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Found 18 results

  1. So 2 days ago my misses got a letter from Fedex saying she owes £40.69 £12 of it is a charge from fedex themselves the rest they claim is customs duty. Her sister who lives in the USA sent her a book from a company over there the book cost $14.99 which is around £11 our money. From reading it would seem that my misses can received a gift from outside the EU and not pay any duty on it so long as the item is less than £34.99. Yet fedex insist its worth higher value $27.99 and claiming an individual didn't send it the documents show the importers name as her sisters name. Fedex will not back down on this By my calculation even if duty was due on this which it shouldn't be it would only come to around £2. It seems fedex is trying to get away with daylight robbery and charging 4 times what the book cost. She has the book the invoice arrived after it was delivered.
  2. Hi all I hope that somebody an assist with a money claim online against FedEx. It concerns a package that was mailed by my wife and I from the UK to India. It contained life saving medicine for our cat. Unfortunately it was delayed –FedEx admits liability for the delay – and it meant that the medicine was no longer viable. It was specially packaged in insulated wool with ice packs which kept it temperature controlled for 72 hours. FedEx have refunded the £177 that we paid them for carriage but we have had to pay another £207 for the medicine (its original cost) plus another £50 or so for the packaging for the medicine. We submitted the claim and FedEx asked for extended time. We then received a letter from a paralegal from TNT stating that their conditions of carriage meant they were not liable. I’ve attached the letter here. When I sent the claim, FedEx had not at that point refunded all of the original order but they have now. The letter is attached. Fedex had to reply by 29th May. What I’m puzzled about is that this letter is not recorded on my money claim online dashboard but seems to be trying to warn me off continuing with the claim. I have a couple of questions: 1.) Can I ignore this letter and just see whether FedEx will actually dispute the claim and go to court to contest or just pay up? 2.) If it goes to court, does anybody agree that the conditions of carriage are unreasonable exclusion clauses and that just because they said they are not liable does not mean that the court will agree. I stated that the cat medicine was £207 in the original FedEx order. I just want to be put back to my original position. I have letters from the vet saying that the medicine is no longer viable plus a letter from the drug company stating what would happen to the medicine if it ceased to be temperature controlled 3.) Do I need to provide a power of attorney for my wife? Thanks in advance for any advice – basically – should I continue the claim or is it unlikely to succeed? NB: Some interesting caselaw here: https://openjurist.org/917/f2d/1119/hampton-hampton-v-federal-express-corporation
  3. Hello, I am looking for some advice please. I have a standing order weekly to Fedex Europe paying off some outstanding import tax, however today I have received a Notice of Enforcement asking for £958 - includes a number of charges! I can happily print off the invoices for these payments and get these off to them, but I need to know what I can do re the letter? I have emailed them today asking for confirmation of whether any payments have been added to this account. I have until 31st March to get this sorted. Please advise. Thanks
  4. I would be grateful for some advice. I occasionally get some eatables and pickles from India using Fedex courier services. My father paid the charges for the courier services in India and declared the item value which was 15£. I have received the parcel without any issues. After 3 weeks time i got an Invoice letter from Fedex for the payment of 30£ for Duty and Tax. In the Invoice its clearly mentioned that the total value of the goods was 19£ and Fedex was asking me to pay the Duty and Tax of 30£. I have attached the Invoice. I have called Fedex and queried them about the invoice, they said some miscalculation will send another one, but again they have sent the same Invoice of 30£. After few weeks later i got a call and a Message from Controlaccount saying ' Please contact Controlaccount quoting reference number **** in relation to Fedral Express Europe Inc'for which i did not reply. I have called Fedex again and queried them about the invoice, this time they have asked me to send an email to customerservice explaining the situation. I have sent them an email and got a reply from them saying 'Having investigated the matter in more detail, the invoice on this occasion has been issued correctly. The charges have been levied by the local Customs authorities in the destination Country. Please find attached a breakdown to show how the charges have been calculated (Breakdown attached). In the breakdown the value of the goods was showing as 76$, i am not sure how they got this number. The initial Goods value as per the invoice is not matching the breakdown which they have send me through an email. Please advice. Thank you Krish Fedex Breakdown.pdf
  5. Hi, I bought an item from a company in the USA. It arrived safely by Fedex. A while later, I received an invoice from Fedex asking for payment of VAT and a handling charge, £26.29 in total. The following is the relevant paragraph from my second and last email to them. I have now received a demand for payment from Control Account PLC. "If Fedex had made it known to me before I agreed to purchase I would have been able to make a choice. As it is Fedex is trying to make a retrospective charge against me. According to my understanding English law does not allow retrospective charges to be imposed." Is my understanding correct or do Fedex have a legitimate claim against me? Thanks in advance.
