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Found 10 results

  1. After lots of reading and research, I'm going to attempt to claim the PPI for a loan that I took out with The Associates, before they became a part of CitiFinancial Europe.A I was a student at the time with, two young children aged under 3 at the time. It was the first time I'd borrowed money and I took the loan out to help pay for their nursery fees after a mess-up with my Student finance. So glad those days are behind me now! They have recently paid out PPI for a credit card that I had with them. They stated that they couldn't find any details of the loan but would look at it again, if I sent them documentation relating to my account. I did - I found my credit agreement, a statement of account that showed all the payments that I had made on the account (bar the final one). I also found various letters that showed the Associates account number and the account number when Citi took over. I even have a letter informing me of the "exciting change" of their name change from Associates Capital Corporation to CitiFinancial Europe PLC, on 11 April 2003 Despite all this irrefutable evidence, they will not investigate my complaint any further as they cannot locate my account on their system. As the loan was taken out in 2000, it is out of scope for the FOS. Therefore my intention is to issue a claim through the small claims court. I'm going to need some help with calculations. This is because I have read about 4 different ways of calculating the redress and it's doing my head in! My figures are as follows Loan amount = £1050 Insurance = £400.17 Arrangement fee = 75.00 Interest rate was 3.020% APR 48.8% Any suggestions and/or help with calculations will be appreciated. I've had a stab at it and will post up what I've done shortly. Thanks in advance CAG family!
  2. Hello, This is my first post on this forum so I hope I have posted into the correct area, apologies if not! I recently received a CC Claim Form and a Judgement for Claimant (in default) after picking up post delivered to my old address. The CC Claim Form was dated August 2014 and the Judgement dated September 2014. I managed to pick up this post at the start of February 2015 having moved address in January 2011. Until I opened the post I had no idea of what this contained. The Proof of Claim details are:- Claimant - Cabot Financial (UK) Limited, 1 Kings Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4UA Address for Sending Documents & Payments - Mortimer Clarke Solicitors, Worthing, West Sussex Particulars of Claim:- "By an agreement between CitiFinancial ("CFE") & the Defendant on or around xx/11/2007 ("the Agreement") CFE agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card upon the terms & conditions set out therein In breach of the Agreement the Dedendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant on xx/09/2010. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS: xxx.xx" The amount is between £700 & £800. As I did not know of any claim I did not have any chance to defend myself and therefore the Judgement was made on xxth September with additional costs of around £150. I called the Court to request further information and guidance and later checked out this website and decided to apply to have the CCJ Set-Aside - this cost me around £150 for the service. Before attending Court I received a letter with a draft order from Cabot agreeing to have the Judgement Set Aside and I attended court earlier this month where the Judge granted this as below:- 1. The Judgement against "me" dated "xxth September 2014" be and is hereby set aside 2. The registration entry be cancelled 3. The Defendant shall send to the court and to the claimant fully particularised defence by 3pm xxth April 2015 4. If the Defendant failed to comply with paragraph 3, the claimant shall be at liberty to enter judgement against the Defendant I have submitted a CPR 31.14 Request to Cabot with a copy to the solicitors and also sent a CCA Request to both. Earlier this week I received a letter from Cabot saying that "they acknowledge receipt of my request under section 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, however it would appear that the address you were writing from differs to the one which is held on our records". " In order for us to provide you with the information you have requested whilst protecting the data of our customers, I would be most grateful if you would provide by return proof of your address. Acceptable forms are copies of a utility bill or driving licence." "Upon receipt if this information and provide it matches the details on our records, we will be happy to provide the information you have requested". How can I provide them with proof of address when I don't live there any longer? I'm confused as to how this works and concerned that I've not done the right thing! The CCA Request and CPR 31.14 Request was sent by me from my present address with the reference number on the Court Order etc. I've got to put a defence together for the first week of April and I'm under the impression that a CCA Request provides them with 12 days to respond, this is fine if my original requests are valid or does to recent "address differ" throw a spanner in the works and reset the time clock again? Can anyone help me please? Do I need to do anything regarding CCA / CPR? Thanks Simon
  3. Hi Caggers Received a N1CPC claim form today which i have acknowledged through MOCL Name of the Claimant ?=Cabot Financial Date of issue=15th June 2014 Particulars of Claim?=By an agreement between CitiFinancial around March 2002 defendant failed to make the minimum payments and agreement was terminated. What is the value of the claim?=870 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? =Credit Card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007?Approx. 2002 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. = The Claim has been issued by a debt purchaser (As i do not have any agreement with Cabot) Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment?=NO Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor?=NO (Not one that i can recall) Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ?=I have not seen any of these. Why did you cease payments:- = Could not afford it any more, tough times, lost job, gone on benefits then out and started my life again Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? = None as i ceased payments when I could not afford it I have now requested for info on CPR31.14 I have also sent (send a CCA1974 request to the claimant) with 1 pound attached PO I gather from most cases in the forum, i do not need to do anything for now apart from keep an eye on the Court Calendar to file my defence. Based on the dates, are you able to help me work out the latest day i should file my defense by? Thanks Caggers
  4. Hi folks, any advice on the following would be appreciated, sent a claim in to CitiFinancial for PPI refund, they have agreed to refund approx. £800. However they are now saying that they notice from their records that my address has changed. Ive very recently moved back home to my parents so cannot provide them with current bills, council tax etc which they are requesting. However I am positive that I gave my parents current address when I took out the loan for which the PPi settlement has been agreed. MY parents are willing to provide the details they requested with their names on them and written confirmation that I reside at their address but CitiFinancial are not accepting this! Any ideas on how to proceed anyone. Thanks
  5. Hi to all and i hope today finds you in a good place. My problem is a few years ago i was foolish enough to take a second mortgage with citifinancial! during the course of the repayments i started to struggle, i was in constant touch with them and if a payment was going to be late i called them. Each time i spoke to them i always checked to see if they where going to add charges? i was told as i was keeping them informed and payments where only a few days late they would not add charges. Eight months before the loan was due to end citifinancial contacted me to tell me they needed to increase my monthly repayments to cover all the late payment charges that had been added to the account .It turns out they had been adding £55 a time for late payment and also interest on arrears to a total of £1800, the loan is all payed up now but i am realy angry about the charges is there anything i can do i have a record of all payments made kind regards pat
  6. Hiya wondering what to do next.... had a Citifinancial loan, all paid off this year, never late, no issues etc etc but i had their PPI product, was bamboozled into it, had a courier arrive at my door with the paperwork who sat in my kitchen impatiently while i signed and took the forms away with him, plus i'm self employed etc etc anyway, i wrote to them on november requesting a refund, didnt get a reply, wrote to them again in early january, again no reply. wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and if so what my next steps are as i am hitting a brick wall.
