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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, To cut a long story short of total mistreatment, I need to contact the owner & founder of Interactive Life Forms which is the parent company to Fleshlight founded and owned by Steve Shubin. All support and helpdesk systems in both European & American websites plus their email addresses are rendering no responses. I am extremely angry at the level of poor service especially as the founder and owner Steve Shubin is an ex Los Angeles S.W.A.T officer. This non service is absolute criminal and they owe me £8.19 as when they refunded my order they did not pay the outgoing or incoming International Commission Fee's (£4-ish each way) as the payment was made from UK to Spain. They was responsible for messing up my order as they had failed to communicate and did not send notification that my order had been accepted, processed, or dispatched and failed to provide a tracking number so I canceled as I wished to admend/change my order. I also requested a receipt / detailed transaction of my refund followed up in writing as I suspected something like this would occur which was repeatedly ignored and was just told money had been refunded will show up in a week Well despite the mistreatment I still wish to make a purchase in which my 2nd and 3rd attempt have failed due to exceeding maximum spending amount (I think due to it being an adult website heavy restrictions are put in place to prevent kids running up hugh debts on parents cards but also from stolen credit cards hackers etc) Second attempt I suspect was blocked by my bank (Suspect it could have just been a coincidence that my online bank account had denied me access a day or two afterwards) so I had to call them to verify I had been sending payments to FLI SL (Fleshlight) The third attempt appears to be blocked by the company due to orders exceeding "$350" it instructs me to contact via American number or email address. The email address and help/desk systems had no success with. I even signed up to their official Fleshlight forum to complain and demand contact details of CEO or COO to which moderators have heavily censored by deleting and banning my accounts. As far as I know Headquaters is based inHouston, TX United States and their European base is in Spain. They provide both product & service which is why I suspect service is really poor but for a multimillion pound business set to reach enormous growth is absolute unacceptable. I had requested 30% off my total order amount due to poor service which was outright refused. They do not provide the service or support why should I pay a service fee I will pay for product and shipping and as their isn't a retailers expense I think 30% is quiet modest given my total order purchase amount. Just to mention when I checked out first time, Their was one those pop up notifications which asks if you're having any trouble and would like to contact customer support I tried that twice and even left messages and further left loads over past few weeks. I've not had a single response back. (The message pops up fairly quick I did not have any issues during checkout stage I think they know a large percentage of customers will be tempted yet hesitate and rethink before committing to the purchase) but I did sign up for a website account which I was unable to sign into and when using forgot password showed my details was not in their database so is again in part of why I canceled sign up is only allowed during checkout stage when you've finalized the purchase Which regulatory bodies can I complain to and what can I expect to come of it ? Their are other people on Fleshlight Forums who claim their customer service is literally non existent especially in Spain and when you do receive a reply it is not professional it's like they've paid some Spanish kid or whomever a couple euro to type back. I want to contact Steve Shubin and ask him what the hell is up and request my 30% of my total order amount plus my £8.19 refund. Their is also one thing that has bothered me alot and that is the Fleshlight UK Domain is owned and operated by UKInet Media Ltd which is a marketing firm who also has an identical website but called sexshopping. I have raised the issue with support who repeatedly state their two official sites are .Com & .EU and trys to distant themselves by saying they have nothing to do with us then who are they and why are they trading under their brand name ? Thanks Edit: Just some additional details my order exceeds £350GBP and comes to £411 I don't wish to split the order because I'll get charged even more and the only reason I spend so much is I figure if I buy them all now I won't ever have to deal with their service again and the 30% I feel is justifiable as i have spent over 3 weeks emailing all around clock during spare time etc and as claimed before service is really poor if I have any problems I am not confidant they're capable of resolving it due to no communication also their are 7 items in my order that has a crazy extortionate mark up that they can afford to let go for free and only be a loss of minimum amount. Brain Shubin who is Steve's son is COO chief operating officer so contact details for either would be great. Among internet interviews it is said he keeps a close watch/ear to his consumer needs and really understands and listens well I am here with £411 purchase to which his company is ignoring. CRAZY
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