  6. I recently had a package mailed to me by a third party from overseas. They used my FeEx account number and billed all charges to me. They did not check with me I was happy with the price before sending it, and since the charges were extremely high, I would not have accepted them and asked the package not be mailed to me. According to FedEx's T&Cs just giving my account number is sufficient for me to be charged - the money was directly taken from my credit card - however I feel that since I did not agree to the transaction I should not be liable to pay. I'd like advice on whether if this matter went to court, would I win or lose the case? I can give more information if you require. Many thanks.
  7. Transmitter purchase On the 20/05/15 I purchased a Quad transmitter from HobbyKing for £167.18. This price included carriage by FedEx to my door. On the seller web site was a page for selecting a carrier. The default choice by the seller was FedEx and was highlighted by a button selection. All of the carriers offered carriage at about the same price (DHL etc). The carriage price offered by FedEx was the most competitive at $33.32 and I continued with the payment process. At no point was I advised of any other affiliated costs or charges. I paid the full amount as directed via PayPal. I was informed that as soon as the parcel was despatched I would receive a consignment number. The carriage cost in GBP was about £22 which I thought quite acceptable. I was well aware at the time that an item at this price would attract import duty of about £30. A few days later I received the parcel from Fedex. All seemed fine until some days later I received a request for £45.75. I thought this was a bit high for import duty. I sent Fedex an email as I was unable to contact them by phone and enquired as to the amount. I received a reply which informed me that the bill was in fact two separate amounts. One for the duty (£33.75) and one for an amount labelled Admin. I done some research on the Web and discovered that the ‘Admin’ charge was for processing the duty requirements, or there abouts. This was news to me as I had no prior knowledge of any such cost. I contacted Fedex by email and advised them that I had no intension of paying the admin charge as I had not been informed at anytime of this fee. But I would pay the duty charge as shown. I sent Fedex a cheque for £33.75 with a covering letter explaining my position again. A month or so passed and then I received a reminder from Fedex about the outstanding admin amount. I sent Fedex an email covering my position again. A few months went by with no further correspondence. I received a Payment demand from a DCA for the amount of £12 along with various frightening statements that would happen if this amount was not paid. This has escalated to more letters and phones calls demanding the money along with the sum being demanded increasing with each contact. I am at a loss as to how a company can demand money when I have never been asked to agree to the service offered. I have signed no contract with Fedex and have not asked them to do any service for me. Where does the figure of £12 come from this could be any amount at all £1200 even. I have read some posts on this site and noticed that this admin fee has increased by over 150% in one year originally being about £5. This ‘admin’ fee was not featured at the sellers web site at time of purchase. This however has now been amended. It now advices that there may be an admin fee on some items. But no amount is specified. Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated. PS I have donated the £12 to this site.
  8. Having read this Default Re: Royal Mail Customs handling Fee Response all what follows is pretty well useless Oh dear Looks like I have missed the boat. Hi all, Having had some time to think about my situation with FedEx a few ideas have surfaced. But before I start I will apologise in advance to anybody who may feel that I have misrepresented or distorted the facts to justify my hypothesise about the subject. These are just the type of thoughts and ideas that wander through one’s head in the early hours of the morning. So here I go. FedEx et all will never take any one to court over the admin fee as it stands to loose a massive revenue stream if it looses the case. Why? Current business model for £100 value item of weight 500gms for a casual importer. Offer to ship item for £22 from China to UK house address. Deliver said item to address. Send recipient a bill for customs fees (£30) and admin charge (£12). Previous year’s Model of costs £22 carriage and £8 admin. Hypothetical next year’s carriage cost £22 and admin £18. This is looking very good. Next year cost £22 and admin £24. This is looking even better. They have kept their offer price of carriage fixed at £22 but increased their revenue by approximately %150. And it gets better still. The logistics of getting a parcel from China to the UK is no small challenge. Whereas a few key taps on a PC key board is generating more revenue. It would appear that FedEx should become an admin company and subcontract the carriage I know that is could be viewed as quite simplistic, but it should give one a flavour of the idea. Well what about the other carriers. It would appear that they are all doing the same. Where is the competition? No need to increase your quotes just increase the admin. Cartel? Transparency? Confusion? So, If you refuse to pay what will any of the carriers do? Well originally not a lot. I noticed that most successful results against Fedex are historic. If you complained they would waive the admin cost. However a recent visit to Controlaccounts web site boasts For a leading global freight company weimproved cashflow by 12%, see how we can do the same for you. And who might that be? Now this is the Nub of the issue. Fear and threats work on most people where money is concerned and getting a DCA involved allows FedEx to be hands off. Threatening to sue clients is not their businesses. Also the task of defending your action against such a barrage of threats is quite daunting especially for £12 along with no guaranteed chance of winning against the might of a giant international corporation and no clear precedent. The outcome is pay up. However if by chance a valiant knight comes to the rescue and challenges the Dragon what might happen. Without doubt, FedEx would walk away long before it went to court as the last thing it wants is a precedent to be established about this very grey area against the plaintive. Why? They could lose, and that risk of £12 vs. £10000’s of annual income is not a good bet. And so for as long as this situation lasts one has two choice (1) pay up and shut up (2) Do not pay and be prepared for a long unpleasant time of threats, abuse, fear, anxiety, lasting over many months that should result in no £12 admin fee being paid.
