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  1. May I know what will they possibly do to me if I ignore this letter? I have abit paranoid about this as I don't want anything goes wrong during my last month in UK.
  2. I had read through alots of post regarding control account. But none of the post really come out with a solution. As I leaving UK permanently in one month time, I'm just wondering will control account really send me to court and prevent me from leaving UK? Thanks. And I had no idea how to upload the photo. Sorry.
  3. I received a parcel from my family in Malaysia via Fedex at January 2015. Few days later, an invoice came to me charging 46pounds as the income tax. I decided to ignore it as the parcel is a gift but not a things that I bought. After 4 months, I received a letter from Control Account saying that it's acting in behalf of fedxe to collect the debt that I owed to Fedex. They sent me 3 letters in total, and the last letter was written with the title "Letter Before Claims". I'm worrying about it and should I continue ignore it? I'm going back to Malaysia in 1 m
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