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Found 6 results

  1. Hi apologies if this is the wrong part of forum im posting in. i bought 45000 indian rupees in 500 and 1000 rupee denominations on ) Oct 13th last month. for my holiday in feb 2017 From TravelFX by Bank transfer (wish i'd paid by credit card now but they only accepted Bank transfers) then beginning of this month indian prime minister declares all 500 and 1000 in effect null and void. its nearly £550.00 worth and TravelFX wont buy them back. even though though they have a buy back policy. and now wont communicate with me any further even though i have been polite at all stages in communications with them. i stated to them that i should get a refund as a consumer under the sale of goods act, but they replied bureau de change transactions are not covered by the act. is this true im shocked if it is. ive explored all avenues in the uk with indian banks etc but nobody will take them so i believe my hope is to get the currency exchange to take them back and refund me. surely my purchase must be covered under some sort of consumer law. Any Help would be much appreciated and as with all help i've received in the past i will be making a donation to the forum
  2. Hi, I could really do with some advice here. I ordered £1300 worth of Israeli Shekels from Travelfx.com. Part of their service is to deliver by Royal Mail Special Delivery (1pm). I ordered for delivery on Thursday 1st September. Travelfx have issued all confirmations and a tracking number, and when I got home on 1st September, I had a card saying by item had been returned to the sorting office and I could collect the next morning. I went, and Royal Mail have LOST the parcel (the card I have been left means it's definitely been in their possession)! They have 5 days before they have to say it's lost. Royal Mail won't reimburse me as they say I have to get it back from the Co. I bought it from (who then claim it back from Royal Mail). Travelfx state that they will not refund me until they have actually got the money back from Royal Mail, which could take up to 28 days. By that time, my holiday will be long over. I will be stuck with a load of foreign currency I don't need, and in the meantime, I now have to find the money again! Royal Mail have confirmed they have passed this to their security department as it's definitely not in the sorting office. They've mooted that they've started a security investigation as this may be theft. Surely due to this (at best) incompetence or (at worst) criminality, I shouldn't be so significantly out of pocket. Can anyone confirm who is liable to refund me, and how soon? S I am really distraught as this has ruined a massive family reunion that we've been planning for years.
  3. According to this article RBS expect to be fined in regard to rigging markets. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/epic/rbs/11200316/RBS-takes-400m-hit-on-forex-rigging.html How much of the RBS profits has been related to risky investment, overcharging people with interest/charges and rigging of markets ? What happened to the sober Banking industry the UK had prior to 1987 ? For information it was the Reagan/Greenspan policies which Margaret Thatcher went along with, that turned many Banks from the sensible high street Banks we were used to, to being risky casino Banks. Then as time went along they became highly complex multi-national trading companies that could not be properly regulated.
  4. to say i am mad at barclays is an understatement i have got myself a cashplus prepaid credit card that is used for the USA in dollars. it is a dollar card from cash plus and not to be confused with the normal gold mastercard issued also i went into barclays and ordered £3000 in dollars to be collected and paid for this friday while at the counter i realised i needed it in sterling as i could not top up the pre paid card in dollars and asked to cancel the transaction and have sterling ready. they point blank refused saying the request has allready been sent. they then stated they will be able to buy them back at their own buy back rate. that will cost me £300 which is the difference from the sell and buy back rates. all in the space of 10 minutes phoned customer service who were no help also this is all about some torag getting his commission and stuff customer service comments please on how to get even with barclays and whats more important is that i will be travelling accross the USA with about $5000 in cash
  5. Just a word of warning for anyone who may be about to buy foreign currency with their debit card. Last year, I bought Euros at the Post Office using my cahoot debit card. The following day, I had a transaction decline and was suprised as I thought I had plenty of cash in the account. On checking the account, I worked out as well as seeing the Post Office transaction on my statement, there was an equal amount pending. I contacted cahoot who at first said it the Post Office's fault. The Post Office said it wasn't. I was then sent from pillar to post before it actually dawned on me that if I had only entered my PIN once, I have effectively only given permission once, so what was cahoot doing taking it twice and telling me that I had to wait until it dropped off. When I approached them with this fact, they went away and came back saying sometimes on currency transactions, the amount is duplicated to cover for currency fluctuations and this is what happened. They extended my overdraft to cover for the amount and I thought nothing of it. Until this week, when after buying currency last week again using my cahoot debit card, exactly the same thing happened. Except that it completely cleaned out our account when the systems updated on Saturday evening leaving us with no money over the weekend. To say I was spitting feathers is an understatement and a strongly worded email to them elicited an apology, a further extension of our overdraft and a further payment of £150 to say sorry. They gave exactly the same reasons as they did last year which would give me the impression last year wasn't a one off and that this is the norm. They have told me to double check my account the next time I do any transactions like this and if the same happens again, they will make the funds available so I am not out of pocket. I will be getting back to them to make sure that they don't charge me interest on the additional overdraft that I didn't ask for and will still write to the FOS as this seems bang out of order but thought I would flag this up to other CAGgers so that you don't find yourselves in the same situation as I did this week. I don't know if buying with a credit card gives you the same problems but buying currency with a credit card is effectively the same as taking cash out on it so you will probably be hammered with cash withdrawal charges as well as currency conversions. I suppose that this another way that the banks a making profits! Be warned!! Bel
  6. I am looking for advice, I am going toMalta at the end of august for 3 weeks, my question is this, with Greece just aboutto fall out of the euro what is the best way to take spending money? We do not use credit cards/debit cards whenoverseas, so do we take travellers checks in euro’s/or euro’s/or sterlingtravellers checks, or just sterling. Idon’t know if I am on the right part of the forum to put this as a thread.
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