boss has given us both written warnings which I can stomach althou
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