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  1. I know I said I wouldn't be able to do this till the weekend but its too addictive (yes I'm clearly an ex gambler!) - Wonga lent me £35,344 over 6 years, QQ £7,800, Lending stream still haven't finished working out. Interest paid just on W and QQ is £6000 alone. And I've found Capital Finance, MicroFinance, Payday UK, Express finance on just the 6 months worth of downloaded statements I've gone through from 2011. I feel sick. Please could someone let me know if I should cancel the next QQ payment in light of forthcoming complaint?
  2. Hi I will start a consolidated thread listing all my payday loans due to gambling and the severe nightmare it has caused me including losing my job and nearly my family. I have downloaded your guide and going to sort all the information I need to post properly this weekend. However I have (after reading your frankly brilliant guide) looked closely into the situation with QuickQuid. I spiraled from loans of 100 to £1200 with them over 2015,2016 and 2017 whilst also borrowing every month from Wonga, MyJar, Lending Stream. I lost my job in June 2017 and owed them £1200. I defaulted
  3. So I have no right even though I'm still paying rent? Thank you for replying - much appreciated.
  4. Hi I have recently moved out of a privately rented property and have paid the rent up to the 31st of August. I did do the check out last Thursday and have received no information as to whether the landlord is wanting to deduct anything from the deposit (which he shouldn't as the flat was in immaculate condition and clean - unlike when I moved in!). This morning I have received an email from NPower informing me a new tenant has moved in - my question is whether the landlord can legally do this as I am still paying rent? Any advice very gratefully received!
  5. HI I would appreciate some help on this issue if at all possible. I lost my job in May 2017 and was unemployed for 3 months. I was paying £1386.00 per month for a small one bedroom flat in Clapham Junction and had been doing so since Dec 2014 (so nearly 3 years). As it became apparent I could no longer afford the rent I spoke to Kinleigh Folkward and Hayward who were the estate agents for the private landlord I rented off and asked if I could be released early from my tenancy agreement which was due to expire on 10th Dec 2017. After negotiation the landlord agreed the tenancy could be termin
  6. I am hoping someone can give me some advice re the way my current employer is treating me. I joined on a 6 month maternity cover contract on 28th July 2010 - was offered a permanent position 3 months later as they thought I was good and they thought they would offer me a different equivalent post if the woman I was covering for cam back after her years maternity leave.However I am now likely to be put at risk of redundancy very soon as the company is not doing well and has a large budget deficit. My question is if I am put at risk now and given the 30 day consultation period (more than 20 empl
  7. Hi I am now using Payplan which is working extremely well at keeping my payments to a level I can just about afford (though eating is a luxury I may soon have to give up!) Most of my creditors have frozen interest etc and are just defaulting me which is fine as I will never want creit again. However Egg have not responded to anything and now I can't access my account online as its disppeared - which means the small payments they are getting each month are also not visible to me. My question is - has this debt disappeared? How do I find it (not that I want to)? has anyone else ha
  8. Hi Last April I ordered a Tomy Baby Monitor as a present for my sister. Once she finally had the baby in august 08 she started using the monitor until it broke two weeks later. During this time I had had to go into the services of Payplan as I lost my job and was unable to keep servicing my debt (a bit like the UK at the moment only mine is significantly less lol)... I had to open a new basic bank account and so stopped using the account which I had paid for the monitor from. On dec 31st this year after much tooing and froing between my sister and Amazon I had a 45 minute converstaion wit
  9. anyone any answers????? even one would help....
  10. Have just been re-reading info on Payplan and experiences on here and people seem wary of them saying they don't always negotiate for freezing of interest - shouold I be doing this myself then? I thought was more credible to do offers via debt charity funded by these banks insetad of little old me? Confused - worried and running out of time. Moobelle
  11. Also - sorry brain is fried - if my creditors accept the payment plan (subject to revision when re-employed) will they mark defaults on my account and how long does this normally take? Creditors are NW MBNA Barclaycard HFC Cap One Halifax Welcome Northern Rock Egg Tesco Payplan told me no-one can force me to pay what I don't have if they refuse the offer and so would just continue with payplan paying them. Also presumably it takes a while to register default by which time may have new job..... As always help is much appreciated.
  12. Dear all I have finally taken the step and have become accepted by payplan today who are recommending a debt management programme with me paying £395 per month until I find another job. (Lost highly paid job have approx 55k debt - trying to avoid bankruptcy as hope will get another good job - this is all about just getting through the interim period until I am re-employed) They want me to open basic bank account with nationwide and cancel all dd's on my NW account (NW are one of my creditors). Questions are 1) How long does it take bank to process cancelling dd's - I have in
  13. HI again the copy I have received is a photocopy so impossible to tell if two sided or not.... T&C's are a seperate print out as well if that makes any difference to its ligitimacy. Moobelle
  14. Cheers Dave and RMW - initial reaction - oh bugger!!! I don't really have anything to negotiate then do I if it is enforcable???? Am thinking might try Toymakers stance (I think he is saying as Egg terminated agreement when no defaults ie contrary to CCA1974 then they have effectively terminated his obligation to pay them ie if no contract on behalf of creditor then no contract on behalf of debtor) but am awaiting to see what happens with his thread in the long run. Just feels like whatever I do am going to end up with defaults and maybe just going for BR now would be best option....
  15. Ah thanks Mistermind - you always end up rescuing me!!! Only panicking as am on last day of job and then have no access to a printer (and funnily enough can''t afford to buy one LOL) to print all my demanding letters out so am trying to do as many as poss today... Mmm will try and get the photobucket stuff magnified... Onwards ever upwards surely!!!!
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