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  1. Thanks for the advice. That sounds like a solution that I'd accept as I do feel I should pay something. Now it's tricky as Control Account are managing the debt, not FedEx. I'd rather negotiate with FedEx on this, but is it too late and should I just deal with Control Account? Thanks
  2. Sorry, my answer was incomplete. I did receive the package and it was a personal, not business transaction. You mentioned that FedEx have never sued an individual. Can you please elaborate on how you know this? Thanks very much .
  3. Thanks for replying to me. Yes the details of the sender make the picture murky: The package contained personal belongings that I left in a hotel while abroad outside of Europe. The Sender was a maid in the hotel. She had offered to check prices of sending the package and asked me for my name, address and FedEx number. I guess she assumed I didn't care about the cost, so sent the package without checking the quote was acceptable to me. Due to the language barrier, the interpretation of our email chain is difficult - I never say "YES, send", but I also never say "DON'T send until you give me the quote" - I just (regrettably) assumed she would check with me first. Just to clarify, I have received a refund from my CC, but am being pursued for the postage fees, so would like to know what my rights are. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Stigman, I did that back in September, but now I'm being threatened with Court action by Control Account for the fees. From a read of the consumer rights act, I think I can argue that FedEx's T&Cs are unfair and so not be forced to pay, but I'm really not sure.
  5. I recently had a package mailed to me by a third party from overseas. They used my FeEx account number and billed all charges to me. They did not check with me I was happy with the price before sending it, and since the charges were extremely high, I would not have accepted them and asked the package not be mailed to me. According to FedEx's T&Cs just giving my account number is sufficient for me to be charged - the money was directly taken from my credit card - however I feel that since I did not agree to the transaction I should not be liable to pay. I'd like advice on whether if this matter went to court, would I win or lose the case? I can give more information if you require. Many thanks.
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