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  1. Thank you for your post, I really thought if I gave enough notice, 48 hours minimum, it was within my rights, but I really am not sure and need to find out asap
  2. I'm not sure what the rule is for periodically viewing the property as these are temporary council tenants housed by the local borough through the 'guaranteed rent' agency scheme and I don't believe the son is the tenant, his parents are, so feel like he is bullying and also wonder why he doesn't want the agency in the house?? Is there something happening in there he has to hide or if not, what right has he got??
  3. Thank you for your response. I am hoping not to have to go to a solicitor as this survey is due next week and also possible buyers not gaining access. I feel sure that the parents are the tenants and not their son, he is just living there so not sure how he is able to refuse anything but is possibly just a bully and causing problems where there is no need. Just being difficult.
  4. Hope someone can advise me please. I am a landlord who has rented to a 'guaranteed rent' letting agency and they have been fine up to now. My house has been let via the local council housing as temporary accommodation. But, now I find myself in a situation where I need to either sell or remortgage and the tenant's son is refusing entry to another agency with interested buyers and also the biggest problem I have is that a surveyor is due to attend to survey the property next Friday and the letting agent is advising that I arrange with the tenant's son for the surveyor, which he is refusing. The tenant's son was very abusive and aggressive to a prospective buyer who arrived to view as arranged with the tenant (viewer intended to still rent out as a landlord) and the selling agent and viewer were forced to leave the property. What can I do?
  5. Apologies for posting here but I haven't used CAG for a while and can't get a new post box on the help for landlords forum. Can you help me please?
  6. I'm so confused with this matter, I've never read or heard anywhere of anyone having to pay such high solicitor fees for a possession order.
  7. I'm looking at the initial court claim form for possession of property but it doesn't say anything about a 'track'. would it be noted on the claim form? I'm almost sure it was just a standard possession order. The later possession order was 'fast tracked' I believe, but I was successful on that one. I hope this all makes sense.
  8. Thank you for responding, I've had a look at the paperwork and it was definately at Bow County Court, 96 Romford Road E15,. I am too concerned that the solicitor fees were so high as I did ask the initial solicitor dealing, to end the Sect 21 as I had then been told by the defendant's solicitor, that I needed to end it as I would absolutely not win, (I think he felt sorry for me as I am elderly). Thank you everyone for taking the time to look at my post and advise.
  9. Thank you for your responds, Yes, this was in the small claims bow magistrates court.
  10. Apologies, I didn't make myself clear. I had a tenant and took them to court on a Sect 21, but I lost, so I had to pay the tenant's solicitor fees. My solicitor felt the fees far too excessive for a small claims court matter, he sent the solicitor fees to the court to be re-assessed and the judge/magistrate court, knocked of approx £200, this was in July last year, and my solicitor is saying to me that he hadn't received them from the court, I have ended up with 14 days to pay (7 days actually by the time my solicitor sent me notification),the tenant's re-assessed solicitor fees, I'm really upset and confused how the tenant's solicitor got the re-assessment documents over a year ago, and my solicitor is saying he didn't receive them. Would they not all have been sent via DX?
  11. Can anyone advise me please? I initially lost a possession order in the magistrates court for my property, and had to go through a new Sect 21 and start again. I understand that I had to pay the defendant's solicitor fees, although my solicitor said they were far too excessive, approx £9,800, so he sent them back to the magistrates court to be re-assessed. Last Saturday, I got through the post, a letter from my solicitor, with a copy letter from the defendant's solicitor, asking for the full payment within 14 days, plus interest, as the new re-assessed bill of approx £9,600, had been outstanding since July 2016, as that is when the court sent it back to them. My solicitor is saying that he hasn't received the new re-assessed bill, and had no knowledge of it. What can I do, as I feel this is wrong to have left me over a year, now my solicitor advised to re-mortgage my property, as this was the cheapest way to pay this legal bill, plus costs. Can anyone advise, as surely the courts would have sent via DX? Is that a fail proof system? Also, what can I do about this as I don't have this kind of money.
  12. Apologies, yes, all by way of letters, but it doesn't make sense
  13. The withdrawal letter stated 'unforeseen actions by a third party', which they state is the tenant thought they had a new property to move into but it was a [problem], so not able to move out of my property. This could be the case, but I really don't understand what this has to do with the legal fees, not even relevant, as the tenant is not asking for more money, still accepts the initial offer to them of 1k, nothing to do with the legal aid fees. Can a solicitor do this????
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