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  1. I've checked again and no video footage is available. Just a series of sequential still shots showing the car curving into the dotted double white lines across the side road and exiting out immediately. Only one image of the car has the number plate clearly visible, end even then, it doesn't show the location of the car in relation to the road. The remaining images do not have the car number plate visible. Any suggestions? I have just noticed on the images that there is also a no U-turn sign at the junction. And I did do a U-turn. So that's a correction from the information above
  2. Hi - I have received a PCN for an alleged "Failing to Comply with a No Entry Restriction". It is not quite straight forward and I would appreciate any guidance please on my chances of appeal? I started my turn into a wide side road when I noticed it was a Non Entry. I decided not to enter and was able to continue my drive straight out again as the entrance to the No-Entry road is huge (width of several lanes - and hardly any traffic as it was 11pm). The front of my car would probably have veered across the double white lines across the side road, But I was able to continue to d
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