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  1. Hello all, I'm just looking for some advice/opinions on where I stand with this. I send a parcel from UK to Los Angeles with Fedex. A few days later I got an email from the recipient to say that the contents was damaged and that the box that I sent the items in looked more round than square, was dirty and looked as if it had been kicked all the way to its destination. Shocking, especially giving the amount I paid (£140) with full declared value of £2500. The total value of the damage amounts to around £1000. I have contacted Fedex to complain about this and to submit a compensation
  2. Hello, I have recently moved out of my flat and after cleaning the place top to bottom with my girlfriend, we have been told by the letting agent that the flat is not clean enough and that they are taking £80 out of our deposit to pay for a cleaner. This is absolute rubbish as the place was left spotless. Our deposit is held with DPS. I have offered to go back to the flat to have another clean (not that it needs it) but they refused. How can I challenge this? Is it best to complain to the DPS or should I just threaten the letting agent with legal action? They have really hacked me
  3. Thanks dx for the helpful reply. So I have paid up until Dec 31st 2012, so really no court action can take place? In theory I have not recieved any water that has not been paid for, so what could a county court do? Is this just an empty threat to try and make me pay up quicker? Regards. Dan
  4. Hi, I am on a set rate. £218 per year is the anual rate.
  5. Hi everyone, I have received a threat from Severn Trent which says that if I fail to pay the due amount within 14 days, county court proceedings will be issued against me. The original bill was for £161 and to date I have paid £107 and £54 remains. My yearly rate is £218 but I only recently moved in so my bill is broken up. To be honest I am struggeling with money at the moment and I contacted STW last week to explain my situation, but all they were interested in was setting up a direct debit or payment card which I dont want. I sent a letter to them last wee
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