  7. I made a claim against Citi for mis-selling before the PPI court ruling was made, they told me unless I took it out I couldn't have loan, as had low credit rating. Within a couple of months they re-wrote the loan on a different rate and again with two separate PPI single policies, with arrangement fees added. They offered me a third loan on a lower interest rate but again saying I had to borrow more money to get this new rate and with 2 single PPI policies sold. I accepted the Ombudsman's decision they had to pay me back. I did receive some monies about £3,300 at the end of 2009. However, they have not provided any breakdown of how they arrived at these figures and on the existing loan they only refunded part of the premium, and was told by the Ombudsman to resrtucture the loan. I haven't paid them for a couple of years and in May was told it had been sold to Arrow, Atlas or Westcott (I am unsure who actually owns it as all 3 write to me). They came up with a figure about £300 more than the last letter from Citi confirming the outstanding balance. I said the amount is disputed as they were to restructure the existing loan without the PPI. 2 1/2 years of letters have proved unsuccessful and they wrote just recently to say they do not hold any information for me, but Atlas do. I asked for copies of the CCAs and statements. I wrote to Atlas to say the amount is disputed and low and behold they have replied "Citifinancial have agreed to a reduction of £995 in respect of the PPI". I really don't know whether this is a figure they have just plucked out of the sky but they never re-structured the loan as instructed by the Ombudsman. Again, I have asked for copies of everything and how they worked out the refunds but they fail to do so as I want to try and calculate the figures myself. I have now referred the matter back to the ombudsman as they haven't done as asked in their ruling in my case. Any help appreciated.
  8. Hi there After a SAR to Citifinancial, I've found that I had to pay an arrangement fee on two seperate loans I had with them. I also found that after putting a PPI claim in that I had a thing called TakeCare cover (life insurance that wasn't needed) added as part of the PPI paperwork but not included in the PPI refund. My questions are: Are banks allowed to charge an arrangement fee? And if not can I claim it back with interest? If this Take Care Cover was not part of PPI, can I claim this back with interest? Now if I can claim with interest is there a simple calculator like the one used for PPI? Ta PM
  9. Hi all I am posting a thread here for the first time and it is on behalf of my parents. they took out a loan in June 1997 and have made all payments since and never missed a payment. So as far as they are concerned their 15 year loan agreement was going to end in June 2012. However, Citifinancial sent them a letter stating that in June telling tham that they still owed Citifinancial over £2000 because of interest on missed payments. My parents paid approx 95% of the monthly amount and the other 5% was made by the DWP (father had an industrial injury). My parents were baffled by this as they always made their payments on time (via their branch formerly known as Avco but they shut down) and then via cheques that were sent to Citifinancial directly. a complaint was made and they first stated that it was an error on their part as the DWP amount was not taken into account. But then they again stated they still owed them the money and they sent a statement from the past 2 years showing all payments being made on time but still showing a balance of over £2000. The issue is that because the loan was secured (parents have paid off mortgage to their provider) they have yesterday sent a letter that they will instruct solicitors to sell the house and recover the amount owing to them, even though an official complaint was made to them 7 weeks ago asking them for a full explanantion on how a balance of over £2000 can be owed, even though my parents made all their payments on time, they never received any letters stating that there was any overdue amount owing because of interest on late payments. I feel that this organisation are being dishonest and vile, it is quite convinient to ask for a balance owing at the same time the agreement should have ended. Can anybody please help as my parents don't know what to do as they have made a complaint but in the 7th week of the 8 week period given for Citifinancial to respond to the claim, their collections department are threatening them with legal action and their property being sold without their consent (even though deed is with my parents and mortgage has ended). Sorry about the rant and the length of the post. Thanks
  10. Hi , been looking for a follow up template to the sar request template as Citifinancial have ignored my request for this information. I have proof they have recieved it and proof they cashed my postal order. Any help would be appreciated:-)
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