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  1. I'm continuing this on a "discussion" instead thread due to the earlier orders of the Forum Police (not you BA) Thanks to everyone that took their time to offer good advice which has really helped me know how to proceed with this. To the other minority that chipped in with negativity or support of a barely legal enterprise...I would be of the opinion that if you haven't got anything good to say...why say anything?
  2. I'm confused.. .As far as I am aware I used this post to gain the necessary information to help me know how to proceed. How else is one to gain advice otherwise? Discussion???.. .I have seen it as the help of others with more knowledge than me showing me where I was going wrong and pointing me in the right direction and didn't realise there would be a page limit applied to this assistance.. ..or that if there was that I would need to have started the thread in a Discussion format.
  3. No apology necessary...your advice has been vital in helping me direct this course of action in the correct er...direction It shouldn't be a problem getting hold of him as he runs a business dismantling BMWs and I still have all his contact details and earlier drafted and sent the following letter; Dear Mr. : I am writing about the BMW ******* vehicle, reg ******* you purchased from me on 8th December 2015. I have only recently found out that the DVLA records in respect of this vehicle have not been updated so I would very much appreciate that you could either confirm with me
  4. Sometimes, when under stress, one doesn't come looking for help, only to find oneself speaking to the enemy. Well said
  5. I appreciate what you are saying but I found his tone inflammatory and not indicative of someone who had fully familiarised himself with the entire content of the thread...additionally his clear bias and presumptions with regards to the actions of the Enforcement Agents made me react the way I did...so I apologise if I fought fire with fire....and I could've probably found a better way to say about Bailiff's stopping the lying and misrepresenting their powers...so apologies for incorrectly structuring my post
  6. Read the entire thread Bailiff Buddy...I have over £90,000 worth of cars here...and trying to get the whole matter reversed and the fine quashed is what I'm trying to do....reprimanding is necessary as there is however the small matter of assault on my partner being touched as she attempted to prevent the violent and forced entry by one of the 14 stone thugs your post supports. You and your mates just need to stop lying and misrepresenting your powers and spend a bit more time acting within the law or just go and get a job that makes you an honest living...simples
  7. I was outside the house not inside...was trying to negotiate with them then I hear my partner screaming in terror. If the debtor is outside the house and not refusing payment then I do believe there was wrongdoing done on the part of the EAs
  8. Also...does anyone have a Template for this Statutory Declaration as the only one I can find online wants £15 for unlimited access to all his templates
  9. DVLA Response; Dear Mr ******* Thank you for your email received on 5/1/17. Your email reference number is *******. If a DVLA enforcement has now been passed to the courts, you will no longer be able to appeal the penalty directly with the DVLA. If you wish to appeal you will need to follow the instructions provided on your court letter. If you wish to pay an out of court settlement, you can contact the DVLA's Enforcement Centre on the telephone number provided below. You will only be able to do this if you call before the court date on the letter. D
  10. No...all answers are gratefully received and appreciated. I know these guys overstepped the mark...I'm a fool for not videoing the entire event but more of a fool for ignoring a simple letter that would've prevented all of this from happening and wouldn't have cost me a single penny. What I really want to know now is now that I have paid in full how to get this back to Court if I can prove I didn't own the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence
  11. I won't use the exact figure in case Marstons are snooping but we shall call it just under £700. Both cars are mine...and whilst they refused the 2 I offered as they were pre 2008, they wanted the keys to my partner's 2002 Audi and insisted on seeing the logbook that proved it was hers???
  12. Little bit of a sigh here...not reasonably believed to be mine didn't stop them wanting to remove items that my partner had receipts to prove were hers as quite a few were bought through her eBay account with Paypal/Credit Card receipts to prove apart from the TV which came free with a mobile phone contract 7 years ago...of which she still has a copy of the original documentation relating to it
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