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  1. I have received a letter on each occasion telling me they have applied, when and where the warrant will be applied for.
  2. I haven't been on CAG for a while for the last 18 months I have had an ongoing battle with my electricity/gas supplier who have applied 3 times for a Right of Entry. Each time I have attended the magistrates court to contest the application and on two occasions it was refused and on one withdrawn . I just wanted to say it can be done and if you present your case calmly give an overview, a chronological history of who said/did what and when, actions you have taken, what you would like to happen and a conclusion, then the magistrates, at least in my experience, seem to
  3. OVO application for warrant cancelled. Long litany of errors and cock ups by OVO ended up with me attending court to oppose an warrant allowing entry to put in place a smart meter (which I have now learned we are all going to have to have whether we like it or not!) and repayment meters. The usher was completely fazed when I told her I was opposing a warrant. She didn't have any details, didn't know who I was or who was attending from OVO. I then had a bizarre conversation with another agent who was applying for two warrants, where he said if the OVO agent doesn't turn up by 9.45am,
  4. Hilarious. I spent 3 months trying to get the OFT to tell me if a bailiff needed a credit licence/s. Their responses, to summarise, were: We can't tell you that, it all depends, we don't know ask someone else. Based on the answers they gave me, I wouldn't get very excited.
  5. In December 2012 I sent the OFT an email asking what CL a bailiff recovering council tax required. I had a look at their website and various downloads but it was very non-specific. Here is the thread: 1. From: DH Sent: 04 December 2012 11:38 To: Enquiries Subject: Credit Licence required for a bailiff Dear Sir/Madam, If a bailiff is collecting domestic council tax arrears does it require a licence? If the bailiff enters into an agreement with either the council or the debtor to collect the debt over a series of instalments, again is a licence required?
  6. I haven't been on here for a while as I have been fighting my council and Jacobs, but last week, after 4 months or fighting, the council finally agreed to withdraw my account from the bailiffs, accept affordable monthly payments direct to themselves and to refund a set of bailiff fees (double charging) So it just goes to shows if you follow the advice on here, stick to your guns and refuse entry, refuse to talk to the bailiffs and make payments to the council only, you can get results albeit it takes a few months. Most appreciative of the assistance and advice on here. I found CAG
  7. Obviously your choice but I am sure a duplicate statement is cheaper than £348. However if you let them bully you into paying you have let them win.
  8. I really don't understand why you are paying the council anything. If you can prove you paid the council already why are you paying them more money. If you have paid and you can prove it the onus is on them to sort this out as it is their error not yours. Again if you know what account it was paid into when you paid is a good starting point. Have you any confirmation from your bank that the payment went into a Council account? As for the bailiffs don't let them in, don't sign anything and they can't touch you. Follow Jambersons advice and make sure you tell the council that their warrant
  9. You need to talk to your bank. Exactly how did you pay the council? Cheque, transfer, online payment etc What account did it get paid into? Was it the right account?
  10. Thank you for that. There is something wrong with the law when a council can take a liability order out against you but you do not even have the right to see the paperwork or check it for accuracy
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do want to challenge the courts costs hence why I want to see the liability orders but also as a matter of principal. Jacobs claim that as they are not debt collectors and therefore they do not require a consumer credit licence. I will certainly mention Blaby in my next communication, thanks.
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