  9. Hi all! Looking for a bit of advice. I recently imported a computer game from a company in Hong Kong which was delivered to me via FedEx last week. Just today I've received a letter from them, a "Duty & Tax Invoice". The value of the item I imported was £23.89, so it seems there's £5.64 of tax owing. A bit annoying, but fair enough I suppose. However, FedEx are also charging a £12 "Clearance Administration Charge", bringing the total they want me to pay them to £17.64. Now, the £5.64 of tax I don't mind paying, that's owed and that's fair enough. But a £12 'Admin' charge seems ridiculously excessive to me. I never agreed to paying that at all. Am I within my rights to write to FedEx saying that I'll pay the tax owed but I do not feel I should be paying their excessive admin charges? With that charge they almost want me to pay for my entire order all over again.
  10. Hi, I received an item from Canada on the 28th of April 2015, via FedEx ..I was pleased at the time as it had arrived quickly and I assumed they hadn't charged me import and taxes, but today (the 13th of may) i received a request to pay £75. needless to say i felt deflated and very anxious. I had a similar situation with DHL a few years back, although that was a lesser amount and I won that.. I just can't afford this and the reason is that the money I had set aside for import charges, I thought I didn't need as I received the parcel with no mention of charges. ..surely they would hold the item back until I paid the customs charges ordinarily. Because I wasn't given the opportunity to refuse or appeal, not knowing it had attracted customs charges, surely I have no contract with them? where would I stand please? (I'd appreciate info that could help me contest the charges or any lawful impediment to my progressing it, I have a letter to send based on one drafted by CAG'ger legalpickle the last time) here are photos of the relevant docs I received in pdf format (open link to save and view). The parcel (received on the 28th of April):- clear pocket on front of package docs in clear pocket on front of package and the follow-up sheets received today (13th May 2015) followup request for payment SDAA (supplementary declaration acceptance advice) here's a link to the DHL case i won in 2008, slightly different but the principle was the same.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?169817-DHL-Express-import-charge-**WON** thanks for any help you can offer. PG
  11. I received a parcel from my family in Malaysia via Fedex at January 2015. Few days later, an invoice came to me charging 46pounds as the income tax. I decided to ignore it as the parcel is a gift but not a things that I bought. After 4 months, I received a letter from Control Account saying that it's acting in behalf of fedxe to collect the debt that I owed to Fedex. They sent me 3 letters in total, and the last letter was written with the title "Letter Before Claims". I'm worrying about it and should I continue ignore it? I'm going back to Malaysia in 1 month time so I just wonder will there be any consequence if I keep ignoring these letters? Is that possible that Control Account send me to court? I had uploaded the letter. Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys. Sorry if this has already been addressed but I am just looking for some advice. I purchased some items from Usa before Christmas and they were delivered via Fedex and they covered the customs and duty charge. The problem is they didnt tell me or inform me they had covered it so I didnt know I owed them money. I got a letter from Control Accounts Plc yesterday stating that my debt has be passed onto them via Fedex because despite previous letters I have refused to pay my customs and duty charge. The thing is I never received any letters from Fedex regarding these charges. The original charge was £20 and they are now trying to charge me £61 as Fedex have added on a late payment fee. I contacted CAP today and told them that I am happy to pay the £20 that I owe because that it a customs and duty charge however I will not be paying the latepayment fee as I never received any warnings or letters from Fedex. The lady on the phone was less than helpful and extremly rude saying that it was my word against theirs that I never received a letter as it was sent in November and they would be charging me the £40 no matter what. I explained I would pay the £20 and she said pay it but we will still be coming after you for the £40. They dont have my name only my Business name. What should I do? Should I pay the additional £40 or leave it and let them chase me. I know its only a small amount of money but its the principle. They have threatened the usual in the letter that it may lead to a Claim being issued in the County Court. Any advice would be appriciated D x
  13. Hey guys I got a letter ages ago from fedex asking me to pay some charges for something I purchased from america. Amount was £18.51 to pay, I ignored it and got a letter from PLC telling me to pay them instead of Fedex. What I'd like to know, is it safe to continue to ignore them ? No court hearing or any of that stuff as I can't really be dealing with that stuff as I am a Uni student. Can I just ignore them ?
  14. I had a replacement tooth/crown sent over from US to UK to have fitted by a dentist here. I paid in full and an extra £12 Post Office charge for Customs clearance. It broke and two weeks later the US dentist sent me a replacement tooth/crown with no charge as it was under guarantee. He put" Replacement//Under guarantee" on the invoice and I later got a bill from FEDEX asking me for £30. Do I have to pay for replacement goods under guarantee and how does FEDEX justify that charge? They blame Customs. The invoice bill is unreadable and I had to phone the US Dentist to ask what it said. How can I be charged 11 pounds for a declaration of 40 dollars on the first tooth then 30 pounds for a zero amount on a second replacement tooth shipment which said that the tooth was under guarantee and a replacement. Thanks .
  15. Hello all, my name is Anthony (if you hadn't already guessed) I'm new to CAG and have come looking for help regarding a recent purchase I made online. I ordered an item from China... which was delivered by Fedex and was signed for by a family member as I was working at the time. A few weeks after this... I received a letter from Fedex stating I owed them an amount of money. I decided to ignore the letter and again I received another one very similar to the first stating I still owed them money. I also decided to ignore this one and have just recently received a letter from Control Account PLC stating that the matter has been passed to them for collection. The reason I come here as I wasn't sure if I should pay the fee as fedex made no attempt to notify me of any fee's until weeks after they had already delivered the item. Any time I order an item that is being delivered through DHL, if their are any fees to pay, then they simply keep hold of the item until you pay. Are fedex in the wrong or do I have to cough up? Thanks for reading Anthony
  16. This is a bit similar to another recent thread. My sister sent me a 'surprise' gift box from Canada containing some small presents for family members. 3 sweatshirts, socks and cards. None of the items are for me and I didn't ask for them. She sent them because she knew I'd be in to receive them. The value is $54 Canadian dollars. Now I have got a bill from FedEX saying I owe them £31.03 some 14 days later. The box was opened by US customs but not Canada or the UK. I can't work out the bill even with the exchange rate to what they get it to. FedEx say they have paid the money, as printed on the invoice but I didn't ask them to do that and I have no contract with them at all. It's unsolicited goods as I didn't ask for it to be sent or agree to any contract of charges. Charges should always be made clear and even when you import at an airport you have a choice of leaving the goods or paying the duty. It seems like blackmail to ask for money weeks later on goods received, probably used, and can't be returned. If I had have known I would have rejected the goods but nothing in or on the box said anything else had to be paid. What do you think?
  17. Hello all, I'm just looking for some advice/opinions on where I stand with this. I send a parcel from UK to Los Angeles with Fedex. A few days later I got an email from the recipient to say that the contents was damaged and that the box that I sent the items in looked more round than square, was dirty and looked as if it had been kicked all the way to its destination. Shocking, especially giving the amount I paid (£140) with full declared value of £2500. The total value of the damage amounts to around £1000. I have contacted Fedex to complain about this and to submit a compensation claim for the damage. I emailed them photos of the damaged parts along with the email correspondence from the recipient of the parcel. However they now say that they need photos of the box and the internal packaging used. By the time they asked for this, the box/packaging had already been binned by the recipient. I think they are trying to blame me for not using adequate protective packaging. I have no photo proof of the packaging that I used, however I have invoices/receipts for packing materials such as bubble wrap and foam 'void fill' which was used in the parcel. This is clearly a case of heavy handed incompetence by fedex. The once square box was beaten round and dirty! Any advice on how I should proceed with this would be very much appreciated as I feel like an underdog taking on goliath. Is there a regulatory body that I can appeal to if fedex refuse to pay compensation or are they totally self regulating when it comes to paying out insurance? Many Thanks. Dan X
  18. Hello I would be grateful to receive some advice as to whether I ought to sue FedEx on a lost parcel due to a failure on their part. I had a used computer (with personal data) shipped to a colleague by FedEx who lives in a house with 2 flats (Ground and 1st floor flats). As the FedEx driver reached the door of the property someone was coming out of the house claimed to be the recipient, signed and took the computer away (a theft as established by police investigation). Now that i have claimed for a lost computer/with data delivered to wrong door and handed over to a thief, FedEx tells me that they only reimburse by weight ( £96 for a £900 computer). My question is, if anyone can advice, what are my chances of success in suing FedEx on the grounds of incorrect address delivery and incorrect recipient handing over? Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated.
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